HairFin Shark Tank Update: Where Is HairFin Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Cutting one’s hair has always been a time-consuming process. While a hairdresser can provide a perfect haircut, some cannot afford to take time out and visit one whenever they feel the need to. Entrepreneur Anthony Litwinowicz tried to tackle that problem with HairFin, which he introduced in ‘Shark Tank’ season 13. HairFin is a handy tool that facilitates the process of hair cutting and provides users with a uniform trim. Such an interesting product deserved a second look; thus, we traced the company’s journey and growth since its appearance on the show. Well, here’s everything we found out!

HairFin: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Anthony Litwinowicz, the mastermind behind HairFin, completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Penn State University in 2004. Upon completing his education, Anthony entered Sikorsky as a Staff Engineer and was a diligent employee until May 2016. However, while working as an Engineer, Anthony realized that his true passion lay elsewhere. He wanted to design innovative, cost-efficient, yet practical products that would bring positive change to the consumer’s life. With such an idea in mind, Anthony established Stoke Time LLC and serves as its President.

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Right from his childhood, Anthony’s mother would use a set of clippers to cut his hair. Likewise, Anthony embraced the practice but realized its difficulty once he let his hair grow out. Ordinary clippers have guards that are around one inch in length making it way too tough to cut long hair. On the other hand, freehand techniques are also not recommended as they result in uneven cuts. Anthony knew that he needed a large enough measuring device that would let him get uniform cuts, even with long hair.

The young entrepreneur put his mind to it and came up with the idea of HairFin, a plastic measuring device that facilitates uniform haircuts. The HairFin is a straightforward device that can be gripped between two fingers on either hand. While the bottom is shaped like a fin which makes it easier to move through thick hair, the one using it needs to grasp the hair at its base before pulling the HairFin into position. The device helps maintain a uniform distance from the head, which in turn allows an even haircut.

Where Is HairFin Now?

Anthony Litwinowicz claimed that he wanted to keep his business as local as possible. Thus, he engaged people from his hometown and even chose the Derby, Connecticut-based Empire Tool as his manufacturer. Subsequently, HairFin was received positively upon its release, and Anthony was elated with the progression. Besides, apart from the average consumer, professional hairdressers and saloons began using the product in their day-to-day business, further increasing its popularity.

The tools were originally sold in sets of three, comprising a 2, 3, and 4-inch guide. While each pack sets one back by $14.95, they are available on their official website, as well as the online platform Etsy and the online retail giant, Amazon. As Anthony knows that he must keep the business growing in order to stay relevant, he developed 5 and 6-inch guides sold in an all-encompassing set of five, costing $24.95. Upon witnessing Anthony’s dedication and hard work, we are sure that HairFin is destined for further success in the future.

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