Where is Haley From Too Hot To Handle Today?

The new reality dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ by Netflix introduces us to ten hot singles from around the world. With five men and five women struggling to form meaningful connections, they are banned from engaging in any sexual activity. Haley is one of the cast members who doesn’t fare too well on the show. The gorgeous young lady fails to understand the process when things don’t go her way. While fellow players try their best to experience this new way of life, Haley’s unwillingness to participate takes an unexpected turn.

Who is Haley Cureton?

Haley Cureton is a young part-time model and a student at the University of North Florida. She shared on the show that she was a part of a sorority. She also confessed to being open to both men and women. Despite her openness, the young lady failed to leave her mark on fellow players.

Haley is considered a bit of a recluse from the very first day. She comes across as distant and uptight. She neither makes a move on someone nor does anyone approach her. She hardly talks to anyone on the show except one player – Francesca! Haley becomes close friends with Francesca when she confides in Haley about her feelings for Harry. Haley isn’t fond of Harry at all and finds him to be fake. She tries to pull Francesca away from him as she herself has a big crush on Francesca. The duo even kisses to break the rules on purpose as an act of revenge on Harry and other cast members. But when Francesca patches up with Harry, Haley is left all alone.

Matthew has his suspicions and investigates the rule breach. He calls Francesca and Haley out on their lies. That comes across as a big shock to the group. Matthew declares Haley as a mindless puppet who is being controlled by a manipulative Francesca, as Haley is quick to defend and fight for her.
Haley can also be seen cribbing about the show and her co-stars all the time. She expresses her desire to leave, which is fulfilled by the producers when she is kicked out of the show for zero participation.

Where is Haley Now?

Haley is back in Florida and completing her studies. She still seems to be in touch with her co-stars. Francesca still seems to share a close bond with her. Even though Haley is not active on social media and posts her pictures on Instagram rarely, she has a lot of followers. She enjoys a good social media presence and attracts a lot of attention from fashion labels who wish to collaborate with her. This was Haley’s first reality show, but it seems like we’ll be seeing more of her soon. When she isn’t in college, she can be seen partying with her friends and spending some time at the beach.



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