Where is Haley Robson Now?

Jeffrey Epstein made headlines back in the day when he was charged with soliciting a minor for sex, but what most didn’t know then was the extend of his sex empire that had a darker underbelly. ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ pitches his story through the experiences of others based on various encounters they have had with him, the most significant ones being the narratives of survivors who underwent abuse at his hands.

Who is Haley Robson?

Haley Robson was 17 years old when she met Jeffrey Epstein. However, prior to this, she had been raped by a 21-year-old. Not in the best of circumstances, she was taken by a friend to Epstein’s house, under the guise of a quick job to make $ 200. Like the 40 or so underaged victims, she too was molested by Epstein. After a point, Robson refused to let him touch her. This was when Epstein made a proposal through which she could stay away from him and still make money. He agreed to give her $ 200 for each girl she could bring him. And thus, Robson was used by Epstein to assault more underaged girls sexually.

Robson admitted to recruiting around 24 girls or more for Epstein. She was a student at the Royal Palm High School at the time. One of the last girls she took to Epstein went to the police. In 2005, the Palm Beach Police Department’s investigation into Epstein kept most of the victims’ identities a secret, except that of Robson. She came under heavy criticism in the later years for her involvement in recruiting minors for Epstein. However, it is crucial to note that she cooperated with the police at all times, sharing the details of every girl she recruited. Even when it came to taking other girls to Epstein’s house for his ‘$ 200 massage,’ she is alleged to have been honest about how it would be. In any case, she was booked with Lewd and Lascivious Act, which was later dismissed as part of Epstein’s plea deal.


Though her statement, “I’m like Heidi Fleiss,” did not sit well with others, her case has been vital in understanding how Epstein employed underaged girls from poor socio-economic background to recruit several others. This would then be called the ‘sexual pyramid scheme’ as the documentary puts it. Robson, thus, was not only someone who recruited girls for Epstein but also a victim herself.

Where is Haley Robson Now?

Haley Robson has consistently maintained a low profile due to the scrutiny she received. When she was approached by The New York Times, she said: “I have nothing to say. I would appreciate it if I was not contacted.”

As of recent, she was under investigation by federal prosecutors to convict those who were responsible for catering to Epstein’s sexual appetite and his international sex trafficking ring. Though Epstein’s case was dismissed post his death, investigations regarding the federal lawsuits remain. In the past, she was known to have worked as a waitress in Olive Garden restaurant in Wellington, and also as a stripper. She was a journalism major at Palm Beach Community College, during Epstein’s first trial.

Her current whereabouts remain mostly unknown. She is still presumed to live in Floria. Though she is alleged to have a daughter, it is not a confirmed fact. Her latest public appearance has been in the documentary, where she tries to tell her side of the story. As she talks about guilt, she also talks about how it is important for one to understand that she was a victim as well. 

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