Hallmark’s One Perfect Wedding: Everything We Know

‘One Perfect Wedding’ is a romantic film that follows Ben and Cara, who are madly in love with each other. So, when Ben’s business expansion and Cara’s international book tour appear to get in the way of their wedding, the couple decides they can’t let their commitments get in the way of their marriage any longer. They come to a spur-of-the-moment decision to head to Clara Lake chalet, where they fell in love and have a wedding with the people they love in attendance. Unfortunately, due to misunderstandings, their wedding plans do not go as smoothly as the couple expected.

Hallmark’s romantic comedy film showcases the highs and lows in Ben and Cara’s relationship, which are entertaining enough to keep the viewers glued to their seats. It is the third film in the ‘One Winter’ trilogy, which comprises ‘One Winter Weekend’ and ‘One Winter Proposal.’ In case you are curious to know where all the picturesque shots were taken as well as the film’s cast details, we may be able to help you. Here’s everything you need to know.

One Perfect Wedding Filming Locations

‘One Perfect Wedding’ was filmed entirely in British Columbia. The westernmost Canadian province is famous for its majestic mountain ranges, beautiful Pacific coastline, numerous national parks, challenging hiking and biking trails. With the emergence of Vancouver (along with other cities) as an influential film production center, the province has become a key shooting destination in North America.

Over the last few decades, numerous movies and television series have been filmed in the Canadian province. The long list includes shows like the action-adventure superhero series, ‘The Flash,’ crime-mystery show ‘Criminal Minds,’ the sci-fi drama show ‘Snowpiercer,’ and the megahit fantasy horror series, ‘Supernatural.’ So without waiting anymore, let’s get straight to learning more about the filming locations of ‘One Perfect Wedding!’

Agassiz, British Columbia

The shooting for the romantic-comedy film was done in Agassiz. Located in the Eastern Fraser Valley region, just 97 kilometers east of Vancouver AKA Hollywood North, the small community is surrounded by lakes, mountains, and the Fraser River. The city is named after the Agassiz family, who were one of the first ones to settle in the town when the British arrived there in 1858, during the gold rush. Taylor Cole, one of the cast members, posted a picture on Instagram to inform her followers that the shooting for ‘One Perfect Wedding’ is completed.

Agassiz offers several outdoor activities for tourists like mountain biking, hiking, snow-skiing, and hang gliding. Most of the adventure sports are limited to the Sasquatch Mountain Resort, where several important scenes in the movie were filmed. Thanks to its rich history, the city has several historical sites and museums that attract tourists from nearby towns.

Since ‘One Perfect Wedding’ was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, the possibility of it being filmed at the snow-covered regions of Manitoba and Alberta, which are the filming sites of the first two films – ‘One Winter Weekend’ and ‘One Winter Proposal,’ is very slim.

One Perfect Wedding Cast

The romantic comedy film stars Taylor Cole, who essays the role of Cara Reneau. The former fashion model is well-known for working in television films like ‘Unlocking Christmas,’ ‘Ruby Herring Mysteries: Prediction Murder,’ ‘One Winter Proposal,’ and ‘Falling for You.’ Jack Turner appears as Cara’s lover Ben Livingston. You may recognize him from movies like ‘Love in Winterland’ and ‘Forever in My Heart.’

Rukiya Bernard essays the character of Megan Marquant in the film. The Canadian actress is popular for playing the role of Doc in ‘Van Helsing.’ Dewshane Williams essays the role of Sean. You may recall watching him on the sci-fi mystery series ‘The Expanse.’ The film also features Linda Ko as Renee and Derek Kwan as a Reporter.

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