Will There Be a Happy Death Day 3?

Initially seeming nothing more than yet another B grade slasher horror film, 2017’s ‘Happy Death Day’ was a splendid surprise, with genuinely amusing comedy, likable characters and a virtuoso leading performance by actress Jessica Rothe. The immense commercial success of the movie immediately spawned a sequel, which was also well received but not quite as prosperous. However, with the director of the series himself throwing doubt on the future of the franchise, we must ask the question – will there be a ‘Happy Death Day 3’? Read on to find out everything we know.

Happy Death Day 3 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The first film titled ‘Happy Death Day’ debuted on October 13, 2017, and starred Jessica Rothe as Theresa “Tree” Gelbman, Israel Broussard as her love interest Carter Davis, Ruby Modine as Tree’s roommate Lori Spengler and Rachel Matthews as Danielle Bouseman, Tree’s snooty friend/enemy and sorority sister. The film was directed by ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ director Christopher Landon.

The plotline of ‘Happy Death Day’ follows Theresa “Tree” Gelbman, a university student afflicted with the curse of bad choices. She wakes up in the bed of her classmate Carter Davis, and freaks out, not being able to remember how she got there. She quickly leaves and meets up with her boyfriend, a married professor named Gregory Butler. Later that night, Tree is on her way to a party when she is violently murdered by a man wearing a mask of the university’s mascot. Once again, Tree finds herself waking in Carter’s bed.

From then on, she finds herself anticipating all the events of the day, having already experienced them once before. Soon, Tree realizes that she is stuck in a time loop, doomed to repeat the day, again and again, every time she is killed by the masked murderer, who clearly wants her dead for some reason. Tree must now find a way to unmask the killer and outwit them in order to escape her hellish existence.

‘Happy Death Day’ was a surprise hit, punching well above its weight to net in $125.5 million at the global box office on a production budget of merely $4.8 million.

The movie got a sequel in 2019 titled ‘Happy Death Day 2U’. Director Christopher Landon and lead stars Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard returned to reprise their respective roles in the film. Rachel Matthews and Ruby Modine also return as Danielle Bouseman and Lori Spengler, albeit in a minimized capacity this time around. ‘Life of Pi’ actor Suraj Sharma and actress Sarah Yarkin also join the principle cast as Samar Ghosh and Dre Morgan.

The date is September 19, a day after the events of the first movie. Tree and Carter are dating now, and Carter’s roommate Ryan returns to his dorm after working on his experimental quantum reactor with his friends Samar and Dre. However, an accident causes Ryan’s project to malfunction and trap him in a time loop where he is killed by yet another killer dressed as Babyface. Panicked, he recounts his experience to Tree and Carter, who decide to help him reverse the effects of the quantum reactor and escape the time loop.

There is no official synopsis for ‘Happy Death Day 3’ yet, but the previous movie sets up a sequel rather well in a post-credit scene. ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ closes with top-secret DARPA officials (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) enlisting the gang’s help in getting the prototype quantum reactor technology to work properly. The head DARPA scientist mentions needing a test subject to run the tests on, and Jessica recommends her friend/enemy Danielle Bouseman. The last scene of the movie shows Daniele waking up in her bed screaming bloody murder.

‘Happy Death Day 3’ could be about Lori’s quest to save Danielle from her own time loop. She is already a bit of an expert in the job by now, having already experienced it twice. Since the government and top-secret organizations are now involved as well, the stakes could be much higher in the third film, with Tree quite possibly working using the reactor to solve another mystery and catch another murderer.

Happy Death Day 3 Cast and Crew: Who Can Be Behind the Movie?

Christopher Landon is to direct ‘Happy Death Day 3’. Lead actors Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard return, and there is a strong likelihood that Suraj Sharma, Rachel Matthews, Sarah Yarkin and Phil Vu return as well.

Happy Death Day 3 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

There is no confirmation of a ‘Happy Death Day 3’ yet. However, the first two movies got done with filming and production rather quickly, so much so that I could see ‘Happy Death Day 3’ releasing sometime in late 2021.

Happy Death Day 3 Trailer:

While we wait for more news about ‘Happy Death Day 3’, you can watch the trailer for ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ right here.

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