Harry Bring Criminal Minds Tribute: How Did He Die?

Image Credit: Harry Bring/Instagram

The Paramount+ series ‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ is the continuation of the popular CBS series ‘Criminal Minds,’ with most actors from its last season reprising their roles. This time, the narrative is less episodic as the BAU pursues the most prolific serial killer it has ever encountered. Called Sicarius by the authorities, the UnSub has killed over 60 people. During the COVID pandemic, he built up a network of killers, mentoring them and leaving killing kits for them in various locations. The season 1 finale, or episode 10, is dedicated to the memory of Harry Bring. Here is everything you need to know about him.

Who Was Harry Bring?

Born on August 31, 1943, in Los Angeles, California, Harry V. Bring was an accomplished producer and production manager. He was the son of composer and big band leader Louis Henry Bring (Lou Bring) and actress and big band singer Frances Hunt. Growing up, Harry had at least two siblings — Judy and Bob. He was married to Elaine Joyce Fenton from November 1966 until their divorce in January 1979. Harry then married actress, producer, and production manager Rhonda Bring in January 1986.

Harry was a co-executive and executive producer on ‘Criminal Minds’ from season 7, which originally aired in 2011, until its conclusion after 15 seasons in 2020. The renowned TV producer was involved in projects such as ‘The X-Files,’ ‘North Shore,’ ‘Army Wives,’ and ‘Chaos.’ As a production manager, he worked on ‘Melrose Place,’ ‘Presidio Med,’ and ‘The Lyon’s Den.’

Harry Bring’s Cause of Death

Harry died of cancer at age 77 on February 16, 2021. His son, Brad Bring, took to Facebook to announce the news. “Today we lost a legend at 77 year young,” he wrote. “Harry Bring succumbed to a life full of laughter and hard work, dedication to family and friends and the love he had for Rhonda Leeds-Bring. He fought cancer for years and kicked it’s a**. That let him enjoy USC, the SF Giants, the Rams, hating on 45 and his grandkids a little longer. He embodied the Fight ON spirit of the Trojans.”

Brad continued, “While dad was a cut-up in school, he was straightened out in the Army which changed his life. He did more before 9 am than most did all day. He loved work and if you asked him what his favorite crew was, it was always the one we were working with right now.”

After mentioning his father’s professional accomplishments, Brad stated that the man’s biggest impact was on his family. “He taught us a good laugh was always appropriate and to never miss a chance for a hug and a kiss. That ‘showing up’ to my 8 am baseball games on a Saturday after a 100 hour work week was important. He was always there for me, for us, and for you if you knew him,” he wrote.

The condolences poured in following the announcement. Several ‘Criminal Minds’ actors expressed their grief on social media. Matthew Gray Gubler, who portrays Dr. Spencer Reid in ‘Criminal Minds,’ posted the following message on Twitter: “Funny people never die because you can visit them on every wave of laughter until the end of time.”

“Our Criminal Minds family mourn the passing of our line producer Harry Bring,” wrote Joe Mantegna, the actor who portrays David Rossi and is a member of the main cast of ‘Criminal Minds: Evolution. “His excellence at his job was only equaled by his excellence as a human being. God bless you Harry.”

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