Has William Plemons Been Found? Where is Emralinda Macatanga’s Killer Now?

The murder of Emralinda Macatanga in Phoenix, Arizona, spurred on an investigation where the police believed that her husband was the one who killed her. Investigation Discovery’s ‘In Pursuit of John Walsh: Letters From a Predator’ has the veteran criminal investigator shine light on this murder in hopes of propping up new leads in a case that has remained open since the early 2000s. Emralinda’s husband, William Plemons, had been elusive to the authorities at the time. So, if you’re curious about what happened in this case and where William might be now, here’s what we know!

Who is William Plemons?

William Ray Plemons was in prison when he reportedly began writing to multiple people who became his pen pals. Then, when he got out, he started dating one of the women he was in contact with, eventually marrying her. That person was Emralinda Macatanga. If reports are to be believed, William was alleged to have already been married to someone else at the time. He had a reputation for being a romantic.

But William’s interests lied elsewhere. According to the authorities, William wanted to have Emralinda’s money. He started to siphon her savings out, and when she realized that William was stealing from her, it led to a fatal conclusion. The police found her dead in her home in Phoenix. She had been severely beaten and strangled. The police quickly suspected her husband, William, who by then was on the run.

Has William Plemons Been Found?

William was last seen in July 2003 and has evaded capture ever since. He would be in his 70s now. William was reportedly last seen in Florida. Authorities were led to a stolen car at the airport in Orlando. William was allegedly at a motel there and was reported to have been behaving suspiciously. He is wanted for murder and kidnapping and has been a fugitive from the law since after the murder. Authorities have encouraged anyone with information to come forward.

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