12 Best HBO Shows With Most Nudity

Skin attracts man the most. A scientifically and psychologically proven fact, nudity has been employed by probably the biggest production house on television, HBO, more frequently than what pleases the eye. In a startling flurry of shows, HBO has managed to produce and give form to some of the most intimate and intense shows ever produced. Unwilling to wither away from depicting natural and innate tendencies of men and women as sexual animals, their boldness and intrepid display of it should be lauded. We got down to compile a list for the same. Here is the list of top HBO TV series with lots of nude scenes. Happy reading!

12. Oz (1997-2003)

Pretty much like the next entry in the list, ‘Oz’ has its fair share of penises. A correctional facility, a.k.a. “Oz”, turns into battleground, as the two dominant alphas vie for supremacy and survival. ‘Oz’ captures the struggles and cadence of prisons like nothing else. Woefully honest and brutally realistic, the show’s strength lies in its facsimile display of a power-dynamics and the constant challenges to the sovereign authority. The stellar cast deserves praise for going all out to being as authentic as possible in their roles. The nudity, though uncomfortable, gives a holistic and comprehensive rendering of an experience to the viewer, deterring them from committing crimes and going to jail probably. That’s a bit far-fetched, no?

11. Rome (2005-07)

Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, two ordinary Roman soldiers, turn into heroes after their arena feats. Their lives change as they witness the fall of a republic and the creation of an empire. This epic-drama was a surprisingly satiating watch. Normally epic historicals lack the epic element and often turn out to be uninspiring and drab. Well, not ‘Rome’. A beautiful conflict of suppressed obedience and galore and an itching urge to conquer it all, ‘Rome’ does a superlative job in taking us back to the days of gladiators and war-ridden cities. The two leading men, as brilliant as they are, don’t shy away from full frontal nudity, boldly embracing the opportunity to set the screens ablaze. Pretty aesthetic.

10. The Pacific (2010)

‘The Pacific’ is one of the best mini-series of the past decade. Harrowing and almost soul-crushing, the show’s visceral and polemic display of war and conflict-torn areas is truly precedent-setting. The soldiers’ trauma and pressure in maintaining normalcy is a defining characteristic of the mini-series. Lebec’s mournful death and the subsequent nudity was astoundingly surprising and in a sense a befitting adieu to life’s miseries. Anyone looking to study trauma and human behavior in challenging times, this show is a living thesis.

9. Girls (2012-17)

Lena Dunham’s brilliant characterization of a young, independent, and a somewhat lost girl took ‘Girls’ to unprecedented heights. In an otherwise uninspiring story-line, which is languid at best, the characters breathe new life onto the screen. It is their brilliance, especially Dunham’s, which keeps the show alive and running. In a sense, the nudity is representative of the free spirit that younger generations have, or crave for, to lead their lives in an extraordinary fashion. Also, a huge shout-out to Adam Driver, one of my personal favorites currently in the business, who was a phenomenon and a delight in the show.

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8. Vinyl (2016)

When Martin Scorcese tells a story, we blanket up and listen. His eponymous creation with Mike Jagger met a sorry end as HBO canceled the show just after one season. With decent enough ratings and a master like Scorcese at the helm, the decision is weird and seems uninformed. The character of Devon Finestra will remain affectionately etched in the history of the small screen, as being one of the most gorgeous and sensual of all time. People’s initial reaction to the show being canceled was due to them being deprived of WIlde’s heavenly comeliness. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

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7. Sex and the City (1998-2004)

Well, with so many beautiful women in the show, makers couldn’t resist showing some skin.

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6. Togetherness (2015-16)

The creepily erratic and mysteriously beautiful genius of Mark Duplass can’t be limited in words. They just can be used as a devilish hint towards what lies ahead. His brand of cinema is niche and appeals to very few who can comprehend him, but for them, it is an ethereal experience. ‘Togetherness’ is a sassy take on the daily struggles of middle-aged adults, just compounded four times into one sorry house. The eerily funny and engaging narrative deals with how they navigate through the daily trifles in their lives, just about making ends meet. The nudity is tasteful and very common, like it’s not a big deal, as in real life. Fun, no?

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5. Hung (2009-11)

‘Hung’s “biggest asset” is also Ray Drecker’s biggest asset. A former high school sports legend turned middle-aged high school basketball coach, Ray has one thing that every man and woman aspires for. The former in them, the latter in the former. ‘Hung’ ran for three roller-caster seasons and lit the screen on fire. Riding on Thomas Jane’s scintillating and humorous turn as the socially depraved loner-coach, ‘Hung’ is totally worth your time.

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4. True Detective (2014-)

The first season of the show has no match in television history. Individually standing as a season, the Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson starrer is the greatest season of all time. It is also famous for bringing the world the godly presence of Alexandria Daddario. Dealing with themes like corruption and betrayal, ‘True Detective’ features some of the steamiest nude scenes ever filmed. Especially the ones with Daddario. Go ahead and watch it, not because of the nudity of the body, but the nudity of the soul.

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3. Boardwalk Empire (2010-14)

Something this beautiful shouldn’t be beautiful just by the virtue of being beautiful. The mind-numbing experience that is watching ‘Boardwalk Empire’ is almost ineffable. Featuring a galaxy of stars and the very best off-screen personnel, its visceral and toned thematic expressions are probably the best of all the HBO shows. Gleefully capturing the gritty mafia essence of the 20’s, the show features some shocking and raw nude scenes. The spontaneity of it certainly takes you aback in the immediate moment, rendering a more soothing alleviation in the aftermath.

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2. Westworld (2016-)

‘Westworld’ is truly mindblowing. The aesthetics and the engaging story-line have prompted the critics to label it as one of the best shows over the past few years gone by. Set in a futuristic amusement park, the show has not shied away from going raw with nudity. The human specimens, which requires them to bear it all, have been uncompromisingly featured in the show. Run by none other than Christopher Nolan’s genius brother Jonathan, ‘Westworld’ sets a cathartic trend which should unequivocally be adopted and exhumed by other shows: don’t care.

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1. Game of Thrones (2011-)

‘Game of Thrones’ indubitably sits atop the tele throne of best shows. The show’s unbridled popularity among the masses has more than one reason. One of them, though, is nudity. Almost every episode has a game-changing scene which takes the series a different way. Identifiable for having some of the most iconic sex scenes in television history, GoT, as affectionately abbreviated by fans, has nude imagery running thickly through its DNA.

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