Heartbreak Island: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Heartbreak Island’ is a dating reality series that revolves around a group of attractive single men and women who spend some time together in hopes of finding “the one” as well as taking home the grand cash prize of $100,000. As the contestants go through a number of compatibility tests and challenging activities that further test their bonds, they also get involved in some engaging drama with each other, making for an entertaining watch. The inaugural iteration of the show consisted of different interesting personalities, who left a mark in the viewers’ hearts and minds.

Georgia Bryers Keeps Away From the Spotlight Today

After separating from Harry Jowsey less than six months post the wrapping up of the season, Georgia Bryers decided to focus on her personal as well as professional life. However, her path wasn’t devoid of significant hindrances. Anyone who won $50,000 along with a car and a trip to the US would ride on euphoria to satiate their desire, but that wasn’t the case in Georgia’s life. In a 2020 interview with The New Zealand Herald, she opened up about her time on the show and shared the impact of the hate comments and messages she was subjected to from hoards of people on social media.

The former reality star explained how the negative messages impacted her self-esteem and affected her mental health, giving her sleepless nights. Having said that, Georgia, a Graphic Design student at the time, asserted that she doesn’t regret the dating show experience. She said, “The growth and the experience I’ve taken from that is just massive and its priceless, it’s made me a stronger person and more empathetic to people who have been on shows, have had hardship or have mental issue.”

Georgia got through all of it with the love and support of her close ones. From what we can tell, the co-winner of the first-ever iteration of the show has donned a veil of secrecy from the spotlight after the conclusion of her journey on her show. Though she is not active in the social realm, it appears that the Wellington resident has been working as a Retail Assistant at Coco Wellington for years now. In all likelihood, Georgia is in a loving relationship with George Boyd, a Graphic Designer who recently moved to Sydney, Australia, for work.

Harry Jowsey is Thriving As a Reality Star and Entrepreneur

Not long after winning the season and exiting ‘Heartbreak Island’ hand-in-hand with Georgia Bryers, Harry Jowsey revealed they had split months ago. He went on to appear in ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 1 and got into an on-again-off-again relationship with co-star Francesca Farago for over a year. Though they got engaged at one point, it didn’t last. Since then, Harry has been linked with several women, most of whom, like season 3 contestant Georgia Hassarati, are from the world of reality TV. As of today, he is single and wholly engaged in furthering his professional career.

Over the years, the social media influencer and YouTuber has been a cast member of various shows or podcast series such as ‘The Amazing Race Australia,’ ‘The Craig Caddell Show,’ ‘Inventions That Changed History,’ ‘Match Me If You Can’ and ‘Pillow Talk.’ He recently showcased his dancing skills in season 32 of ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ alongside his partner on the show, professional dancer Rylee Arnold. He also serves as a host of a podcast titled ‘Boyfriend Material.’

On the professional front, Harry is an official angel investor and the owner of a luxury candle brand called The Ritual, as well as a clothing line called Naughty Possums. He is also the co-founder and Managing Director at Kensngtn Brothers, that is well known for selling Kensngtn Sunglasses. When he is not doing all that, Harry enjoys spending time with his furry friend, Bruce.

Ella Caunter is Studying to Become a Midwife

Ella Caunter’s bubbly and cheerful personality earned her a lot of fans on the show. Currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand, she is employed as a Marketing and Event Coordinator at Tourism HQ. The 26-year-old Westlake Girls High School graduate is also a Student Midwife. From what we can tell, Ella seemingly lost her brother, Paul, in January 2022. She was particularly close to him, and her posts signify her adoration for Paul and how much she misses him. Though her Facebook account states she is “in a relationship,” Ella has not revealed the identity of the person. In her downtime, she loves to travel with her family and friends.

Gennady Sharpe is Now a Mental Health Advocate

Gennady Sharpe entered the show as a Health and Safety advisor fresh out of the clutches of an abusive relationship. Her time on the show gave her a new zest for life, which she put to use to build a beautiful one. With a degree from Kristen Stewart Make-up, she began engaging with skincare and makeup product lines on social media. She is currently a creative influencer and continues to work in the construction industry in Wanaka, New Zealand. Having endured abuse before, Gennady is now a Mental health advocate who promotes body positivity and inspires others to not care what the world thinks and be comfortable in their bodies. After five years of togetherness, she tied the knot with her love, Sean Murray, in November 2023.

Izaak Ryan is a Seaplane Captain

Image Credit: Izaak Ryan/Instagram

One of the more intriguing contestants on ‘Heartbreak Island’ season 1 was Izaak Ryan, who focused on his professional career after the show. In April 2019, he bagged a job as a Floatplane Pilot at Air Ivanhoe LTD before becoming a full-time Seaplane Pilot at Hamilton Island Air for more than two years, from February 2020 to June 2022. Currently, he is employed as a Seaplane Captain at Sydney Seaplanes Pty Ltd as well as a Seaplane Training Captain and Alternate Head of Flight Operations/Deputy Chief Pilot at Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures.

Kelsey Odell is Now a Mother and Fitness Influencer

Kelsey Odell has moved on from her wild days in the world of reality television. She has now completely fixated her energy and time on maintaining her health and striking a balance between her personal and professional life. A gym enthusiast, she is a social media model and influencer focused on clothes and other items related to fitness. The former Miss Universe New Zealand is now a mother to an adorable baby boy, Keanu Hamiora Shortland — born in August 2022, whom she shares with her loving partner, Jordan Shortland.

Joshua Fankhauser is a Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Joshua Fankhauser, self-proclaimed “big softie at heart” from Auckland, garnered quite a few eyeballs during his time on the show. Following his departure from the show, Joshua ventured into a completely opposite direction as far as his lifestyle and goals are concerned. After learning about his father’s methamphetamine addiction and paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis, as well as the tragic demise of some of his friends, he decided to take back control of his life. It took him about two years to find purpose in life again, and now he’s happier and more content than he’s ever been.

A professional Nutritionist, Physical Training, Breathwork and Mental Health Coach, Joshua now offers coaching to one and all to lead a healthy and mindful life. An expert in the inflammation system, he conducts workshops via his physical and mental wellness business, TwoSix Wellness. From being a DJ to battling depression to ultimately assisting others to deal with mental challenges, he has come a long way. Besides his career, Joshua has also won in life as he is now a dedicated partner to Dayna Lawton, who is also an Online Coach. Together, they make a happy family that loves to travel, work, and relax alongside their furry baby, Lola.

Ruby Mills is Leading a Quiet Life

Ruby Mills stepped into the world of the New Zealand-based dating reality show as a Dental Assistant from Christchurch, in the South Island. Her bubbly personality appealed to many but she also received flak for the betrayal incident that happened on the show. However, she moved on from that and mended her differences with Kristian. Ruby then put her focus on building her YouTube channel by packing it with interesting content related to fashion, beauty, travel and other things. In the past few years, she has seemingly chosen to keep her life under wraps. Though she hasn’t posted anything on her channel since June 2020 and doesn’t seem to be active on social media as of now, we’d like to believe she is doing fine and busy doing what she loves.

Julius Bennett is a London-based Product Manager

A product manager from Auckland at the time, Julius Bennett is now an avid traveler who has voyaged through 64 countries across the world. He has since then served as a Product Manager at nib New Zealand, TSB New Zealand, MEGA The Privacy Company, and is currently working at Lloyds Banking Group. A Crossfit enthusiast based in London, England, Julius now enjoys the fruits of life by visiting exotic locations, attending musical concerts, etc. He is pretty close to his family, especially his cousins, and never misses a chance to spend time alongside them.

Shayna Maunder Has Embraced Motherhood

Shayna Maunder, or Shayna Gosling, has went on to wear several hats in the professional world since exiting the world of reality television. After serving as a Receptionist and Dental Nurse at Aspiring Dental in March 2018, she secured the position of a Personal Assistant at Sanderson Group Limited, where she worked for a year. In May 2019, Shayna moved on to work for the London-based property management company British Land. For the past five years, she has worked as an Executive Committee Personal Assistant to the Head of Strategy, Digital and Technology.

On the personal front, she settled down with an Army Commando and former Bartender named Ryan Anthony Malcolm Gosling. Together, they gave birth to a baby girl in 2022, whom they named Indie. Unfortunately, their girl was diagnosed with hyperglycaemia when she was just a few days old in October 2022 and had to be admitted to Bristol Royal Infirmary. In October 2023, Ryan decided to run 240 miles to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities United Kingdom, a charity that supported them during their daughter’s ill health. As of writing, the sweet little family of three is likely a resident of Plymouth, England.

Kristian Barbarich is a Model and Entrepreneur

Kristian Barbarich had a topsy-turvy journey on the show, involving cheating and betrayal, leading to elimination. Diving into entrepreneurship, he co-founded Kensngtn Brothers in March 2018. Interestingly, he has collaborated with Harry Jowsey, who also serves as the Managing Director of the brand. Together, the two have been using their power of fame to drive the sales of many products, such as trendy and aesthetic sunglasses, under the retail brand. The establishment of his own brand doesn’t mean he completely left the TV circuit.

In 2022, Kristian appeared on ‘Miss/Match,’ and the next year, he joined several individuals in the fifth season of the steamy show, ‘Temptation Island.’ Apart from being associated with the talent agency, Verge Academy, he is also a social media influencer and has accumulated a vast fan-following. He is currently single and enjoying his life amid the glitz and glamor of the sprawling Southern Californian city of Los Angeles.

Tiffany Temple is a Successful Cosmetic Nurse

After stepping out of the island, Tiffany Temple put all her focus into working hard to further her career. A Cosmetic Nurse by profession, she is thriving in her field by using her expertise to serve her clients. After working at Cosmetic Nurse No. in Camberwell and Newport for two years, she left the cosmetic medical clinic in March 2024. Apart from working on-site, Tiffany also attends Cosmetic Conferences with her co-workers. From what we can tell, she also tied the knot in 2022.

Stacy Smyth is the Founder of a Manufacturing Business

Stacy Smyth is one of the most interesting personalities to grace the first iteration of the dating show. Although he is not very active in the world of social media, Stacy has carved a solid path for himself, profession-wise. Since 2017, he has been holding the position of the Managing Director of SsCustom Engineering, a family-run fabrication tool manufacturing business he is also the founder of. Alongside that, from December 2020 to January 2022, he worked on a contract basis at Total Piping & Mechanical as a Supervisor and Workshop Manager. In 2024, he presented his products as part of the Australia’s Manufacturing Week in Sydney. Leaving his life in Dannevirke, New Zealand behind, Stacy has built up a successful life for himself in Melbourne, Australia, and it looks like he’s only going to go onwards and upwards.

Weiting Shyu Runs a Global Photography Business

Although WeiTing Ashley Shyu didn’t emerge as the winner of ‘Heartbreak Island’ season 1, the experiences she had on the show certainly satiated the adventurer in her and she left the island with memories that’ll last her lifetime. In the following years, the talented Harpist from Auckland, New Zealand, moved her base from the Land of the Long White Cloud to London, England and made significant progress in her personal and professional life. For three years from October 2019 to April 2023, she worked at WorldRemit as People Operations Advisor – Contingent Workers.

In July 2023, WeiTing bagged the role of Operations and Talent Lead at TRG Recruitment, where she is employed to this day. She also found love in Jamal Ayoub, and the two are now proud parents to Leila, a sweet girl born in January 2022. In November 2022, the global citizen turned her passion for travel and photography into launching Amali Studios, a visual storytelling venture named after her daughter. WeiTing specializes in capturing moments around elopements, weddings and surprise proposals across the globe. As of writing, she is living her dream life as a travel influencer, photographer, and parent to an adorable baby girl alongside her supportive husband.

Tavita Karika is No Longer With Us

Following his time on ‘Heartbreak Island, Tavita Karika participated in the inaugural installment of ‘The Bachelorette New Zealand’ in 2020. Despite not being successful at winning the final rose from Lesina Nakhid-Schuster on the show, Tavita had a lot to look forward to in life. Having finally obtained his barber’s apprenticeship, likely in April 2o21, the model and personal trainer had a bright future ahead of him. However, he couldn’t fulfill his dreams as he passed away on April 29, 2021, surrounded by his family and friends. His sudden demise was confirmed by Marc Johnson, Tavita’s best friend who also appeared on ‘The Bachelorette New Zealand.’ The cause of his death has been kept under wraps by his loved ones.

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