Heavenly Delusion Episode 11 Recap: The Test Begins

In ‘Heavenly Delusion’ or ‘Tengoku Daimakyou’ episode 11 titled ‘The Test Begins,’ Kiruko and Maru continue their long journey to unravel the dark mysteries of their strange world. Meanwhile, Dr. Sawatari and the director of the Takahara academy has a heated debate over some pressing issues. When Mimihime tries to befriend a new student, she ends up in the medical room after learning that she posses some strange powers.

Mimihime Makes a New Friend

After taking Juichi’s van, Kiruko and Maru continue their journey. Meanwhile, Dr. Sawatari has a heated discussion with the director of Takahara Academy. She asks him about the status of the combatants and learns that all of them woke up in a state of suspended animation. Meanwhile, the prototype of the Kiru beam is also ready. Enchou is concerned that the illness can spread to the 5th year students. Dr. Sawatari honestly informs her that he is not in the position to say that the possibility of that is zero. So, the risk is still there.

Enchou talks about the responsibility of ensuring that heaven blooms in the broken world that they inhabit now and ends up having an altercation with Sawatari. Meanwhile, Kiruko and Maru sleep in a dilipidated house and notice smoke coming out for the direction of the Ibaraki facility. Since its’s quite late at night, they plan to go there the following morning. At the Takahara academy, Mimihime tries to become friends with a new student named Ohma. But when she looks in her eyes, she gets hallucinations of her worst fears and ends up in the medical room. Mimihime later befriends Ohma who is regretful for what transpired earlier.

Are Students in Takahara Academy Hiruko?

The following morning, Mimihime and her fellow students at Takahara Academy woke up to the announcement that they would gather at the pool for the first period. Furthermore, they are told to go there in uniform as they are not called for a swimming lesson. Naturally, some students do not pay close attention to the details and end up near the pool in their swimsuits instead. The students are excited to see Tokio for the first time in the last few days and approach her to learn how she is doing.

Tokio informs her well-wishers that there is nothing to worry about now and she is going to join them all soon. That’s when an official announcement regarding the purpose of their invitation to the pool is finally revealed. The students learn that they are going to have a long test but they will have more than enough time to finish it. But for some reason, the instructions are left unclear as they are told that in a situation they cannot find an answer and feel lost, they must proceed in the direction that they believe is the correct one.

However, the most shocking and puzzling instruction that the students are given is that they are supposed to find their way to the outside of the outside- which is their role as Hiruko. The students naturally do not grasp what the test is about. But for some strange reason, they all feel they are being called by their real name for the first time. The students remain blissfully ignorant of the true meaning of the test and end up falling asleep in their room later that night.

That’s when it appears that the true test for them really starts. The show does not clarify at this point why the students at Takahara Academy are being referred to as the Hiruko. But since they feel a sense of calling after being referred to as such, it would not be far-fetched to conclude that they could potentially be the monsters that Maru and Kiruko have been fighting outside in the post-apocalyptic world of theirs. Furthermore, earlier in the episode, Mimihime had visions of seeing a Hiruko exactly where Kona was lying in the medical room. All of this appears to point to only one conclusion but viewers have to wait for the upcoming episodes to find the truth.

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