Heavenly Delusion Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Heavenly Delusion’ or ‘Tengoku Daimakyou’ episode 9 titled ‘Children of the Nursery,’ Tokio is called by one of the doctors for inspection. Her classmates are later informed that she won’t be joining them for the next few days. Meanwhile, Kiruko and Maru meet a resource collector and try to gather some information from him. But it soon becomes obvious that he is wasting their time and is just trying to make a quick buck. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Tengoku Daimakyou’ or ‘Heavenly Delusion’ episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Heavenly Delusion Episode 9 Recap

Before Asura’s death, she was very close friends with Kona and the two were basically inseparable. They used to discuss a lot of things and things seemed quite normal apart from the fact that Asura never really revealed everything she knew. One evening, she decided to take her own life and Kona has to unfortunately witness it happening right in front of his eyes. At the present time, one of the doctors at the facility notices something strange about Tokio and calls her for inspection.

Although she reassures her that everything is fine, her classmates are later informed that Tokio won’t be with them for a few days. However, the situation is left unexplained and she is taken for more medical tests. Elsewhere, Maru and Kiruko are still figuring things out after Dr. Usami’s suicide. When an earthquake strikes the city, one of the buildings collapses. Since Kiruko and Maru know that resource collectors may show up at the scene, they visit the location. That’s when they meet a man named Juichi.

Kiruko is curious to learn whether he has any information about the doctor or the logo. Juichi sees this as an opportunity to make money and tells the duo that information costs money. He then parks his car close to a building and proceeds to waste their time by telling two unrelated stories that are of little value. Kiruko eventually realizes that he is acting strange and scares him away with the kiru beam.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 9 Ending: What is Takahara Academy?

After Juichi flees in his van, it finally becomes clear why he had parked the car on the side of the building even though the roads are always empty. It turns out that he was hiding the logo (that Kiruko and Maru are tracking) on the wall. The duo learns that it belongs to some Takahara Academy and starts investigating the building. After going through some stuff, Kiruko finds a message from the Takahara Academy’s director who refers to it as an educational institution and also a place where one can relax both body and mind.

Kiruko then visits a room that Maru has just found. They notice a big hand-drawn graffiti of the logo that they have been looking for and come to the conclusion that some bandits probably lived there at some point in time. Maru feels that there is a chance that the gun and the place he is looking for actually have no connection. But Kiruko interestingly points out that he is wrong. She hands over the pamphlet she has found earlier and tells him that the Takahara Academy was an orphanage.

It also described the outside world as a “Hell of Patience,” and Kiruko feels that this is an indirect illusion of the heaven that Maru has been seeking. Interestingly, the pamphlet also mentions that Takahara Academy has two facilities and eighteen branches altogether. Enchou, the director of the facility where Tokio lives holds an emergency meeting. With everyone in the room, she announces the shocking news that Tokio is pregnant.

The entire staff is taken aback as the children in the facility have never been taught about sex or even the basic differences between men and women. Enchou is still in the dark about the identity of the child’s father as the investigation is still ongoing. While all of these new revelations are chaotic, the episode ends on an even more exciting note when Enchou refers to her facility as Takahara Academy.

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