Heavenly Delusion Episode 3 Recap: Kiriko and Haruki

In ‘Heavenly Delusion’ or ‘Tengoku Daimakyou’ episode 2 titled ‘Kiriko and Haruki’ Haruki recalls his past and tells Maru how he and his sister Kiruko used to live in an orphanage five years ago. Although things were going well, a man-eater attack during a electro-kart racing competition changed his alive. When Haruki woke up in the hospital, he was shocked to see himself in the mirror and realized that something has gone terribly wrong.

The Tragic Incident in the Electro-Kart Racing Game

About five years ago, Kiruko used to make money in the electro-kart racing industry. She was a popular racer who often won competitions and provided her orphanage with a lot of support. During one of the races, Haruki, her brother was cornered and almost beaten up by a goon when a man named Robin saved him. It turns out that Robin is well-known to Haruki and he often looked up to him as a big brother. Robin has lost a sibling because of a man-eater attack and ever since then, he was overly protective, especially of Haruki.

One night when Haruki and Kiruko were sleeping in their room, they were alarmed by the commotion outside and learned that Robin and others were looking for a man-eater who was spotted nearby. Haruki ignoring Robin’s advice went outside and ended up killing the man-eater using a weapon. But Robin was naturally furious as he did not want him to put himself in harm’s way and had already told him to stay in the room.

Kiruko continued to participate in racing competitions and did quite well. Interestingly, there was also a doctor who was always around the sibling but he often refused to get photographed. During one seemingly ordinary race, Haruki spotted an invisible man-eater walking on the road. He feared that it could potentially put his sister and others in danger so he decided to go and kill it before something bad happens.

But when he eventually came face-to-face with it, Haruki could not do much as his weapon did not work on the man-eater. When Kiruko got to that part of the race track she stopped and told others to turn back. While her competitors went to ask for help, Kiruko noticed that the man-eater was eating Haruki alive and tried to save him. However, when she got him out of the man-eater’s mouth, he was already half-eaten.

Is Kiruko Dead? What Happens to Robin?

After miraculously surviving the ghastly attack on him by the man-eater, Haruki wakes up in a hospital. As he barely walks into the hospital premises, he suddenly comes across a mirror. Naturally, Haruki decides to have a look at himself and is shocked to see what’s in front of him. He realizes that he is actually staring at Kiruko’s face. As he panics and starts shouting uncontrollably, the doctors and nurses there rush to calm him down.

When Haruki later opens his eyes, he overhears the doctors talking to each other that the traumatic experience has led Kiruko to believe that she is her brother. But Haruki is not convinced and asks them about the doctor who treated him after he was brought to the hospital. It turns out that the sibling reached the hospital almost on the verge of death and the doctor did everything possible to save at least Kiruko’s life, who now claims that he is actually Haruki with his sister’s body.

Unfortunately, the doctor left the town following the surgery and Haruki can no longer meet him. But this is not all, Haruki wants to figure out the truth behind the strange incident that has happened to him and his pursuit of truth eventually leads him to the Asakusa Race Association Headquarters- four months after he first came back to his senses. There he inquires about Robin’s whereabouts but is shocked to learn that he was supposedly murdered sometime last September.

When he goes back to his old orphanage, he then finds out that it was moved to some other town soon after Kiruko’s death. Haruki notices that there was no confirmation of Robin’s death and this led her to embark on a mission to find him. She also started looking for the doctor as he was the only person who probably knows how Haruki’s brain ended up in Kiruko’s body. The signs of brain surgery are quite visible in the scenes in which Haruki wakes up from his sleep.

So it is highly likely that the surgery was done and Kiruko actually died somehow in the man-eater attack. After Haruki completes his story, Maru can barely trust what he hears and shows suspicion that he is being lied to. However, Haruki remains adamant. All of a sudden they hear someone shouting nearby and when they go to check, they find a huge man-eater staring back at them from outside the ship.

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