Heavenly Delusion Episode 4 Recap: Kuku

‘In ‘Heavenly Delusion’ or ‘Tengoku Daimakyou’ episode 4 titled ‘Kuku,’ Maru and Kiruko fight the man-eater that attacks their ship and successfully manage to kill it. Once they arrive at the shore, they start investigating the bird logo. Meanwhile, Tokio sees the babies in the facility for the first time that have been kept hidden from them. Recently people her age have started exploring their sexuality and she feels quite conflicted about it. But after having a brief discussion with Kona, her opinion changes drastically.

Maru And Kiruko Kill a Man-Eater

After suddenly finding themselves face-to-face with a giant man-eater, Maru and Kiruko are understandably bewildered for a moment. Kiruko immediately rushes to the captain’s cabin and asks him to speed up the ship as the man-eater is trying to attack them. The ship is still 30 minutes away from the shore despite moving at top speed which means that people there will have to find a way to deal with the man-eater in the meantime.

Initially, Maru and Kiruko lock themselves up with the ship’s crew and captain in a room expecting the doors to keep them safe until their reach the shore. But it soon becomes evident that the doors are not strong enough to trust it with their lives. Kiruko recalls that the man-eater has a suit of water covering its body along with suction cup hands. That’s when an idea suddenly comes to her mind. Kiruko asks the captain for the keys to the doors downstairs.

The crew there suddenly sounds quite offended as if they do not want them to go there. But because of the urgency of the situation they do not have much of a choice and the captain reveals that there is no lock on that door. Kiruko and Maru leave the safety of the room to draw the man-eater’s attention towards them and manage to lead it to the downstairs room. Although Maru is clueless about Kiruko’s plan, things eventually go exactly how the latter has imagined.

The marijuana there absorbs all the water and the man-eater simply becomes too weak to move without it. After that Maru uses his power to kill it. Once they arrive at the shore, the crew members thank them. That’s when Kiruko inquires about the bird logo and learns that it belongs to Mitsuba. Once they investigate the city to look for it, they end up in a dingy building and spend the night there clueless to the fact that it is actually Mitsuba Home Center.

Elsewhere, Kuku takes Tokio to a secret facility to show her the babies she is talking about. When Tokio finally sees them, she is surprised to notice that they have no features and have appendages in place of legs. Although the intruder alarm goes off when they are there, the cameras for some strange reason cannot record Tokio, which allows her and Kuku to escape. Meanwhile, the children in the facility have started exploring their sexuality and Tokio has noticed it too many times in recent days.

One day while talking to her friend Tarao, she suddenly gets kissed by him. Since she is supposedly not romantically interested in him, she runs away. Kona notices her and after learning what has bothered her in recent days, reassures her that exploring one’s sexuality is normal. He even mentions that she would want to touch and get touched by someone one day. When Tokio admits that she wants that person for her to be Kona, he replies that he would like to be her partner too.

Is Tarao Dying? What is His Advise to Tokio?

After returning to her room later that day, Tokio can barely keep her excitement in check. Unfortunately her happiness does not last long as an announcement is made specifically for her. She is told that Tarao’s condition has changed all of a sudden and he wants to speak to her. As a good friend, Tokio immediately rushes to meet Tarao not knowing what to expect. When she finally gets to the medical room, Tarao tells the doctors and nurses there to leave the two of them alone as he wants to talk about something important with her.

As soon as they are alone, Tarao asks her to hold his hand and then apologizes for kissing her earlier that day and not taking her feelings about it into consideration. Tokio asks him to forget about all of those things but Tarao still has some things to say. He then mentions that he won’t be getting better referring to the fact that he is probably on the verge of death. As if this was not shocking enough, he then surprises his friend by asking her to run away as he claims that the facility they live in is dangerous.

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