Heavenly Delusion Episode 5 Recap: Day of Fate

In ‘Heavenly Delusion’ or ‘Tengoku Daimakyou’ episode 5 titled ‘Day of Fate,’ Maru ends up having a fight with bullies who are rude to him in the gaming parlor. After he and Kiruko find an apartment for themselves, the two friends, are shocked to meet a man who tells them about a strange place called the Immortal Order. Meanwhile, the children in heaven learn that Tarao passed because of his mysterious illness and Tokio suspects that she is sick as well.

Maru and Kiruko Learn About Immortal Order

Trying to get his mind off the fact that Kiruko is a boy in a girl’s body, Maru plays a game at a video game parlor. That’s when he is approached by a group of thugs who are rude to him for no reason. When one of them tries to manhandle Maru, he ends up punching the man, which eventually leads to a fight. Maru is strong even to overpower the entire group and single-handedly beats them all up. When Kiruko arrives at the scene, the two of them run away to avoid any future scuffle.

When they are finally at an apartment, Maru reveals details about his early life. He recalls his earliest memory of living in an orphanage with a lot of people following the Great Disaster. When it closed down, he and children like him were dispersed and they ended up following an adult who led the group. Unfortunately, he was murdered sometime later because of turf war and the killer actually became the new leader of the group- whom Maru followed until quite recently.

Elsewhere, one of the scientists notices a show mark on the wall left behind by Tokio. The children in heaven engage in fun activities that Tarao liked but when they wake up the following day, they learn the haunting news that he has passed away. Meanwhile, the Director is frustrated as the disease that killed Tarao can affect other children, which could turn out to be a disastrous possibility. After Tarao’s body is cremated, the doctors are shocked to find a bug-like organism in his ashes.

What is the Immortal Order?

In their room, Maru and Kiruko look at the maps of the city to analyze where they must head next on their journey. Some of the places are marked by water safety level which the duo feel is a bit subjective and strange metric to use. Maru is a bit taken aback when he sees one spot on the map that says water safety level 100%. He feels that a place like that must be heaven. Although Kiruko still argues that the metric is quite subjective, she is still willing to stop by the location just to check.

While they are having this conversation, the sounds of approaching footsteps alert the two friends who stop talking to understand the situation. For a moment they feel that there is a possibility that the people Maru had beaten up earlier have probably found their apartment, but it soon becomes obvious that the footsteps are of just one man. Before they could try to figure out who this mysterious visitor is, the man himself asks them to open the door and reveals that he is one of the people on the boat where the two friends had saved everyone by fighting the man-eater.

After they let him in, he reveals that he wants them to become his bodyguard. He then explains that he is actually going to the Immortal Order, a place where they say that one can become immortal thanks to a unique procedure developed by a mysterious doctor who lives there. The man from the boat says that this is made possible by implanting some parts of a man-eater’s body onto a human. Interestingly, the procedure also gives people extraordinary strength in addition to immortality.

The man from the boat then explains that he wants Maru and Kiruko to protect him and the contents of the bag he is carrying. It is later revealed that he is carrying parts of a man-eater in that bag which have become too decomposed by this point to be of any use. As the man cries inconsolably, Kiruko offers him money to buy information him arguing that he can use the money to buy parts of the man-eater. After learning everything they need to know, Kiruko and Maru continue their journey determined to visit the Immortal Order at some point.

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