Heavenly Delusion Episode 7 Recap: The Immortal Order

In ‘Heavenly Delusion’ or ‘Tengoku Daimakyou’ episode 7 titled ‘The Immortal Order,’ Maru and Kiruko finally reach the region where they are supposed to find the Immortal Order. Since they could not spot the exact location, they use an innovative method to draw attention. This ends up helping them meet a group named Liviuman that opposes the Immortal Order and reveals some of their dark secrets.

Maru and Kiruko Look for the Immortal Order

After reaching the region where they are supposed to find the Immortal Order, Kiruko and Maru realize that they cannot tell where to look. In the absence of any clue, they decide to put up a board to get hired for killing man-eaters. They camp at the same spot throughout the day and after catching fish from a nearby river, they share a delicious meal in the evening. That’s when unbeknownst to them, the duo is spotted by the members of the Immortal Order.

The guards tell a doctor about the two mysterious visitors and the board that they have put up. These men are then ordered by their boss to bring Maru and Kiruko to him. But by the time they get there, the duo is already taken to hiding by a group named Liviuman that vehemently opposes the Immortal Order. The leaders of this faction explain to Maru and Kiruko that the members of the Immortal Order are engaged in a heinous experiment where through which they plan to achieve immortality by transferring human consciousness to machines.

Interestingly, they also claim that their enemy group is also a man-eater locked up in the basement. Liviuman offers to hire Maru and Kiruko to get the monster killed before it wreaks havoc anywhere. They plan a protest the following day to distract the guards and use that to their advantage. In the meantime, they snuck into Maru and Kiruko through a backdoor which is guarded by one of their double agents.

Do Kiruko and Maru Kill the Man-Eaters?

After Kiruko and Maru successfully infiltrate the basement of the building controlled by the Immortal Order, they are surprised to notice how well-lit the premise is. Kiruko feels that it’s a sign that they potentially have the power supply for life-support systems. However, the two friends could still not see any signs of a man-eater. That’s when Maru points out that he has had a strange feeling about the whole mission from the very start. He feels that they are being set up and argues that there is a possibility that there are no maneaters there.

Although Kiruko also appears to doubt things, she does point out that the whole plan just sounds over the top. All of a sudden, Maru notices a man-eater on one of the cars in the basement. When Maru and Kiruko observe it closely, they are a bit relieved that their earlier suspicions were not right. But moments after Maru kills the small man-eater, they notice another one a few meters away which eventually leads them to a larger one.

Maru and Kiruko conclude that they have finally found the man-eater they have been looking for. When the latter points the gun towards it to complete the mission, she starts hallucinating. Kiruko is horrified by the visions of tens of man-eaters attacking her and Maru. She naturally panics and tries to kill them but nothing appears to work as they start eating her slowly. Maru kisses Kiruko on the lips and then she finally wakes up from her nightmarish illusions. He reassures her that everything is under control and she just had a hallucination.

Maru then proceeds to kill the large man-eater as well. That’s when a man in a black suit and a gun in his hand walks toward them. He looks at the man-eater and expresses his relief that the monster is finally dead. As he realizes that Maru and Kiruko had killed it, he asks for their help for some inexplicable reason. The two friends instead ask him about Dr. Usami and are shocked when he reveals that he is standing right in front of them.

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