Heavenly Delusion Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained: Is Robin Dead?

In ‘Heavenly Delusion’ or ‘Tengoku Daimakyou’ episode 13, titled ‘The Journey Continues and Begins,’ Mimihime and her friends walk into the jungle, after Taka suggests that this might be their exam that they have been told about. Elsewhere, Maru gets worried for Kiriko who has been missing for two nights straight. When he goes to the Ibaraki facility looking for her, he is stopped by the guards. That’s when he snaps and becomes violent as he is naturally scared for Kiriko’s well-being. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Tengoku Daimakyou’ or ‘Heavenly Delusion’ episode 13. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Heavenly Delusion Season 1 Finale Recap

After getting out of the Takahara Academy, Mimihime and her friends find themselves in front of an huge forest. They are not sure what to make of their situation, so Taka suggests that they continue walking ahead. He shows his friends that the fencing around the facility is broken and they can enter the forest. Taka feels that this is where their test begins and they can win by exploring the outside of the outside.

Mimihime and others do not question his beliefs and they simply follow him into the forest. But as they walk for quite sometime, Mimihime feels that she must return and tells others about it. Shiro follows her and the two start looking for the Takahara academy again. But soon they begin to realize that they don’t know where they are. Mimihime hears the sound of river flowing nearby and leads Shiro in that direction.

They find the river but they learn they are on a high cliff and they must find a way to get to the water. Suddenly, the land under Mimihime’s feet crumbles and she falls off the cliff. Shiro notices this and immediately jumps to ensure that Mimihime does not fall directly on the ground. They both get injured but luckily their wounds are not fatal.

Meanwhile, Maru gets tired of waiting for Kiriko as she does not return for two nights. He goes to look for her and when the guards try to stop him, he beats them up. Maru eventually finds Kiriko naked on a bed with her hands tied up. At the same moment, Robin is walking towards the room. When he realizes that Maru is there, he tries to run away. But Maru eventually gets to him and beats him up brutally.

Maru is no mood to let him live for another day, but Kiriko stops him from murdering him. The two friends then walk away from the facility and sit near a river where Kiriko talks about her growing identity crisis. Maru not only tries to reassures her but even goes on confess that he is in love with the person she is now. Although Kiriko does not appear to reciprocate his feelings, it seems that she is grateful of the fact that she has Maru.

Heavenly Delusion Season 1 Finale Ending: What Had Robin Been Doing At the Ibaraki Facility? Is Robin Dead?

After the incident, the members of the Ministry of Reconstruction visits the Ibaraki Facility for investigation. They are shocked to learn that the facility has been abandoned. They find bloodstains on the wall that got there because of Robin’s brutal beating in the hallway. The investigators then stumble upon the keys that were dropped by Robin shortly before his brawl with Maru. Since there is only one room in the facility that is still locked, they decide to open it and check what’s in there.

When the members of the Ministry of Reconstruction finally open the room, they find a woman lying on the floor who has registered as a resident about three months ago. Her body is surprisingly hooked to a monster and it appears that she no longer understands what’s going on. As the monster starts to move, everyone rushes out of the room and lock it once again, struggling to comprehend what has been going on there.

Although the anime ends there with no clarification, it turns out that Robin has actually fled the region, scared about the fact that he may get caught for his crimes. He had been doing illegal experiments specially on humans at the Ibaraki Facility without the knowledge of the Ministry of Reconstruction. Despite the injuries, he will survive and will possible play a crucial role in the upcoming season.

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