Hell Camp: Where Are the Survivors Now?

In Netflix’s ‘Hell Camp: Teen Nightmare,’ the viewers are introduced to several individuals who were sent to various wilderness therapy camps in their teenage years. Though every single person’s experience was different from the others, together, it all painted a story that one could not help but be intrigued by. After all, what better way is there to understand exactly what might be happening at such therapy camps than from those who have actually been a part of it? As such, the viewers are now eager to know where they all are today.

Kinney is a Happy Mother of Five

Let’s start with Kinney Drellich Edlinger, who was sent to the Challenger Camp in Utah at the age of 13. Since then, she has come to terms with everything that transpired during her time in the therapy camp through a new perspective and has since claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Steve Cartisano, the Founder of the organization. Based in Vineyard, Utah, Kinney works for Breeze Airways, having previously been employed at Rise Utah Realty. The proud mother of five is currently not in a relationship and is instead focused on herself and her loved ones.

Nadine Prefers to Lead a Private Life

Even though Nadine was immensely thankful for the opportunity to share her side of the story through the Netflix documentary, it seems like she prefers to lead a life away from the limelight. Even decades after her time in the Challenger Camp, she continues to despise the time she had to spend there and even expressed disbelief at how any parent could orchestrate something like this for their children, especially when it came to the kidnapping part of the whole process.

Matthew Lives Away From Limelight

For Matthew Callahan, the Challenger Camp remains an especially challenging part of his life, especially given the injuries he allegedly gained during his time in Utah. His mother, Kari, also appeared in the Netflix documentary and shared her reasons for sending her son to the camp. He even went on to testify against the Challenger Camp and Steve Cartisano during the 1992 trial when the latter was charged with neglect pertaining to the death of Kristan Chase. Though Matthew remains a private person by nature, he has never shied away from speaking up about his trials as a Challenger Camp member.

Adam and His Father Do Not See Eye-to-Eye

As seen in the Netflix documentary, Adam does not seem to be holding very any positive emotions towards his time as a member of Healthcare America. His father, Larry, is also featured in the movie but seems to disagree with the idea that Adam should have never been sent to the therapy camp. While Adam prefers to live a life away from prying eyes, it does not seem like he and his father see eye-to-eye in several aspects. Adam himself confessed that the therapy camp had been only effective for him about a month after he left Healthcare America.

Ashley Bravely Shared Her Story

Having once been sent to Healthcare America, Ashley shared just how much she had to endure during her time with the overseas therapy camp. Having joined the group in May 1993 at the age of 15, she talked in the documentary about how the teenagers had to travel in about for extended periods of time and moved from island to island. Though she now prefers to lead a more private life, Ashely is one of the many voices who has spoken up about her painful experience while being seemingly “treated” at the therapy camp.

Kurt Remains Conflicted About His Time in Camp

For Kurt, Pacific Coast Academy invokes mixed feelings. Though he did choose to take a role in the hierarchy of the camp, this landed him in a position where he had to act against his friend Amber Michelle. Recounting the incident in question, Kurt explained how he had felt at the time that her friend should perhaps stop rebelling in order to not incur further punishment. He expressed in the movie how he hoped Amber understood that he was put in a difficult position, though Amber started that she was unhappy that he friend did not say “no.”

Amber Michelle is a Private Person

In the Netflix documentary, Amber Michelle opened up about her traumatic experience when she was sent to the Pacific Coast Academy in Samoa. Presently, it seems like Amber has a good support system, though she prefers to keep the details of her private life under wraps. Her presence in the documentary movie is a testament to her strength and how she has never shied away from sharing her side of the story, even when her wounds were fresh as a teenager.

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