Hello Prenup Shark Tank Update: Where Is Hello Prenup Today?

Entrepreneurs Julia Rogers and Sarabeth Jaffe presented their online service, Hello Prenup, on ‘Shark Tank’ season 13 episode 6, hoping to bag a life-changing investment from the Sharks. As the name suggests, Hello Prenup is an online service that aims to make Prenups easier, less costly, and less awkward to write up and sign. With the COVID-19 pandemic even forcing people to get married online, this service seemed quite interesting and made us curious enough to look into the details. Here’s what we found out!

Hello Prenup: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

With prenuptial agreements requiring legal expertise, it is no surprise that one of the masterminds behind Hello Prenup — Julia Rogers — is a practicing attorney by profession. After graduating in Management and Finance from Simmons University in 2009, Julia decided to earn her Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Massachusetts. As an Attorney, she decided to take up employment at the Boston-based law firm, Mavrides Law, before starting Hello Prenup in September 2018.

On the other hand, Sarabeth Jaffe, the company’s Co-Founder and current CTO is a technology and computer enthusiast who has ample experience with web development and software engineering. Prior to Hello Prenup, Sarabeth even worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft. Being a lawyer, Julia had enough experience with divorce cases to know how devastating they can be for a couple. Furthermore, she believes that prenups help a couple come together and communicate better before marriage.

Besides, having a prenuptial agreement helps the lesser-earning partner in the case of a divorce, cushioning the blow to some extent. However, prenups can be pretty costly to draw up initially and can even lead to awkward conversations that couples generally want to avoid before marriage. Thus, Julia decided to brainstorm, and along with Sarabeth Jaffe, came up with the idea of Hello Prenup, an online service that helps couples draw up and sign a hassle-free prenup.

Using the service is quite effortless as it requires the user to sign up and invite their significant other to the platform. Once on the platform, the couple can list their individual assets, finances, incomes, and properties which helps the service calculate and draw up an initial agreement. The pair is then given a set of questionnaires to fill up, and Julia mentions that this is an essential step as it allows for open communication. Once completed, the couple needs to pay nominal fees for the service to draw up a legalized prenup.

Hello Prenup: Where Are They Now?

Julia and Sarabeth were amazed at the response they got on launching the online prenup service in 2018. It quickly garnered popularity as more and more people signed up for Hello Prenup. The hugely discounted cost, the ease of drawing up a prenup online, as well as Julia’s expertise as a divorce lawyer was what kept attracting couples to the service. Thus, they witnessed rapid growth in their business, and by 2021 even found a mention in prestigious publications like Venture Out and Forbes Magazine.

At present, users can effectively and efficiently sign up for Hello Prenup online. Unfortunately, being a legalized service, it is only available in a select few states, a complete list of which is regularly updated on the Hello Prenup website. However, prospective users in an unsupported location need not worry as Julia and Sarabeth are constantly working to include more states in their service.

Surprisingly, Hello Prenup is also relatively cheap as each prenup will cost you $599 in contrast to significantly higher charges by other attorneys. However, the founders encourage couples to get their prenups reviewed by their own lawyers if necessary. Additionally, the company even started ‘The Hello Prenup Podcast,’ which aims at bringing leaders in the wedding industry to educate and help couples have a worry-free ceremony.

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