Hello Tomorrow Episode 4 Recap: Forms, Appropriately Filled and Filed

Apple TV+’s retro-futuristic drama ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ has Jack Billings’ elaborately made lies start to have an impact on his personal and professional life as more and more people become suspicious of what’s really going on there. His decision to stay in Vistaville strikes as odd to Shirley, who just might become the first person to discover his truth. Jack’s attempt to get closer to his son by helping him with a very important part of his life almost puts them in jeopardy and shows just how easily everything can spiral out of control. The ending of this episode takes a step in that direction. Here’s what it means for Jack and the people working at Brightside. SPOILERS AHEAD

Hello Tomorrow! Episode 4 Recap

When Jack decides to stay in Vistaville, he isn’t aware of the things going on in the background that will make things very difficult for him in the future. Myrtle has made it her mission to do something so radical that there is no option but for people sitting in Brightside headquarters on the Moon to listen to her and get her out of Earth. While her complaint is revealed to have no grounds to lead to legal action against the company, Lester reveals that because they didn’t fill out the right forms, they have been barred from operating anymore. If they are found making any more sales, they will be arrested for it.

Shirley tells Jack of this complication and complains about not receiving the necessary information from HQ. She is shocked when Jack doesn’t show any interest in how to resolve the issue but busies himself with other things. Shirley becomes suspicious that something is happening with Jack, and for a minute, even Jack believes that she has discovered the truth about the scam. But it turns out that she has only found out about his relationship with Joey.

Meanwhile, Eddie gambles once again and this time, against all odds, wins. He finally has enough money to change his life for the better and he makes a proposal to Shirley. He reveals that he has bought a condo on the Moon and he wants her to accompany him. She agrees, without realizing that they have been scammed by the very thing that they were a part of.

Hello Tomorrow! Episode 4 Ending: Will Jack Tell Joey the Truth?

Jack’s life had been the same for a very long time. He would go from town to town selling condos that don’t exist to people who have no idea that they are getting duped. Things only change when he finds out about his estranged family’s situation. His wife is in a coma after an accident and his son, whom he hasn’t seen for well over two decades is so directionless that he tries to give away all of his money to buy a place for himself on the Moon.

Jack tries to be there for Joey as his father, without actually telling him the truth because he’s aware of the resentment that Joey holds for him for never being there for him. When Jack finally does get to be Joey’s father, it is under the guise of an act. Joey wants to impress his girlfriend’s father and, now trained as a salesman, he is quick on his feet to make up things to sell himself as the suitable match and brings Jack into his lies, not knowing that they are telling the truth about at least one thing.

It is while Jack and Joey are trying to convince the father that Shirley crosses paths with the girl who reveals that Jack is Joey’s father. This turns things around for Shirley as she finally understands why Jack has been acting weirdly, especially when it comes to stuff regarding Joey. She later sympathizes with Jack and tells him to come clean to Joey. Jack decides to talk to his son that night, but when the time comes, he is not able to do so.

Jack has finally found a semblance of the relationship he wanted to have with his son, and he knows that as soon as Joey finds out the truth, things won’t remain the same between them. Joey has years of anger inside him for his father and Jack is scared to face that. However, he also can’t help but accept that the more time passes, the more difficult it will get to tell the truth and the stronger Joey’s reaction will be. For now, however, they have other matters that can become an immediate cause for concern.

Will Joey Get Arrested?

At the beginning of the episode, Lester reveals that Jack and his salesmen cannot make any more sales until their company has filed the correct paperwork. To not let his employees panic, Jack gives them the day off but doesn’t tell them not to make any sales. At the end of the episode, Joey, unaware of the legal bind that Brightside is in, finalizes a deal with his future father-in-law. This is what Myrtle had been waiting for the whole day.

Ever since Lester told her about the sales and getting arrested thing, she kept trying to entice them to make another sale. Charlie almost got tempted but was stopped by Eddie who wanted him for something else. In the final scene, we see Myrtle heading towards a phone booth, most likely making a call to Lester, notifying him of the sales. She hopes that Joey will get arrested, which will cause a stir in the company, and she might use this window to get the attention turned towards her cause.

While it is clear that Myrtle is never getting her money back, if Joey or someone else in Brightside really is arrested, it will have severe implications on everyone’s lives because this would put the company, if it hadn’t already been, in the sights of the law. Things are on the brink of getting rather messy for Jack, especially with Eddie and Myrtle planning their future on the Moon. It remains to be soon how long he can keep up his ruse and what will happen to him when the truth comes out.

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