Hell’s Kitchen Season 10: Where Are The Chefs Now?

Premiered in 2012, season 10 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ delivered a thrilling culinary showdown. As the season progressed, the field of contestants narrowed down through eliminations, and tensions escalated. The chefs faced increasingly difficult challenges, including catering events, creating signature dishes, and executing flawless dinner services. The pressure peaked as the remaining chefs fought tooth and nail for the chance to prove themselves in the final episodes.

Every contestant showcased remarkable talent throughout the competition. Following their time on the show, many pursued culinary ventures, contributing to various kitchens and making a name for themselves in the culinary world. The diverse and talented group of contestants has left a lasting impact, with many forging successful careers in the competitive realm of gastronomy. Let’s unravel the stories of these contestants and discover where their culinary paths have taken them in recent years.

Christina Wilson is Working With Gordan Ramsay Today

Image Credit: Christina Wilson/Instagram

Christina Wilson, the formidable winner of season 10, emerged victorious with both culinary finesse and determination. Securing a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas and a substantial $250,000 salary, she showcased her exceptional talent. Her journey continued beyond the winner’s circle as she returned to the show, becoming the Sous Chef for the red team in seasons 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22. Her excellence didn’t go unnoticed by Ramsay, who hired her full-time. She navigated the diverse culinary landscape, contributing significantly as the culinary director of the US division of Gordon Ramsay Restaurants.

Christina’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to open her restaurant, Humble Pie LLC, marking another milestone in her culinary career. In 2020, she assumed the role of Vice President of Culinary for Gordon Ramsay North America, a testament to her impact and expertise. Her personal life found its spotlight when Ramsay, in the show “My Houzz,” contributed to renovating her house. Christina’s cameo appearances in various Ramsay shows, including MasterChef and Gordon Ramsay’s ’24 Hours to Hell and Back,’ showcased her versatility.

Returning to her roots after a decade, Christina played a pivotal role in the opening of Hell’s Kitchen East Coast at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino. Beyond the kitchen, she extended her influence to charitable endeavors, joining Three Square, a hunger-relief organization, and contributing to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Adding a personal touch to her journey, Christina Wilson is not only a culinary force but also navigates the complexities of relationships, currently dating Martha Marie Wasser. Her story is one of triumph, resilience, and a commitment to culinary excellence and community impact.

Justin Antiorio is Now a Culinary Director

Justin Antiorio has continued to carve his path in the culinary world post the show. Landing a role as Chef de Cuisine at Bin 14 and Anthony David’s showcased his prowess, setting the stage for a dynamic career. Moving to Summit House Restaurant, Justin expanded his culinary footprint, leaving an indelible mark. His expertise extended to restaurant consultancy, contributing to the success of establishments like Green Rock Tap & Grill.

In 2023, a new chapter unfolded as Justin assumed the role of Culinary Director at Tangelo, adding another distinguished accomplishment to his repertoire. Balancing professional success with personal joy, Justin embraced family life. His union with Dana Brancaccio Antiorio brought not just marital bliss but also the joys of parenthood. Social media became a canvas for Justin to share glimpses of his life, portraying not only his culinary endeavors but also the heartwarming moments with his children.

Dana Cohen is Embracing The Role of a Mother Today

Dana Cohen, hailed as the “Scallop Queen” by none other than Gordon Ramsay himself, journeyed from the intense heat of the kitchen to carve her niche in the culinary world. Returning for a fiery stint in season 17 and gracing season 12 as a guest, Dana’s culinary prowess shone brightly. Her transitioned into the world of fitness, becoming a renowned fitness instructor at CKO Kickboxing. Her passion for wholesome living materialized with the opening of Pulse Cafe, a haven for nutritious delights. A multifaceted talent, Dana also embraced the role of a private chef and showcased her culinary flair as a food columnist for Community Life Newspaper.

In a brief but impactful stint, she assumed the role of culinary director at Le Gourmet Factory. However, Dana’s culinary journey reached new heights when she stepped into the corporate realm, serving as the corporate marketing chef at Unilever Food Solution since 2017. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle extended beyond the kitchen, earning her certification as a Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Her association with the American Heart Association highlighted her dedication to holistic well-being.

A culinary artist with a penchant for challenges, Dana showcased her skills on the TV show ‘Chopped.’ Amidst her culinary endeavors, love blossomed, and Dana embraced marital bliss with Eric Mayer. Their journey to parenthood faced challenges, with a heartbreaking miscarriage. However, resilience prevailed, and Dana welcomed a bundle of joy with the birth of her daughter in 2022.

Barbra “Barbie” Marshall Now Does a Lot of Charity

Barbra “Barbie” Marshall, a culinary force to be reckoned with, made waves not just once but twice on the show—first in season 10 and later a triumphant return in season 17. Beyond the sizzling intensity of the kitchen, Barbie’s journey unfolded as a dynamic blend of gastronomic prowess, entrepreneurship, and a generous spirit. Then Barbie took center stage as the exclusive catering chef of the Ruba Club in Northern Liberties, showcasing her culinary artistry in an exclusive setting.

Undeterred by the flames of competition, she seamlessly transitioned back to her roots, co-managing the catering company she co-owns, Soop Catering. Her culinary expertise extended beyond the traditional kitchen, as she engaged in captivating cookery demonstrations that left audiences spellbound. A bold move awaited Barbie as she embarked on a journey with the food truck Cow and The Curd, putting her culinary creations on wheels and delighting palates on the go.

However, Barbie’s life transcends the confines of professional kitchens; her altruistic spirit shines through in her commitment to charitable causes, a facet vividly captured in her Instagram posts. The pages of Urban Freedom Magazine featured the tale of Barbie Marshall, celebrating her culinary prowess and philanthropic endeavors.

Clemenza Caserta Now Runs a YouTube Channel

Returning to his roots, Clemenza took the reins at his family restaurant, Stuzzi, infusing it with the passion and expertise gained from the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ battleground. Beyond the kitchen, his voice resonates on the airwaves as he co-hosts ‘Chewing the Fat with Rob Burmeister,’ a dynamic show on Blog Talk radio that dives into the delectable world of food and beyond. Never one to rest on his laurels, Clemenza rolled into the mobile culinary realm, owning and operating the Little Italian Truck. This four-wheeled haven of Italian flavors serves as a testament to his commitment to bringing exceptional cuisine to diverse audiences.

Clemenza showcased his resilience in culinary competitions, including a stint on season 8 of ‘Cutthroat Kitchen.’ Television beckoned again, and he made a memorable appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s ’24 Hours to Hell and Back,’ offering his insights as a diner. Clemenza expanded his reach into the digital realm, hosting a cooking show, ‘Sunday Dinner With Chef Clemenza,’ on his YouTube channel. Despite his public endeavors, Clemenza has mastered the art of privacy, keeping his personal life well-guarded.

Robyn Almodovar Serves as an Executive Chef Today


In the aftermath of her journey on the show, Robyn showcased her prowess on the culinary battlefront, competing and conquering episodes of ‘Chopped’ and ‘Cutthroat Kitchen.’ Her triumphs echoed not just on reality TV but also on the streets of Miami with her food truck named Palate Party. Palate Party, a culinary phenomenon on wheels, earned accolades, including being voted the Best Food Truck in Miami by the Miami New Times in 2013. Undeterred by success, Robyn expanded her fleet by acquiring a second food truck called Palate Party POP.

Beyond the mobile culinary realm, Robyn lent her expertise to diverse ventures. She co-owned Rumors Bar and Grill, worked with Impulsive Group, and contributed her culinary flair to The Stanley Hotel in 2020. Her journey led her to Future Foods Enterprises, where she assumed the role of corporate chef for their Plant-Based Protein line, PAOW. In 2016, Robyn was to serve as a Final Table judge for the World Food Championships, a testament to her culinary acumen.

A multifaceted culinary artist, Robyn Almodovar is also a Food Network Judge, a private dining experience creator, and an author. She penned her culinary journey in the form of a cookbook titled, Low and Slow Cooking, released in January 2020. As of 2022, Robyn has brought her culinary expertise to Lokal Eatery & Bar, where she serves as the executive chef.

Brian Merel is Now a Sales Manager

Brian Merel embarked on a flavorful journey after his time on the show. Returning to his roots as a private chef, Brian crafted a niche for himself, offering bespoke culinary experiences through private dinners, cooking lessons, and group events, all detailed on his engaging website. The culinary scene witnessed Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit coming to life when he ed his restaurant, Papa Willie’s BBQ, in 2019. This venture added a new chapter to his culinary endeavors, showcasing his passion for creating delightful dining experiences for patrons.

Adding to the tapestry of his personal life, Brian celebrated the joyous occasion of marriage in 2015, and his family expanded with the arrival of two children. The merging of his professional prowess and personal milestones paints a vibrant picture of Brian Merel’s life. Moreover, Brian further expanded his professional horizons, taking on the role of Sales Manager at Testa Produce in 2022.

Kimberly “Kimmie” Willis Completed Her Bachelors Degree in 2020

Kimberly “Kimmie” Willis-Davenport has ventured into a flavorful blend of entrepreneurship and family milestones. Following her time on the show, Kimmie embarked on a new chapter, marked by marriage and the opening of a catering company named Lil Bitz Catering. Alongside her husband, she delved into the culinary realm, serving delectable delights and showcasing her culinary prowess. As her culinary endeavors continued, Kimmie extended her footprint in the food industry by working as a cook at Chili’s, adding diverse experiences to her repertoire. Currently, she stands as the owner of Premier Crepes, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for culinary innovation.

Beyond the kitchen, Kimmie pursued higher education, completing her Bachelor’s degree in 2020 from Herzing University with a focus on business, management, marketing, and related support services. This educational achievement reflects her commitment to personal and professional growth. However, Kimmie faced a controversy related to her family’s health situation. A Facebook post addressing her son’s health issues stirred a response. She sought support on TikTok and created an organ transplant page, but the legitimacy of these efforts faced scrutiny.

Tiffany Johnson’s Current Whereabouts Remain Elusive

Tiffany Johnson took herself back to her roots in the culinary world. Returning to her hometown of Warren, Vermont, Tiffany resumed her career in a local restaurant. Her commitment to her craft and hometown suggests a focus on honing her culinary skills and contributing to the local culinary scene. While details about Tiffany’s current whereabouts remain elusive, her dedication to her culinary roots in Vermont and her marriage, now known as Tiffany Gross, hint at a life filled with both professional and personal fulfillment. The culinary world anticipates the next chapters in these chefs’ journeys, where passion and talent continue to shape their destinies.

Royce Wagner Has Expanded His Horizon With a New Venture

Royce Wagner’s life has been a tale of entrepreneurial ventures and international culinary collaborations. Following his memorable appearance on the show, Royce took the helm of his destiny and founded his own company, aptly named Three Lions Corp. This venture showcased his culinary expertise and creative flair, establishing his presence in the culinary landscape. In a recent development, Royce has expanded his horizons and associated himself with Kandy Shop, an eatery located in the vibrant culinary scene of Thailand. This collaboration suggests a fusion of diverse culinary influences, promising a unique and exciting dining experience for patrons of Kandy Shop.

Patrick Cassata Has Now Assumed the Role of Culinary Director for Wooden Paddle 

Image Credit: LinkedIn

Patrick Cassata’s culinary journey has been nothing short of impressive. Following his appearance on the show, Patrick showcased his skills on another culinary battleground, winning ‘Cutthroat Kitchen.’ This victory not only added to his accolades but also highlighted his ability to thrive in challenging culinary environments. Patrick has continued to make his mark in the culinary world, serving as the executive chef at Bakersfield Wood Fired Grill. His expertise has been sought after by reputable establishments, including the Bon Appetit Management Company and The Bank Restaurant.

As a testament to his influence in the industry, Patrick holds a position on the National Turkey Federation advisory board, showcasing his commitment to culinary innovation and excellence. Adding another feather to his cap, Patrick has assumed the role of culinary director for Wooden Paddle in Lemont, Illinois, since November 2022. This position undoubtedly allows him to further contribute his culinary talents to create delightful and memorable dining experiences.

Roshni Gurnani is an Entrepreneur Today

Roshni Gurnani’s experience in the culinary world includes serving as a chef instructor at the Art Institute of Houston, where she undoubtedly imparted her skills and knowledge to aspiring chefs. Roshni’s culinary expertise was further recognized when she took on the role of executive chef at the 5-star Granduca Hotel, displaying her ability to thrive in prestigious and demanding culinary environments. In her entrepreneurial endeavors, Roshni transitioned into the role of a private chef, wedding caterer, and traveling Chef consultant.

Notably, she showcased her skills on culinary battlefields such as ‘Beat Bobby Flay,’ ‘Chopped,’ ‘Cutthroat Kitchen,’ and ‘Alex Vs America.’ Currently, Roshni graces the Bagel Shop Bakery in Houston as a baker, adding her unique touch to the art of pastry and baked goods. Beyond her culinary pursuits, Roshni’s commitment to giving back is evident through her involvement with charity organizations like Reality Rally and serving on the Board of Directors for Sabes Wings.

Recognized as a James Beard Nominee, Roshni has been featured in numerous magazines, highlighting her influence and expertise in the culinary world. Her global reach extends to being selected as one of five chefs representing the USA at Feast Namibia, contributing to international culinary collaborations that celebrate diversity and creativity.

Guy Vaknin Has Expanded His Business to Many New Locations

Guy Vaknin embarked on a personal journey that included marriage and welcoming two sons into his family. Professionally, he and his wife ventured into the culinary scene by opening Beyond Sushi, a vegan sushi restaurant that has flourished and expanded to six locations across Manhattan, New York. Beyond Sushi’s success reflects Guy’s innovative approach to plant-based cuisine, offering a unique and flavorful experience to patrons. His dedication to the vegan culinary movement extended, as he founded Willow New York, Coletta NYC, and Anixi NYC under the umbrella of City Roots Hospitality. Each venture showcases its commitment to providing diverse and delectable vegan dining options.

Guy’s entrepreneurial spirit and culinary prowess garnered attention on the entrepreneurial reality show ‘Shark Tank.’ His pitch secured a significant $1.5 million investment, propelling the expansion of Beyond Sushi into the West Coast. In recognition of his contributions to the vegan culinary scene, Guy received multiple nominations from VegNews, including Best Vegan Chef, and accolades for his various establishments. His impact on the industry has been highlighted in publications such as Naturally magazine, further solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the vegan culinary movement.

Danielle Rimmer is Now An Executive Chef at Legends

Danielle Rimmer made a triumphant return to the New York Yankees, initially taking on the role of a kitchen supervisor. Her dedication and talent were quickly recognized, leading to her promotion to Sous Chef at the prestigious Prudential Center under the management of Legends. Since 2020, Danielle has continued to ascend in her culinary career, now holding the esteemed position of executive chef at the Prudential Center.

The role not only underscores her culinary prowess but also highlights her ability to thrive in high-pressure environments, a trait undoubtedly honed during her time on the show. Away from the professional kitchen, Danielle has embraced another significant role in her life—motherhood. Welcoming a child into her family, Danielle balances the demands of a culinary career with the joys and responsibilities of raising a family.

Donald “Don” Savage’s Business Got Affected Due to COVID-19

Donald “Don” Savage embraced the role of executive chef at Saint’s restaurant, demonstrating his culinary prowess in the heart of the kitchen. Unfortunately, the restaurant faced an unfortunate fate, closing its doors permanently in 2020 due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the closure marked the end of Don’s tenure at Saint’s, the current chapter of his culinary career remains a mystery. The uncertain trajectory leaves fans and followers intrigued about Don’s next culinary venture. As the industry continues to evolve, Don may be exploring new opportunities, showcasing his culinary skills in different kitchens, or perhaps venturing into innovative culinary projects.

Briana Swanson Lives in North Carolina Today

Briana Swanson’s culinary journey on the show has been nothing short of fascinating. Following her appearance on the show, Briana seamlessly transitioned back to her roots as a private chef, showcasing her culinary expertise in personalized and intimate settings. However, her journey also took her briefly to renowned establishments, including STK Midtown and Le Central, where she continued to refine her skills and contribute to the vibrant culinary scene.

In a delightful twist of fate, Briana embarked on a new chapter by tying the knot with Den Ressner, adding a beautiful layer to her personal story. Embracing her married life, she is now known as Briana Swanson Ressner. The couple has expanded their family, welcoming the joy of parenthood with the arrival of a son. Currently calling Raleigh, North Carolina, home, Briana seems to have found her culinary and personal haven in a city known for its diverse gastronomic landscape

Christopher “Chris” Carrero Lives a Private Life Today

Christopher “Chris” Carrero ventured into the culinary landscape with a position at Restaurant Associates, showcasing his culinary prowess as a Sous Chef. While details about his current professional whereabouts remain somewhat elusive, one thing is certain – Chris continues to chart his culinary journey, leaving a trail of flavorful experiences in his wake.

In a deliberate move to maintain a more private and reserved lifestyle, Chris has chosen to stay away from the buzz of social media, allowing his culinary skills and expertise to speak volumes on his behalf. This intentional withdrawal from the public eye adds an air of mystery to his post-show endeavors, leaving fans and admirers curious about the culinary heights he may have scaled.

Tavon Hubbard Now Prefers to Stay Away From the Buzz

Tavon Hubbard, despite his early exit from the show, has emerged as a culinary entrepreneur in his own right. Post his appearance on the show, Tavon took charge of his culinary destiny, establishing his own private chef business named Chef Tav. This venture not only highlights his culinary expertise but also showcases his passion for sharing the art of cooking with others.

Chef Tav’s offerings extended beyond traditional catering, encompassing engaging culinary classes and personalized dining experiences with his association with Guilty Pleasures Chefs. With an emphasis on privacy, Tavon has chosen to keep his personal life away from the public eye, leaving fans intrigued about the details that shape his culinary journey. As Tavon crafts his culinary journey through Chef Tav, the limited information available adds an element of mystery to his life.

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