Hell’s Kitchen Season 11: Where Are The Chefs Now?

Aired in 2013, season 11 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, brought together aspiring chefs from various backgrounds to compete in a high-stakes culinary showdown. Led by the fiery and renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, the contestants battled through grueling dinner services, demanding tasks, and the relentless pursuit of perfection to earn the coveted prize — a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. The contestants faced intense challenges and Ramsay’s infamous critiques.

The season was characterized by its dramatic moments, kitchen mishaps, and standout personalities. Ultimately, the winner of season 11 was Ja’Nel Witt, who showcased exceptional culinary skills and leadership throughout the competition. As for the other contestants, many have continued to make names for themselves in the culinary industry. Using the experience gained from Ramsay’s kitchen, some opened their restaurants, while others joined reputable kitchens. We have gathered the information of their current whereabouts just for you. Let us have a look.

Ja’Nel Witt is Now a Private Chef

Ja’Nel Witt’s journey after winning season 11 was filled with both triumphs and challenges. While initially awarded the prestigious position of head chef at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Caesars Palace with a substantial $250,000 salary, her path took an unexpected turn. TMZ reported that Ja’Nel faced hurdles related to a failed drug test, leading to the denial of the designated position. Despite this setback, she retained the title of season 11 winner and received the awarded prize money.

Ja’Nel Witt showcased her culinary prowess by taking on roles such as executive chef at Corner Table. She extended her expertise as a Chef Consultant, contributing to the success of various establishments, including Sammy’s Steakhouse, Beefit Foods, Sammy’s Ritas and Fajitas, Tintos Spanish Restaurant, and The Tasting Room. Ja’Nel held the position of executive chef at Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar, a testament to her continued influence in the culinary scene.

Notably, she had the honor of cooking for the Texas Medal of Art ceremony in Austin, further solidifying her presence in the culinary world. Ja’Nel Witt’s commitment to her craft goes beyond traditional restaurant settings, as evidenced by her collaboration with the popular Black Chef Table series at Kulture restaurant. She has also contributed her culinary talents to various artistic and dining initiatives.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Ja’Nel has embraced the role of a private chef, allowing her to bring her culinary expertise directly to those seeking personalized and exquisite dining experiences. Through collaborations with organizations like IYFUSA, a Youth Organization, Ja’Nel Witt continues to make meaningful contributions to the culinary world, leaving a lasting impact on the diverse and dynamic food industry.

Mary Poehnelt is Working as a Clerk Today

Mary Poehnelt embarked on a journey that blended her culinary expertise with personal milestones. Returning to Whole Foods Market, she took on the role of a Butcher, showcasing her proficiency in various aspects of the food industry. In her personal life, Mary found happiness in a new chapter. She remarried Stephen Delusa and expanded her family, welcoming two children—a son named Rocco and a daughter named Charlotte. Embracing this new phase, she adopted the name Mary Delusa.

Beyond her culinary pursuits, Mary diversified her professional portfolio by taking on the role of a Front Desk Clerk at Planet Fitness. This transition showcased her versatility and adaptability, demonstrating that her skills extend beyond the kitchen to encompass different aspects of the service industry.

Jonathan “Jon” Scallion is Now a Father of Two Daughters

Jon Scallion made a cameo for the 200th ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ dinner service and returned to the spotlight in season 21, rejoining as a sous chef for the Final Menu Challenge. This experience paved the way for a sous chef position under season 10 winner Christina Wilson at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Paris Las Vegas. In the following years, Jon ventured into private chef roles, notably serving as a private chef for Dana F. White, II. This period allowed him to hone his skills and cater to a more exclusive clientele.

Marriage became a significant chapter in Jon’s life as he tied the knot with Nataline Kay in 2018. The couple expanded their family with the arrival of two daughters, adding joy and fulfillment to Jon’s personal life. Beyond the domestic sphere, Jon continued to make his mark in the culinary scene. He participated in season 36 of ‘Chopped,’ showcasing his skills on another esteemed platform. His professional journey also included roles such as executive chef in the Gordon Ramsay North America group, where he contributed his expertise to the culinary landscape.

Jon’s diverse experiences led him to the role of Restaurant Operations Consultant at US Foods Las Vegas, where he applies his culinary insights to optimize restaurant operations. Additionally, he founded Farm To Fork Rebels, LLC, a testament to his commitment to sustainable and locally sourced culinary practices.

Cynthia “Cyndi” Stanimirov Has Been Promoted to the Position of a Director

Cyndi Stanimirov initially took on the role of executive chef at Bison & Bourbon, where she likely brought her unique flair to the kitchen, creating memorable dining experiences. Demonstrating her versatility, Cyndi then assumed the position of general manager at Noga Restaurant, showcasing not only her culinary prowess but also her ability to oversee and manage restaurant operations. Her professional trajectory further expanded as she worked for Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, gaining additional exposure to different culinary environments and styles.

However, the pinnacle of her career brought her to the directorship of Red Hook Lobster Pound in Brooklyn, New York. This role not only allowed her to lead and innovate but also represented a return to a familiar setting, as she had previously served as the executive chef at the establishment. In addition to her success in restaurant management, Cyndi Stanimirov made a notable appearance on Food Network’s ‘Chopped,’ demonstrating her skills in high-pressure culinary competitions.

Susan Heaton Fierro is an Entrepreneur Today

Susan Heaton Fierro chose to leverage her skills in people management and organizational development. She re-entered the corporate arena and took on the role of Director and VP of People and Culture at Evisions, where she likely applied her leadership skills to foster a positive work environment. Later, she transitioned to become the Chief People Officer at Bigleaf Networks in 2020, indicating her continued ascent in the field of human resources.

Her diverse experience also includes a stint as the Head of People at Univer.se, showcasing her ability to contribute to talent management and organizational development in various industries. Susan was a Proud member at Chief, a private network focused on empowering women in leadership positions, underlining her commitment to promoting gender diversity in the workplace. During a brief period, she served as the Human Resources Manager at Mobilitie, adding another dimension to her professional journey.

In addition to her career achievements, Susan embraced personal milestones, getting married and welcoming a son named Owen into her family. Currently, Susan Heaton Fierro has held the position of VP of People at TrovaTrip since March 2023, where she likely continues to contribute to shaping positive workplace cultures. Simultaneously, she has served as an HR expert at Startup Experts since 2020, showcasing her commitment to sharing her knowledge in human resources.

Zachary “Zach” Womack is Now a Freelance Chef

Zachary “Zach” Womack embraced the freedom of a freelance chef’s life. He diversified his culinary ventures, offering a range of services that included cookery classes, pop-up dinners, and engaging cookery demonstrations at events worldwide. Zach’s decision to venture into freelance work suggests a passion for sharing his culinary expertise and creating unique culinary experiences beyond the confines of a traditional restaurant setting.

His global reach implies that he sought to connect with diverse audiences, showcasing his skills to food enthusiasts across different regions. In addition to his professional pursuits, Zach experienced personal milestones, including the joy of fatherhood. Welcoming a son into his life added a layer of fulfillment and balance to his journey, highlighting that Zach found harmony in both his professional and personal realms.

Anthony Rodriguez is an Area Consultant Today

Anthony Rodriguez took on the role of sous chef at a golf club, where he honed his skills before transitioning to the position of Sous Chef at a steakhouse. His journey continued with a significant promotion to executive chef at 2good2b Rancho Bernardo, a position he held until the establishment’s closure in May 2018. Undeterred by the closure, Anthony’s culinary prowess led him to a new role as the executive chef at the Premier Fitness Camp in Carlsbad. In addition to his executive chef responsibilities, Anthony diversified his professional portfolio by launching Epicurean Creations, a private chef service.

Beyond his direct culinary engagements, Anthony embraced a role as a consultant for Pirch, demonstrating his willingness to share insights and contribute to the broader culinary community. His multifaceted involvement, including a position as an area consultant with Performance Foodservice in 2023, reflects his continued commitment to enhancing culinary experiences. Anthony’s participation in charity events, such as Reality Rally, underlines his dedication to giving back and using his culinary skills to make a positive impact.

Moreover, his pursuit of continuous learning is evident in his completion of the Google Career Certification in Data Analytics from Coursera, showcasing a commitment to staying relevant in the evolving culinary landscape.

Nedra Harris is Now a Celebrity Chef

Nedra Harris, after the show, took on the prestigious role of executive chef at Werner’s Prime Steaks & Seafood, demonstrating her ability to excel in high-end culinary environments. Eager to explore new horizons, Nedra made the bold decision to venture into entrepreneurship, establishing her own chef business. Notably, she has crafted and marketed her spice mix, aptly named Pootie Spice, adding her distinctive touch to the culinary world.

In addition to her culinary offerings, Nedra has delved into the world of literature, showcasing her culinary expertise through cookbooks that share her passion and recipes with a broader audience. Having relocated from Detroit to Houston, Nedra has embraced the culinary scene in her new home, contributing to the city’s vibrant food culture. Her presence in Houston is not only marked by her culinary offerings but also by her engaging TV show, Pootie Spice Hustl with Chef Nedra, which airs on the Tubi network.

Nedra’s journey extends beyond traditional culinary platforms, as she has made appearances on The CW network, expanding her reach and sharing her culinary talents with a diverse audience.

Michael Langdon is Enjoying a Farm Life

Following his impressive performance, Michael Langdon ascended to the esteemed position of executive chef at Glenmaura National Golf Club, where he undoubtedly brought his unique flair and culinary expertise to the dining experience. In 2017, Michael continued to make culinary waves, taking on the roles at Tomato Bar & Bistro. This move not only highlighted his versatility but also demonstrated his ability to adapt to different culinary environments.

Subsequently, he assumed the role of executive chef at Summit Alter House, further solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the culinary world. Away from the bustling kitchens, Michael transitioned into a lifestyle that reflects his passion for the outdoors and physical fitness. Embracing a frosty life, he now engages in activities such as trekking and running, demonstrating his commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle. Beyond the confines of the kitchen, Michael’s pursuits in triathlons and marathons showcase his determination and endurance in various realms of life.

On a personal note, Michael is a devoted father, cherishing the joys of parenthood with two sons. This balance between a thriving culinary career and a fulfilling personal life exemplifies Michael Langdon’s ability to navigate the diverse facets of his journey.

Raymond “Ray” Alongi is a Republican Now

Raymond “Ray” Alongi’s journey after ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ has been as diverse and dynamic as his culinary skills showcased on the show. Following his appearance, Ray returned to his roots as the proprietor of The Purple Eggplant, a pizzeria that unfortunately closed its doors in May 2019. Undeterred, Ray continued to forge a successful path in the culinary world, taking on the role of Executive Chef for the Unidine Corporation. Ray’s achievements extend beyond the kitchen, as he made appearances in notable films such as ‘Gone Baby Gone’ and ‘Joy.’

A man of multifaceted experiences, Ray’s background includes serving as a former U.S. Marine, Police Officer, and DHS Officer. His commitment to public service extends to his political endeavors, as he ran as a Republican for Congress in MA-8, adding another dimension to his already rich journey. Ray’s culinary prowess has earned him recognition and accolades, including the opportunity to cook at the NBA Finals and achieving induction into LeChaine, a prestigious culinary organization.

Demonstrating his dedication to both physical and culinary disciplines, Ray accomplished an impressive feat by placing in the top 5 in a bodybuilding competition. The culinary world witnessed Ray’s excellence not only through his pizzeria and corporate role but also in the competitive arena. He emerged triumphant as the food truck burger battle champion of 2015, further solidifying his standing as a culinary force to be reckoned with.

Barret Beyer Has Moved to Florida


Since his time on the show, Barret founded Star-Studded Events and Catering, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to his culinary endeavors, he became a familiar face on television, participating in shows like Food Network’s ‘Cutthroat Kitchen,’ ‘Kitchen Casino,’ VH1’s ‘Mob Wives,’ ‘Midnight Feast,’ and ‘The Kate Fox show.’ His appearances on these platforms not only showcased his culinary prowess but also established him as a versatile personality.

Barret’s impact goes beyond the kitchen; he has been actively involved in charity work, utilizing his status to support causes such as bullying prevention through the We’re Kickin’ It campaign. Annually, he organizes fundraisers for Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive difference in the community. In the professional realm, Barret has assumed diverse roles, including Executive Chef at Tiltz Sports Bar & Arcade and Brand Ambassador for Chef Works since 2022. Notably, he was named Chef of the Month for November 2013 via Chef Works, underscoring his culinary excellence.

Relocating to Florida, a dedicated father, Barret joined forces with one of South Florida’s largest catering companies, Potions In Motion. His culinary journey has extended to the airwaves, where he hosts the internet radio show “Triple F with The Chef” on iTunes, showcasing his engaging personality and culinary insights. Barret’s aspirations include developing and shooting his show with an LA-based company, as revealed in an interview with Food and Beverage Magazine. His expertise now also extends to the role of co-executive chef at Luna Bistro.

Amanda Giblin is Now Married to a Pastry Chef

Amanda Giblin transitioned into a multifaceted career that showcases her expertise and passion for the culinary arts. She embraced the role of a chef consultant and culinary instructor, sharing her knowledge and skills through cookery demonstrations. Her commitment to philanthropy was evident as she participated in three Reality Rallies, raising funds for Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center—an endeavor close to her heart. Tragically, Amanda faced the loss of her mother in 2022, a personal challenge that undoubtedly shaped her journey.

Despite the hardships, she continued to channel her energy into making a positive impact in the culinary world. Notably, Amanda expanded her culinary repertoire by taking on the role of a private chef, providing personalized culinary experiences. In 2019, she celebrated a significant personal milestone by marrying Cassie Catenaccio, a pastry chef, emphasizing the intertwining of their shared passion for food.

Amanda’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through as she established Kering Cafe, showcasing her culinary creativity and creating a space for culinary exploration. Her journey also led her to become the executive chef at CulinArt Group, a testament to her culinary prowess and leadership in the industry. Throughout her career, Amanda remained dedicated to supporting Michelle’s Place, demonstrating her commitment to giving back to the community. Her story is not only one of professional growth but also resilience in the face of personal challenges.

Jacqueline Baldassari is ServSave Instructor Today

Jacqueline Baldassari stepped into the role of Catering Chef at Ivy Inn Bar & Restaurant and Sodexo, where she contributed her culinary expertise to the College of New Jersey. Eager to expand her culinary horizons, Jacqueline took on the position of Head Chef at Properly Fueled, where her culinary talents flourished. Currently, she holds the esteemed title of Chef at The Bedens Brook Club, a testament to her culinary prowess and leadership in the industry.

Beyond her role as a chef, Jacqueline has embraced the role of a ServSafe Instructor and Proctor, actively contributing to the education and certification of individuals in the restaurant industry. Her dedication to ensuring food safety standards aligns with her commitment to excellence in every aspect of her culinary career. In a remarkable entrepreneurial venture, Jacqueline became the proud owner of The Soup Lady of Lambertville, a culinary enterprise that undoubtedly reflects her passion for crafting delectable soups and providing culinary delights to the community.

Jacqueline’s active support for Kickin’ It underscores her commitment to charitable causes, showcasing her desire to make a positive impact beyond the kitchen. Her social media presence is a delightful testament to her love for mouth-watering cuisine, with posts that captivate the senses through enticing food photography. In the ever-evolving world of culinary arts, Jacqueline Baldassari continues to shine, not only as a skilled chef but also as an educator, entrepreneur, and supporter of important causes.

Daniel “Dan” Ryan Keeps His Life Private Now

Daniel “Dan” Ryan’s culinary journey after his time in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ reflects a diverse and dynamic career. Following his appearance on the show, Dan ventured into the vibrant culinary scene of Orlando, Florida, where he contributed his skills and passion to Funky Monkey Bistro & Bar. Later, he continued to explore his culinary talents at the Butterfly in Tribeca, adding a touch of his expertise to the culinary landscape of New York. Despite the current unknown status of his career, Dan’s culinary footprint extends to notable establishments, including Morimoto Asia, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in the culinary world.

His willingness to engage in podcasts, such as the “What Would U Ask Podcast,” suggests a commitment to sharing his experiences and insights with a broader audience. Dan’s professional journey is marked not only by his culinary endeavors but also by his previous role as a 14T Patriot Missile System Operator in the U.S. Army, highlighting his diverse skill set and experiences. In his personal life, Dan found companionship and built a family, having married Dana Giandalone-Ryan.

Jessica Lewis is Getting Married

Following her appearance on the show, Jessica Lewis stepped into the role of Sous Chef at Kimpton Hotels, showcasing her expertise in a renowned hospitality setting. Venturing into entrepreneurship, Jessica embarked on the exciting journey of opening her restaurant, Carota Café. While the restaurant experienced closure in June 2017, it highlighted Jessica’s entrepreneurial spirit and determination to carve her path in the culinary landscape.

Transitioning to the position of Opening Manager at Merchant Oyster Co., Jessica continued to bring her culinary prowess to new ventures. Her role as Executive Chef at Spirits & Tales further demonstrated her ability to lead and innovate within the culinary domain. Beyond the kitchen, Jessica’s achievements include completing a 70.3 Triathlon in Chattanooga, showcasing her dedication to both physical and professional challenges. While she no longer finds herself actively cheffing, Jessica has discovered joy in her kitchen, embracing a new chapter in her culinary journey.

In her personal life, Jessica is preparing for a significant milestone—her wedding to Dawson Asher. This adds a delightful personal touch to her journey, reflecting the balance between her professional and personal aspirations. As Jessica continues to contribute to the culinary scene, her roles at Charlestowne Hotels, The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront, and The Oaklander Hotel underscore her continued impact and influence within the industry.

Jeremy Madden Has Gotten Himself Into a New Venture

Jeremy Madden’s journey has been a dynamic exploration of roles within the culinary and hospitality industry. Following his appearance on the show, Jeremy took on a position at Pieology in Santa Margarita, California, showcasing his commitment to the culinary craft. Demonstrating his versatility, Jeremy dedicated three years to serving as an Area Operations Manager at Dave & Buster’s Inc., honing his skills in managing and overseeing operational aspects in the entertainment and dining sector.

Jeremy’s active participation in reality rallies in 2014 and 2016, where he raised funds for Michele’s Place, underscores his commitment to charitable endeavors and community support. Since 2020, he has assumed the role of General Manager at XLanes FEC, bringing his expertise to the forefront of the family entertainment center. In his personal life, Jeremy is happily married and a proud parent of two children, showcasing the harmonious balance he maintains between his professional and family life.

Danielle Boorn is Embracing the Joys of Motherhood

Danielle Boorn has held positions such as executive chef and director of catering at Fernbank Museum, executive chef at White Columns Country Club, and executive chef at CCP Games. Her role as Sous-Chef at Fresh N Fit Cuisine in 2019 marked a continuation of her culinary journey, demonstrating her adaptability and commitment to the culinary arts. Beyond her professional achievements, Danielle is now a proud mother of two children, adding a personal dimension to her life.

Furthermore, Danielle’s dedication to philanthropy is evident in her support of the Alzheimer’s Association, as reflected in her birthday fundraiser donations. This showcases her commitment to giving back and making a positive impact beyond the culinary world.

Christian Rosati Lives a Private Life Now


Gina Aloise Has Settled Into a Quiet Life

Gina Aloise led herself to Jalapeno Grill in Delaware, where she not only worked but eventually became the owner. While details about her professional endeavors are limited, Gina’s focus seems to have shifted toward enjoying a rich family life. She faced the loss of her beloved dog, Martini, in 2015, and her children have since gotten married, welcoming grandchildren into her life.

Gina Aloise’s current chapter appears to be centered around family, and enjoying the joys of being a grandmother. This transition highlights the diverse journeys and priorities that individuals pursue after their time on a competitive culinary platform.

Sebastian Roy Owns a Food Truck Today

Sebastian Royo’s culinary journey has been nothing short of dynamic and flavorful. Following his appearance on the show, Sebastian ascended the culinary ranks, starting as the executive sous chef at La Esquina. His skills and expertise led him to the position of Executive Chef at Agave Azul Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Sanctuary, where he continued to showcase his culinary prowess. In 2015, Sebastian embarked on a new venture by opening El Rudo, a taco truck that brought his unique flavors to the streets.

His commitment to crafting delicious and authentic dishes remained unwavering. Transitioning into sports cuisine, he assumed the role of Chef de Cuisine at the New York Islanders, combining his love for food with the excitement of sports culture. Adding to his impressive portfolio, Sebastian took on the role of Executive Sous Chef at Orienta Beach Club in March 2022. This multi-faceted chef has not only expanded his culinary horizons but has also embraced new roles in various culinary settings. On a personal note, Sebastian has welcomed the joys of fatherhood, with the arrival of his daughter.

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