Hell’s Kitchen Season 12: Where Are The Chefs Now?

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ season 12, a culinary rollercoaster that set the kitchen ablaze in 2014, brought together 20 ambitious chefs ready to battle for the ultimate prize: a head chef position at one of Gordon Ramsay’s prestigious establishments. From sizzling challenges to the iconic black jacket phase, the season simmered with intense flavors of rivalry and camaraderie. As the season ended, fans were also intrigued to know where these contestants are now and what are they doing these days. Now, let’s unravel the current whereabouts of these culinary warriors and see where their paths have taken them since the flames of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ subsided.

Scott Commings is Now the Founder of a Culinary Management Company

Scott Commings, the triumphant winner of season 12, following his victory head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, made guest appearances in subsequent seasons 15, 16, and 19 of the show. Currently, Scott is making waves in the industry as a partner and owner of ECM, a culinary management company specializing in creating innovative concepts and designs. In 2017, he joined Hospitality Alliance, a leading consultancy and management group comprised of experts and influencers in the food and beverage industry.

Notably, Scott has expanded his affiliations to include Vino Las Vegas, The Daily Bread, and 34th Floor, showcasing his diverse involvement in various projects. Scott Commings’ current ventures include The Mayfair LA, The Downtown Grand Las Vegas, Lake Las Vegas, and BLT Foods Las Vegas. Scott finds joy in his personal life, being happily married to Tiffany Commings and embracing the role of a devoted parent. Furthermore, Scott Commings has made appearances on the culinary scene beyond the show, featuring on the second season of ‘Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch,’ a CBBC cooking show hosted by Gordon Ramsay’s daughter, Matilda.

Jason Zepaltas is Into Family Bussiness Today

Jason Zepaltas re-entered the culinary battleground for season 12, after once appearing for season 9. Jason seamlessly integrated back into the world of culinary arts, taking on the role of a Sous Chef. Currently residing in Chicago, Jason has found a companion in his four-legged friend, Ralphie. Jason is a familiar face at Driftwood Inn. Beyond the glitz of the screen, Jason’s story takes an intriguing turn into the realm of family heritage and viticulture. Actively involved in the family business, Zepaltas Wines, based in the heart of Chicago, Jason orchestrates a delicate symphony where culinary excellence and vineyard traditions intertwine seamlessly.

Melanie Finch Now Working at The Ritz

Melanie Finch initially took on the role of Sous Chef at Local Peasant. Her culinary adventure continued as she transitioned to The Front Yard restaurant in the Beverley Garland Hotel, adding another chapter to her culinary repertoire. Currently, Melanie has found her culinary home at The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey, where she brings her expertise to the forefront.

Melanie has ventured into the world of chef apparel, associating herself with Eighty Sixed Chef Apparel. Her love for travel has taken her to diverse destinations, including Costa Rica, Italy, Paris, Spain, and Portugal, enriching her culinary perspective. In the realm of digital creativity, Melanie has established herself as a content creator on TikTok, sharing glimpses of her culinary expertise and artistic endeavors with a wider audience.

Rochelle Bergman’s World Now Revolves Around her Lovely Family

Rochelle Bergman’s culinary journey took a turn toward the fulfilling realm of catering. Returning to her roots as a catering chef, Rochelle engaged in a series of cookery demonstrations, showcasing her culinary prowess in diverse settings. Beyond the kitchen, Rochelle embraced a heartwarming role in charity and fundraisers. In the symphony of life, Rochelle found her harmonious note in family and marital bliss. Happily married to Andy Hieronymus, she has embraced the joys of family life with three children.

Joy Parham–Thomas is an Entrepreneur Today

Joy Parham Thomas returned to her catering roots, steering Urban Country Culinary Concepts to new heights. Offering private chef services at The Food Lab, Joy joined forces with The Malvern Buttery, adding her flair to their culinary offerings. Passionate about community, she contributed to “Cooking for the Culture,” amplifying undercovered black talent in Philadelphia kitchens.

Joy’s commitment extended to social causes, participating in Q Spot Philly’s LGBTQ youth program and gracing the Healthy Lifestyle with ‘The Eraldo Show.’ Collaborating with The LaRue Group showcased her versatility. In her journey, Joy found love and family bliss, marrying and welcoming a son. Recent collaborations with Jet Wine Bar underscore her ongoing culinary ventures, confirming that Joy Parham Thomas’s odyssey is a flavorful tapestry of culinary excellence.

Kashia Zollicoffer is an Author Today

Image Credit: YouTube

Kashia Zollicoffer forged a path that combined her culinary passion with community engagement and a commitment to making a positive impact. Kashia Zollicoffer has been on a dynamic journey, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary landscape. Notably, she realized her dream by opening Urban Country Kitchen, a restaurant that reflects her culinary vision. Her passion for cooking found expression in the form of a cookbook, Cooking Is My Therapy, showcasing her unique culinary insights.

In the professional realm, Kashia has assumed the role of Food Service Director at Healthcare Services Group, Inc., demonstrating her versatility in the culinary industry. Beyond her career, she actively engages in charity work, particularly focusing on uplifting the Black community.

Michael Gabriel is Now a Private Chef

Michael Gabriel shed weight and embraced a healthier lifestyle after the show. His culinary prowess was further highlighted in competitions like ‘Cutthroat Kitchen.’ Expanding his presence in the culinary spotlight, Gabriel graced the screen on ‘Pickler And Ben.’ His culinary ventures extended to partnerships with Michael Tee’s and Bass Bumpkin, amplifying his influence in the culinary scene. In a strategic collaboration, Gabriel joined forces with Chef Carvis Turner and Wild Stallion Vineyards, demonstrating his versatility in navigating different culinary landscapes.

Currently serving as a Private Chef at Cheff’en, he also owns a food truck and a thriving private business, BTG 670, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. His personal life flourished as well, marked by marriage and fatherhood, with two daughters bringing joy to his life.

Anton Testino is a Now a Celebrity Chef

Anton Testino’s established Axtons, hailed as the Best Italian Restaurant in Northern New Jersey, earning a spot in the top 30. His culinary expertise graced television screens as he appeared on Food Network’s ‘CHOPPED’ and the ‘Karen Carson in the Morning Show.’ His culinary prowess garnered recognition, earning him the title of One of the Top Chefs in Northern New Jersey in 2018. Anton’s commitment to excellence continued with accolades such as the Open Table Diners’ Choice Award Winner for 2022-2023.

His culinary influence expanded beyond local borders when he was invited to the New York City 21st Annual International Food Show. In 2022, Anton added another feather to his culinary cap with the opening of Axton’s Togo. His entrepreneurial journey included the ownership of Donna’s Pizza, Mulberry Street Café, and ALT Catering Private Chef Company. Anton further shared his culinary wisdom as an author with the cookbook, Cooking with Confidence. Anton Testino contributes to charities such as Celestial Acres, and Cooking For Kids Foundation.

Richard Mancini Has Worked as a Chef For Movie Crews

Richard Mancini appeared in ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’ after the show. He ventured into entrepreneurship by releasing a line of pasta sauces. Additionally, he offered catering and private chef services at Chef’s Most Wanted. He played a pivotal role in the launch of Primo restaurant. His philanthropic efforts extended to organizations such as UNICEF, One Step Camps cancer organization, and Meals on Wheels. Richard Mancini had the privilege of serving high-profile clients.

Richard’s professional credentials include membership in the American Culinary Federation as a Certified Executive Chef, holding licenses in both Chicago and the state of Illinois. Currently, he serves as the chef at Big Sammy’s Restaurant & Bar and Mancini’s Chophouse, further solidifying his presence in the culinary scene. His previous experiences include working for the Egyptian Consulate General and White Pines Golf Club & Banquets. Richard has expanded his influence by associating with Table at Home and joining the Restaurant Brokers.

Sandra Flores Passed Away in 2022

Sandra Flores, known for her awesome sense of humor, continued to captivate fans with her culinary talents after her appearance on the show. She enthusiastically participated in cookery competitions, showcasing her skills and passion for the culinary arts. Sadly, on January 22, 2022, Sandra passed away at the age of 46 due to breast cancer. Her warm personality and culinary prowess left a lasting impression on those who knew her, and her presence in the culinary world is remembered with fondness. Sandra also made a mark in the reality stars scene in 2015, further highlighting her vibrant spirit and contributions to the entertainment industry.

Ralph Johnson Now Lives in Anguilla

Ralph Johnson assumed the role of Sous Chef at Aragosta at the Fairmont Battery Wharf, showcasing his culinary expertise in a prominent setting. Currently, Ralph holds the position of Executive Chef at Straw Hat Restaurant, marking a notable step forward in his culinary career. In a significant shift, Ralph has left the United States and embraced a new chapter in his personal life. He is now married to Suzy Johnson, and together they have embarked on a life in Anguilla. This move reflects not only a change in location but also a profound personal journey for Ralph.

Jessica Vogel is Not With Us Anymore

Jessica Vogel navigated a diverse culinary journey, showcasing her talents while facing personal challenges. Initially serving as the Executive Chef at Black Rebel Burger, Jessica also ventured into the digital realm, sharing her culinary expertise by posting recipes on her blog. She further demonstrated her culinary prowess on television by competing in ‘Cutthroat Kitchen.’

However, her path took a challenging turn, as she candidly shared her struggles with a drinking problem in a post on medium.com. Additionally, Jessica battled cirrhosis, a liver disease. Tragically, on July 30, 2018, Jessica Vogel passed away due to complications from ulcerative colitis. Jessica left behind her fiancé, John Michael Keyser, and a culinary imprint that resonates with those who admired her talent.

Beverly “Bev” Lazo–Gonzalez is a Culinary Instructor Today

Beverly Lazo Gonzalez returned to her roots as a food truck chef. Currently steering the helm of Fiesta Adobo and serving as a Private Chef, Bev’s culinary expertise found a unique platform in May 2022 when she became a chef and culinary instructor at The Arc of the United States. Previously lending her culinary talents to establishments such as Cape Fox Lodge, AJ’s Gourmet Burgers, and Border Grill, Bev’s culinary journey expanded to the small screen with appearances on ‘Man vs. Child’ and ‘Cutthroat Kitchen.’ In her personal life, Bev found happiness in her marriage to Jose Gonzalez and is the proud mother of two sons, Jacob and Josef. She also took on the role of a producer for the Rant Radio Network web show ‘Coolinary Trends.’

Christopher “Chris” Eversole is Now a Crypto Currency Trader

Christopher “Chris” Eversole transitioned into a different chapter of life, embracing a career shift and maintaining a low-profile personal life. Renowned for his hardworking demeanor on the show, Chris has seemingly found his niche in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Away from the culinary intensity of the kitchen, Chris has opted for a more private lifestyle. He is married, and the addition of a daughter to his family suggests a fulfilling personal life. Choosing to keep the details of his life under wraps, Chris appears content and happy in his world.

Elizabeth “Beth” Taylor is a Digital Creator Today

Elizabeth “Beth” Taylor transitioned into the role of a Private Chef and entrepreneur, running her own catering business. Beyond her professional endeavors, Beth embraced a new chapter in her personal life. She tied the knot with Michael D. Murray and, as a symbol of fresh beginnings, acquired a new house. This transition marked a period of stability and growth. Venturing into the digital realm, Beth embraced the role of a digital creator. Settling in Louisiana, Beth found a home in a community that likely appreciates her culinary talents. In the familial sphere, Beth welcomed the joys of grandchildren, adding an extra layer of warmth and fulfillment to her life.

Michael DeMarco Changed Tracks and is Now an Account Executive

Michael DeMarco seamlessly transitioned back into his role as an Executive Chef. Returning to the kitchen, he continued to hone his culinary expertise, leveraging the skills and experiences gained from the intense culinary competition. From Churchill’s Pub to the renowned Ruth’s Chris Steak House, he left his mark on different culinary landscapes. Michael also explored the world of sales as a consultant at Sysco, contributing his culinary insights to the realm of food service distribution. This venture provided him with a unique perspective on the industry beyond the stovetop. Fast forward to 2022, Michael took on a new professional chapter as an Account Executive at Shamrock Foods Company.

Michael “Mike” Aresta Runs His Own Bar Today

Returning to the art and science of teaching culinary skills, Michael “Mike” Aresta found a home at Monkey Bar and Grill in South Amboy, New Jersey. This move signaled not only his commitment to the kitchen but also his desire to share his knowledge and expertise with aspiring chefs. In ‘The Doug Siravo Show,’ Mike provided insights into his time on the show. Today, Mike Aresta’s culinary journey continues at Monkey Bar and Grill, where he contributes to the vibrant culinary scene in South Amboy. His role as a chef instructor showcases not only his culinary prowess but also his dedication to cultivating the next generation of culinary talents.

Simone Hammond Now Provides Personal Chef Services

Post-show, Simone Hammond returned to her roots as a chef at Gustav International Catering, where she likely continued to refine her culinary skills in a dynamic setting. Her culinary trajectory took another turn as she ventured into Newport Domestics, offering personalized culinary services as a Personal Chef. In her current chapter, Simone has found a place with TLC Chef Services, showcasing her adaptability and willingness to explore various culinary avenues. This move likely allow her to bring her culinary expertise to a broader clientele and contribute to the success of the culinary service.

Nicole Rutz Now Prefers A Life of Privacy

Nicole Rutz seemingly returned to her roots as a baker, stepping back into a career she was familiar with. Despite her culinary journey, she chose to keep a low public profile. Maintaining a private life, Nicole has not made public appearances or disclosed much about her post-show endeavors. This choice reflects her privacy preference, and while it leaves fans curious, it’s a decision to be respected. In the absence of public updates, Nicole’s well-being remains a question mark, but the hope is that she is happy and healthy in her chosen path, whatever it may be.

Gaurav Navin Now Runs Bombay to Burgh

Reclaiming his place in the kitchen, Gaurav Navin became the Senior Executive Chef for IMU Restaurants and Catering, showcasing his culinary leadership and expertise. His journey continued as he worked for the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. Currently, Gaurav holds the esteemed position of resident district manager for Chartwells, Carnegie Mellon University’s primary dining vendor. In an interview with Reporter Times, he expressed pride in leading a diverse culinary team catering to a wide clientele. He now owns Bombay to Burgh, a venture that likely brings the flavors of his culinary expertise to a wider audience.

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