Hell’s Paradise Episode 10 Recap: Yin and Yang

In ‘Hell’s Paradise’ or ‘Jigokuraku‘ episode 10 titled ‘Yin and Yang,’ Gabimaru meets Gantetsusai Tamiya and Yamada Asaemon Fuchi. The three of them agree to work together and share intel so that they can increase their chances of survival on the island. Meanwhile, Choubei and Toma make it back alive from the pit and come up with a strategy to fight the Tensen. However, they are soon greeted by an unexpected foe.

Gabimaru Makes a Deal With Tamiya and Fuchi

When Gantetsusai Tamiya and Yamada Asaemon Fuchi find Gabimaru, he appears to be in a miserable state. Tamiya is interested in fighting him as he feels that Gabimaru is in no state to defend himself. But just moments later he finds out that the ninja is surprisingly agile despite his injuries. While Tamiya remains adamant about his plans to fight Gabimaru, Fuchi feels that they can be in a better position if they share intel instead and do not harm each other.

Fuchi then tries to negotiate with Gabimaru, who interestingly bows in front of the duo for their support. Tamiya tests his honesty and realizes that the ninja is quite serious about his words. Fuchi feels that Gabimaru must have a strong reason for asking for their help. When Gabimaru tells them everything he knows about Tensen, Fuchi, and Tamiya are quite shocked. Although they have their own doubts, it appears that they are willing to cooperate with Gabimaru from now on.

Meanwhile, Gabimaru notices that Mei has finally come back to her senses. But he is shocked to realize that she has somehow matured by several years in a span of a few minutes. He asks her about the method to kill the Tensen and Mei tries to tell them that Tensen possesses the power of Tao, a vital force that flows through every living entity and is centered on the lower dantian. Elsewhere, Senta, Sagiri, and Yuzuriha learn the same and also come to the conclusion that the island potentially has a creator.

Who Are Doshi? Is Chobei Dead?

When Choubei successfully makes it out of the pit and drags Toma along with him, he suddenly becomes very serious. Meanwhile, Toma is looking at the situation pragmatically and feels that they won’t overwhelm the Tensen with force alone. So they need to give themselves time to assess the situation before they make an educated move. But Choubei has other problems altogether. He refuses to listen to any of the logical arguments Toma tries to make and keeps on stressing the fact that they need to kill the Tensen.

Choubei then recalls the fight they had with the Tensen and concludes that their weakness is probably the groin or the navel. He feels that since they started regenerating like a plant from the lower part of their bodies, it is logical to conclude that their weakness lies there too. Toma is impressed with his brother as he had naturally overlooked such an important detail. He then remains quiet and tries to soak in the shocking piece of insight that has been revealed to her.

Choubei feels that his brother is just hungry and pulls out an arm from the pit asking him to eat it. Toma naturally refuses to do so and the two are arguing about it, a strange entity appears just next to them. The brothers leap backward in shock to see who they are facing. Interestingly, the strange-looking creature talks quite logically and tells the duo that he is not there to fight them. He then goes on to explain that he works under the Tensen that they just fought. He feels insulted when compared with the Soshin and clarifies that those are mindless monsters that are never allowed to enter Horai.

Meanwhile, the Doshi works directly under the Tensen as informants and often handle troublesome tasks that their masters do not wish to engage themselves in. He then asks Choubei and Toma to go back to the pit so that they can be turned into Tao. Naturally, Choubei is infuriated by such a request and attacks the Doshi. But the enemy is quite strong and easily manages to defend himself. While Toma cuts down the Shoshin approaching them, the Doshi delivers a dangerous blow to Choubei’s head after which he lays in the pool of his own blood.

Toma is shocked to see his brother in such a state and the episode ends without clarifying what happens to him. Interestingly, despite how bad things look for Choubei right now, he will not only manage to completely change the fight in the next few moments but also survive the fatal-looking attack to his head without any significant damage. Viewers can expect to see him fight his heart out in the upcoming episodes as he becomes extremely dangerous.

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