Hell’s Paradise Episode 8 Recap: Student and Master

In ‘Hell’s Paradise’ or ‘Jigokuraku‘ episode 8 titled ‘Student and Master,’ Yamada Asaemon Tenza and Nurugai are faced with an immortal stranger named Zhu Jin, while walking on the shore. Since Zhu Jin tries to kill them, the two flee for their lives. They meet Tenza’s master Yamada Asaemon Shion on their way. Although he wants to help his disciple, Shion questions him for trying to help Nurugai, even though she is a criminal.

Tenza and Nurugai Fight For Their Lives

As Tenza and Nurugai were walking on the shore, they were suddenly confronted by a stranger. Although they did not know it at the time, they were actually facing a Tensen (never-dying, never-aging, and eternally perfect being) named Zhu Jin. As they could not manage to kill them, the two decided to flee. That’s when they met Tenza’s blind master Yamada Asaemon Shion. After a brief discussion, Shion expresses his discontent with his student’s lack of professionalism. Shion asked Tenza was he was assisting Nurugai when the orders were clear to the Asaemon.

Tenza recalls meeting Shion when he was young. He tells his master that he wants to see a world where children can live freely without any fear. Since Nurugai has done nothing wrong and she has potential, he feels that she is worth protecting. Interestingly, Shion decides to support Tenza’s decision. But just moments later, the trio is attacked by Zhu Jin one more time. Tenza shows his strength of character and confronts them, only to get fatal injuries in the process.

Is Tenza Dead?

When Tenza was young, Yamada Asaemon Shion decided to give him a place to call home and started training him. The young boy was shocked at the time and could not comprehend why would someone do something like this. Interestingly, Shion saw potential in him and put him through a rigorous training regimen so that he can make use of his latent ability to the fullest. But Tenza was hopeless and did not feel that he was capable of achieving anything. So, he told his master that he wants to leave.

Shion did not try to change his mind and simply let him know that he is allowed to leave provided he managed to land a blow on him. But instead of respecting his master’s wishes, Tenza decided to leave one night. Yamada Asaemon Eizen was well aware of the situation and saw the young boy leaving the dojo. When he realized that Tenza has no plans of respecting Shion’s words, he did not force him in any way. Eizen simply took the young boy on a walk and deliberately stopped in the cemetery.

Eizen showed Tenza a grave and told him that one of Shion’s past disciples named Tesshin was buried there. Just like the young boy, he also had great potential and Shion noticed it. However, at the time he also had his own training so he could not give his student as much time as he does nowadays. Eventually, Tesshin got bored and decided to leave the dojo. Sometime later, Shion was asked to execute a criminal and as he stood next to him, he realized that the criminal was actually Tesshin. After struggling to make ends meet, he turned to crime and was eventually put on death row. Shion carried out his responsibility but the incident deeply affected him.

Since that day, Shion took the training of his disciples really seriously. After learning this story, Tenza decided to stay at the dojo. In the present time, he was on his knees in front of Zhu Jin with some fatal injuries on his upper body. He had always wanted to find someone he would want to protect with his life. Now, Tenza knew this was his moment and despite the injuries, he told Shion to run away with Nurugai. As the two fled, he punched Zhu Jin repeatedly with his bare hands. Naturally, this was an ineffective way to do any damage and eventually, Zhu Jin killed Tenza.

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