Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Recap: Flowers and Offerings

In ‘Hell’s Paradise’ or ‘Jigokuraku‘ episode 7 titled ‘Flowers and Offerings,’ Gabimaru and his companions find a mysterious village in the middle of the island. They then come across a girl who is protected by a bonsai monster named Hoko. In exchange for her safety, Hoko reveals the dark secrets of Shinsenkyo. Meanwhile, Choubei and Touma encounter two mysterious beings that possess powers beyond their wildest imagination.

Gabimaru and His Friends Meet Hoko

Just when Gabimaru and his friends are observing the mysterious village from a distance, they see a girl looking at them. As soon as Gabimaru tries to stop her, she starts running. But before they catch her a bonsai monster (whose name is later revealed to be Hoko) appears between them and tries to fight Gabimaru. Since he knows that the girl can provide them with critical intel, Gabimaru leaves Senta and others to take care of the monster while he chases the young girl.

Since Sagiri can’t keep his eyes off Gabimaru she also rushes towards the girl while Senta and Yuzuriha are left to fight Hoko. Gabimaru eventually catches up to the girl but realizes that she possesses incredible strength. In order to avoid fighting her, he ties her up after which she starts crying like a baby. Sagiri convinces the ninja to free the girl and then calms her down. It turns out that the girl’s name is Mei and Hoko actually protects her.

Although he refuses to reveal his relationship with Mei, he agrees to give Gabimaru and his friends some critical intel about the island that could help them navigate the challenges that lay ahead. Hoko takes Sagiri and others to the mysterious village that appears to be abandoned for thousands of years.

Does the Elixir of Life Exist? Who Are Tensen? Are Choubei And Touma Dead?

After Yuzuriha takes her bath, she and others assemble in Hoko’s dilapidated house. After Yamada Asaemon Senta sees a cup of water, he is tempted to drink it. But since they are not yet sure about Hoko’s intentions, Gabimaru advises him against it. That’s when Hoko walks into the house with a lot of fruits. Gabimaru is still skeptical but Hoko tries to reassure everyone by pointing out that Mei also eats the same food. Although Gabimaru and Sagiri do not touch anything, Yuzuriha and Senta enjoy the meal together.

That’s when Hoko finally explains that according to the legend that has been passed down for hundreds of years, the Elixir of Life not only exists but is specifically referred to as Tan, the source of Eternal Life. He then explains further that the island is divided into three parts. The outermost which includes the shore and woods is Eishu, the region where the village is located is called Hojo, but the Elixir of Life is actually located in the innermost region known as the Horari- the center of Shinsenkyo.

Naturally, Senta and others are delighted to learn such a crucial piece of information. But Gabimaru is still not satisfied as he feels that there is no proof that Hoko is telling the truth. When he opens up about his skepticism, Hoko reveals that they will soon be met with Tense, the never-dying, never-aging, and eternally perfect beings that inhabit the island. He argues that Gabimaru and others have only fought Soshin so far and Tensen are far more powerful.

Hoko reveals that he is being generous to them only because he knows that they won’t escape the village alive as Tensen are undefeatable and they kill every human that dares to visit Shinsenkyo. Naturally, this angers Gabimaru and Yuzuriha who are quick to put their swords to Hoko’s neck. But he argues that he has no animosity toward them and is only telling them the truth.

While Gabimaru and others are having this discussion, Choubei and Touma are fighting against a Tensen named Ju Fa, who easily manages to beat the brothers up. He then toses the duo into a pit where they are supposed to die and then turn into flowers that serve as the source of the Elixir of Life. Although the episode does not clarify what happens to them after they end up in the pit, Choubei and Touma will manage to escape and continue their search for immortality.

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