Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 Recap: The Samurai and the Woman

In ‘Hell’s Paradise’ or ‘Jigokuraku‘ episode 5 titled ‘The Samurai and the Woman,’ Sagiri finally comes back to her senses and learns that the group with him has done their fair share of research about the island to understand its mysteries. Meanwhile, Yamada Asaemon Tenza tries to escape Shinenkyo with Nurugai, not knowing that the tides only through their boat back towards the island’s shores. Since Sagiri got injured and failed to show her any talent for combat so far, Genji advises her to leave the island.

Tenza and Nurugai Try to Escape

After Sagiri finally wakes up, she finds herself in a dark place and learns from Genji that she fell unconscious. When she walks outside, she finds Gabimaru and others who are busy with one chore or the other. Later that day, Gabimaru reveals that he has found no clue about the Elixir of Life in his inspection of the Shinenkyo.

The group discusses the strange and almost bizarre monsters that they have encountered there and tries to make sense of the situation they are in. Meanwhile, Yamada Asaemon Tenza is escaping the island on a boat with Nurugai, the prison he has been assigned to look after. It turns out that Nurugai actually belongs to the peaceful Sanka tribe which was brutally butchered by samurais after he brought them to his village not knowing how dangerous they were.

Since Tenza feels that he does not deserve the death sentence, he desperately wants to save Nurugai who is the last surviving member of his bloodline. But despite his best efforts, the tides continue to send them back towards the shores of Shinenkyo and Nurugai feels that Tenza is just wasting his energy. All of a sudden, the duo notice that they are surrounded by strange monsters.

Nurugai feels that this is divine retribution for his mistake that led to the slaughter of his tribe and accepts his death. But Tenza somehow motivates him to fight back and eventually, they manage to escape the desperate situation. When they later land on the shores of Shinenkyo again, Tenza learns that Nurugai is a girl.

Does Sagiri Leave Shinenkyo? Is Genji Dead?

When everyone is asleep, Gabimaru sits all by himself and that’s when Sagiri approaches him. It turns out that the Asaemon are taking turns keeping an eye on him and Yuzuriha. Furthermore, there are other dangerous monsters and organisms around so it’s crucial that they are mindful of their surroundings. When Sagiri walks near Gabimaru, he expresses his concern for her wounds and also mentions that he owes her a favor as he helped him calm down.

Additionally, Gabimaru also opens up about his strategy for the future and reveals that he will prepare a counterattack if the Iwagakure are coming to the island too. Since he has vowed to return back to his wife, he feels that it would not be wise to run away from those standing in his way and instead expresses his determined desire to face them head-on. Sagiri listens to him patiently and then mentions that he is quite strong. Interestingly, Gabimaru reveals that Sagiri is strong too much to her surprise.

Gabimaru then recalls how the villagers used to tell him that one cannot know how strong they are until one has experienced a lot for themselves. He then also expresses that people usually understand themselves less than they might think and true knowledge does not really come until they act. This perspective on life appears to have a profound effect on Sagiri who has been conflicted about her future. The following morning, Genji tells her to leave the island one more time. However, she rejects the idea and expresses her desire to continue carrying out his responsibilities.

Genji is adamant but Sagiri mentions how outsiders hate her because of her father’s profession while people of his clan hate her for not sticking to traditionally feminine roles in society. She feels if she leaves the village now, then those people and that attitude will follow her everywhere. Sagiri requests Genji to let her stay but he only gets angrier and attacks her. That’s when Sagiri shows incredible athleticism to steal his sword which only infuriates Genji more. All of a sudden, she notices the dangerous Rokurouta standing behind Genji and tries to warn him. But it’s already too late as he almost gets sliced into two halves by the criminal.

Although the episode ends there, the cliffhanger will leave a lot of fans scratching their heads. If you are also one of them and wish to learn what happened to Genji then rest assured as we have Yuji Kaku’s work to give you all the answers. It turns out that Rokurouta’s attack does not instantaneously kill Genji but they are nevertheless fatal. In his last moments, he will realize that Sagiri should stay on the island and trusts her with the responsibility to avenge his death before dying soon afterward.

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