Where Was Her Secret Family Killer Filmed?

If you have been following original films that are released regularly on Lifetime, you are aware that most of them are quite well-made productions. Each of these films is vastly different from the others despite being filmed almost in the same locations and made under similar budget constraints. ‘Her Secret Family Killer’ (previously, ‘DNA Killer’) is also a film by Lifetime which boasts of some rather intense performances and a plot that will keep you glued to the screen throughout its running time. The film is directed by Lisa France, a filmmaker who is a veteran when it comes to making TV movies.

The story of ‘Her Secret Family Killer’ centers around a girl called Sarah who gets a genetic testing kit as a gift from her friend Victoria. This kit helps you to know more about the lineage that you hail from. The very day that Sarah gets the gift, a tragedy takes a grip on her life when she finds out that Victoria has been brutally murdered by someone. Forensic tests point towards Sarah being the killer, but she knows that she is innocent. Then someone related to her must have murdered Victoria or planted the evidence in order to frame Sarah. But who is this mysterious killer?

Filming of such TV movies is usually done indoors, in certain parts of Los Angeles, or in Canada where authorities have exciting tax benefits in place for film production companies. ‘Her Secret Family Killer’ has also taken a similar approach. Read on to find out more about the film’s actors and shooting locations:

Her Secret Family Killer Filming Locations:

This Lisa France film is a thriller where the police are after a killer whose DNA resembles that of the victim’s best friend Sarah. Here, the mood and characters play vital roles and the location where the film is set is not that important. Thus, the production company chose to set the film within Los Angeles itself.

Los Angeles, California

Making any film in LA ensures that the crew will never face any issue with resources since this is the town where Hollywood itself is based out of. Moreover, the interesting geography of the city can definitely play a part in telling the story. A large part of ‘Her Secret Family Killer’ was filmed in the North Hollywood part of LA, as is evident from this Instagram post featuring the director herself:

Her Secret Family Killer Cast:

The central character of the film, Sarah, is portrayed by Brooke Nevin. A veteran of the TV industry, Nevin has been a part of many popular TV shows over the years including ‘Animorphs’, ‘4400’, ‘Imaginary Bitches’, and ‘Breakout Kings’. Carmen Moreno plays Sarah’s friend Victoria in this film. Moreno has mainly acted in shorts and some TV movies over the years.

Diora Baird as April and Darin Brooks as Will are two other important members of the cast of ‘Her Secret Family Killer’. Baird is most famous for her role in the films ‘The Wedding Crashers’ and ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning’. She can also be seen in the TV shows ‘Cobra Kai‘ and ‘Shameless‘. Brooks, on the other hand, can be seen in shows like ‘Days Of Our Lives’, ‘Blue Mountain State’, and ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’.