Here Are All The Masked Singer Season 6 Costumes

Based on the South Korean reality show, titled ‘The King of Masked Singer,’ Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer‘ brings an exhilarating twist to the age-old genre of singing reality shows. The series features celebrity contestants wearing a magnificent head-to-toe costume that is designed to mask their appearance entirely. The disguised singers then perform in front of a panel tasked with discovering the identity of each contestant. The performances and the periodic clues are meant to aid the process.

After every performance, votes from the panelists and the audience decide the least popular singer, who is subsequently eliminated. As and when the contestants are eliminated, they remove their masks to reveal their identity. With the disguises being the real head-turners, the show has managed to keep things interesting by introducing novel and exciting designs each season. Here is a look at the costumes we get to witness in the 2021 edition of ‘The Masked Singer.’


A single look at the Dalmatian makes it evident that its inspiration lies in football. An extremely sporty costume, it gives out a competitive vibe through its white and gold shirt, matching helmet, and gold speckled black pants. The brilliantly designed face and dog paws add to the appeal of the whole outfit.


A costume that is sure to make one’s mouth water, the Cupcake has blue and pink frosting complete with a load of sprinkles on top. The green thigh-high boots with matching eye shadow, blue gloved hands, and a colorful body affirm that we are in for a treat.

Banana Split

The Banana Split is a double costume where one half is a banana with heart eyes and the other is a chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Looking closely at the outfit does make the Banana appear to be a male and the Ice Cream a female. Moreover, with the Banana Split comprising two separate costumes, it does seem like we might get duet performances this season.


The Hamster is a lively-looking disguise with a fluffy teddy-bear like body and tiny pink toes. It even sports a string of colorful beads around its neck with a headphone to match. The costume seems to be giving out a playful vibe, and we cannot blame anyone for falling in love with its adorable face.

Queen of Hearts

The playfulness and absurdity of Queen of Hearts remind us of the world created by Lewis Carroll in ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.’ The costume comprises a massive red heart for a body, along with matching pants and boots. The gigantic blue lips, a single blue eye, regal crown, and the golden rays emanating from its body add to the aura of mystery surrounding the person behind the façade.


The Mallard is a majestic-looking duck that drips with aristocracy, donning a shiny blue shirt, stately brown pants, regal boots, and a belt of feathers. The spectacular look is perfectly complemented by its feathered top hat, monocle, cane, and gold chain.


Drawing inspiration from the Spanish culture, the Bull is adorned with incredibly decorated horns and a luxurious cape. Moreover, the intricately designed red shirt with gold accents, matching pants, and a lifelike face makes the Bull strike fear into the hearts of its competitors.


Far from cute, the Baby has a frightening-looking face complete with big blue eyes, a single tooth as well as blonde hair and eyebrows. The blue and yellow striped onesie, a blue-colored bonnet, and bow complete the terrifying and chilling look.


This colorful pink and yellow costume gives off a youthful look with its sporty sneakers, freckled face, and braces. Its wooly and crooked antennae, innocent smile, and numerous limbs contribute to its loveable and endearing charm.

Beach Ball

Designed as a colorful striped beach ball, the costume has heavily lashed blue eyes along with a big mouth. However, the little details, including the sand it rests on, the tiny bucket and shovel, along with the beach creatures, make the Beach Ball stand out.


Surprisingly covered in purple fur, the Octopus is an imposing creature dressed in a luxurious purple suit and a fur cape. Moreover, the goofy smile, trendy sunglasses, and tentacle-like hair strands contribute to the level of dynamicity.


Colored red hot just like spicy pepper, the costume consists of a frilled skirt and brightly colored pants. Sporting a massive smile, round blue eyes, and green headwear, the competition will surely pep up once the Pepper gets going.


The skunk is set to allure the viewers through its fur dress, tastefully designed gloves, and fabulous headwear. Additionally, the green eye shadow merges beautifully with the black and white theme giving the outfit an iconic look.

Mother Nature

Easily one of the most detailed costumes of the lot, Mother Nature is an actual work of art. Be it the exquisitely designed hair, the tree growing out of its back, or the detailed apparel that closely resembles a tree bark and leaves, the outfit appears to be something right out of a fantasy world. This outstanding costume is sure to turn heads once up on stage.


The Pufferfish is an ornamental costume with a delicately designed stone-studded gown as its centerpiece. Additionally, its thorny face with large eyes, puffed-up lips, and fan-like ears give it an eerie and mystifying look.


At first glance, the Jester appears to be the very definition of a terrifying killer clown. This look is sure to haunt your nightmares, as the clown wears a red and white costume. However, the horrifying evil grin on its face, along with the red and white eyes, places it in the realm of macabre.

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