Netflix’s High Tides Season 2 Starts Filming in Knokke-Heist in 2024

The filming of the second season of Netflix’s drama series ‘High Tides’ is set to commence in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, in 2024. Nele Vandael and Luk Wyns, who penned the first installment, also serve as the writers of the upcoming season with Tom Goris on board as the director.

The first season of the show ends with Alex discovering that his girlfriend Louise was cheating on him with his friend Daan. Louise’s emotional state worsens after the confrontation, only for her to overdose on drugs. While recovering from the overdose, she chooses Alex. It is also revealed that Alex killed Claudia accidentally while pushing his father off of her. Olivia then kills her father, Patrick. In the final scene, Louise and Daan are by the coast, the former walking away from the latter.

In the upcoming installment, the viewers can expect the narrative to resume from the previous season’s conclusion, focusing on Louise’s return home and Alex’s coping strategies following the demise of his father, Patrick. The circumstances surrounding Patrick’s death introduce uncertainties that will undoubtedly impact the characters’ lives. The unresolved questions surrounding Christine and her daughter add an element of suspense and intrigue, leaving the audience eager to uncover the unfolding mysteries.

Although Netflix has yet to unveil the complete cast of the second season, there is a strong expectation that many familiar faces will return to the upcoming installment. Notable returnees expected include Pommelien Thijs as Louise, Eliyha Altena as Daan, Anna Drijver as Melissa, Willem De Schryver as Alex, Manouk Pluis as Anouk, Emma Moortgat as Emilie, and Felicia van Remoortel as Olivia. Geert Van Rampelberg and Caroline Stas’ appearances may be limited to flashback scenes since their characters Patrick and Claudia get killed in season 1.

Knokke-Heist, the principal location of the upcoming installment, also hosted the filming of the first season. Since the first season premiered over a year after its shooting concluded, we can expect season 2 to release sometime in 2025. Knokke-Heist, known for its scenic charm, previously hosted the filming of ‘FUBAR,’ further establishing its significance as a recurring hub for diverse productions.

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