Netflix’s FUBAR: Where Was the Series Filmed?

Created by Nick Santora, Netflix’s ‘FUBAR’ (‘F**ked Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition’) is an action comedy series that centers upon a father-daughter duo whose world turns upside down when they learn each other’s secret. As 65-year-old officially retired spy Luke Brunner plans to spend his golden years trying to win back the love of his ex-wife. He is roped in for one last mission — rescue a CIA operative codenamed Panda and retrieve a WMD. Though reluctant at first, Luke gets the shock of his life when he learns the secret agent is none other than his daughter, Emma.

Upon the startling revelation, Luke and Emma decide to band together to fulfill their deadly mission, which mends the dents in their relationship along the way. Dubbed ‘True Lies’ meets ‘Parenthood,’ the spy thriller show marks iconic actor Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s first-ever foray into scripted television. The father-daughter adventure touches upon shaky family dynamics while serving high-octane drama and action-packed sequences across several gritty backdrops that will make you wonder where the show is filmed. If you’re curious about the same, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know!

FUBAR Filming Locations

‘FUBAR’ is filmed in Belgium and Ontario, extensively in Antwerp and Toronto. As per reports, production for the first iteration of the spy adventure series commenced in April 2022 and concluded after a few months in September of the same year, under the working title ‘Utap,’ before the team decided upon ‘FUBAR.’

Since season 1 required the cast and crew members attached to the shooting to be in a bubble to avoid falling prey to COVID-19 and spreading the infection, Arnold couldn’t attend the 6th Annual Austrian World Summit. Due to the restrictions, the filming for the first season wrapped up without any hiccups. Now, without further ado, let’s traverse the locations instrumental in creating the show’s high-speed chase sequences and other action scenes.

Antwerp, Belgium

Several pivotal sequences for ‘FUBAR’ are lensed in Antwerp, the capital of the eponymous province in Belgium’s Flemish Region. There are various sites and streets that are used as a set by the production team of the action series, including Lange Nieuwstraat, Grote Markt, the Brabo Fountain, and Lambermontplaats. They also record a few other exterior scenes at Diamantwijk or the Diamond Quarter, Pelikaanstraat, and Hoveniersstraat. Besides the Monica Barbaro starrer, Antwerp has hosted the production of many film and TV projects. Some notable ones are ‘Erased,’ ‘Double Team,’ ‘Spider in the Web,’ ‘Kidnapping Mr. Heineken,’ ‘The Memory of a Killer,’ and ‘Baptiste.’

Toronto, Ontario

A portion of the Netflix show is also shot in Toronto, Ontario’s capital. In the video message taped in Toronto for the 6th Annual Austrian World Summit attendees in June 2022, Arnold, the former Governor of California, explained why he was absent at the event. He said, “I have to live in this COVID bubble where no one can leave the set or travel overseas because everyone is so worried about (the fact) that you come back and bring COVID back and then infect someone on the set that will cost millions of dollars to stop the filming and all this kind of stuff…”

The filming unit seems to utilize Victoria Street and surrounding areas in the city to tape some key scenes for ‘FUBAR.’ Other productions that have utilized Toronto’s locales include ‘True Lies,’ ‘Kick-Ass,’ ‘Rabbit Hole,’ ‘Reacher,’ and ‘Designated Survivor.’ In addition, the shooting of a few parts of the show possibly takes place in other Ontario locations, including a house in Guelph, a warehouse in East Hamilton’s Brockley Drive, and Oakville.

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