Hijack Episode 3 Recap: Draw a Blank

The third episode of Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Hijack,’ titled ‘Draw a Blank,’ follows the aftermath of Sam Nelson and pilot Captain Robin Allen’s efforts to inform the authorities that Flight KA29 is under threat. Stuart and other hijackers continue to control the passengers and crew members of the flight, only for an Egyptian man to reveal a significant detail concerning the group. Sam sets out to find the truth about the same, which paves the way for engrossing consequences. Since the episode ends with a cliffhanger, the viewers must be eager to know more about the same. Well, here are our thoughts about the episode’s climax! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Hijack Episode 3 Recap

‘Draw a Blank’ begins with Counter Terrorism Command official Zahra Gahfoor and flight controller Alice Sinclair’s conversation about the change in the direction of Flight KA29. Alice informs Zahra about Robin’s contradictory statements and the change of the flight’s direction to convince the police officer that the airplane is under severe threat. After coming to know about the flight from Sam’s wife Marsha’s boyfriend Daniel Farrell, Zahra gets convinced that the flight seemingly got hijacked. She talks to her peers in the CTC to discuss the available information and form a strategy to deal with the predicament. Daniel calls Zahra to ask for the passenger list of the flight but she initially refuses to forward him the same.

Back in Flight KA29, an old Egyptian man gets into a fight with his wife, who asks him not to talk about the hijackers for his own good. After much insistence, the old man reveals to Sam that the hijackers’ guns aren’t filled with bullets but blanks. Sam initially dismisses the same but his fellow traveler Hugo sets out to find out the truth about the same. After getting into Turkey, an Istanbul-based official asks for the pilot’s approval that everything is safe on the flight. When Robin tells the same, the official asks him why the direction of the flight has changed. Robin changes the direction again to convince Stuart but his actions continue to make airport officials suspicious of what’s really happening in the flight.

Zahra goes through the list of passengers who boarded Flight KA29 and forwards the same to Daniel, who digs deep into the list. They find out that a group of passengers boarded the flight using fake IDs, which makes them severely suspicious. They also discuss the identity of Jonty Collins, a known criminal inside the flight.

Hijack Episode 3 Ending: Do the Hijackers Use Bullets or Blanks?

After the Egyptian man’s revelation that the hijackers are using blanks instead of bullets, Hugo gets excited about the same. He starts to consider outnumbering and overpowering the hijackers who wouldn’t be able to stand against the passengers without bullets. Although he asks Sam to get involved, the corporate negotiator waits for outright confirmation that there aren’t any bullets involved. He doesn’t want to walk into danger and end up like the two old men, who try to attack the hijackers, only to get tied up at the end of the flight. Hugo, however, risks his own life and sends a note to search for a bullet in a different section of the plane.

Hugo eventually receives the answer that there isn’t any bullet on the floor. Sam gets convinced that the Egyptian man’s revelation is significant, which leads him to send a note to the girl who found “something” on the toilet floor. He makes the Egyptian man draw a bullet and a blank for the girl to choose. The girl chooses the drawing of the blank, which makes Sam and others believe that the hijackers are indeed using blanks. However, it doesn’t mean the hijackers don’t have access to real bullets. Towards the end of the episode, Stuart is seen retrieving a bag and seemingly replacing blanks with bullets in his gun, which indicates that the hijackers have been treating bullets as a last resort.

If the hijackers really have bullets in their possession and still choose to use blanks, it means that they want the passengers to be safe. Even though the motive behind the hijacking is unrevealed, the passengers’ safety may play an integral part in their potential negotiations with authorities as they may use the same to get what they want. If that’s the case, the hijackers must be intentionally using blanks to ensure the passengers’ safety and avoid mistakes happening from their side.

Who Shoots at Whom?

After getting convinced that the hijackers are using blanks, Sam goes on to confront and conquer the old man among the hijackers. He physically attacks the old man but the fight ends up with the man pointing his gun at the negotiator. Sam lets him know that he is aware that they are using blanks, making the gun a non-threat if he is correct about the blanks. Considering that even Stuart didn’t fill his gun with actual bullets originally, it is unlikely that the old man, the weakest member of the hijacking team, has access to the same to fire at Sam. Therefore, the person who shot the gun may not be the old man.

The person behind the gunshot can be Stuart. While Sam tries to conquer the old man, one of the other members of the hijacking team gets into a fight with one of the passengers, who want access to medicines to save his relative. The particular hijacker stops the young man from retrieving the medicine, only for a brawl to kickstart. More people are involved in the same, making a young girl curious about the predicament. As the fight ends, the young girl runs away, making the passengers search for her frantically. The search paves the way for chaos in the flight, likely forcing Stuart to fire his gun to scare the passengers and put an end to the chaotic search. Therefore, Stuart must have fired the gun, not at anyone in particular, to restore order inside the flight.

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