Hijack Episode 6 Recap: Comply Slowly

The sixth episode of Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Hijack,’ titled ‘Comply Slowly,’ follows the efforts of the British government to save the lives of Flight KA29’s passengers and crew members. Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown get released from prison and they try their best to scare the officials who follow them. Sam Nelson confronts a severe challenge on board the plane and he seeks the help of other passengers to solve the predicament. The home and foreign secretaries of the government argue with each other since their plans don’t align. The engrossing episode ends with a startling cliffhanger and here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Hijack Episode 6 Recap

‘Comply Slowly’ begins with the release of Edgar and John from prison. The home secretary approves their release only to capture them again once the passengers and crew members of Flight KA29 are saved from the plane. Edgar and John warn the authorities that there will be repercussions if the authorities follow them. Regardless of their warning, DI Daniel O’Farrel and his team follow them, only for Edgar to ask Stuart for a photo of a dead body. Stuart sets out to kill a crew member to send the photo, only for Sam to stop him. The negotiator asks him to send the photo of the already dead passenger so that he wouldn’t need to kill again.

Sam realizes that the predicament on board is going out of control. He realizes that Stuart may need to kill again when more orders come, which makes him prepare for retaliation. He tells his fellow passengers to get prepared to outnumber and fight against the hijackers to regain the plane’s control. Passengers pass a bottle with a message from Sam among them to prepare for the impending retaliation. One of Edgar and John’s men asks a journalist named Felix Staton to break the news that one of Kingdom Airlines’ planes has been hijacked. When the news comes out, the government is under severe pressure.

When Edgar and John encounter a block on the road, the former warns the authorities that he will order his men to kill again. Daniel tries to convince him that the officials have nothing to do with the block. Regardless, Edgar orders Stuart to kill again. By the time, one of the hijackers named Jaden discovers the bottle. Stuart decides to kill the person behind the bottle, only for Sam to reveal that he is the one who passed the message. Stuart aims his gun at Sam but he cannot pull himself together to kill the man who tried to save his brother Lewis. Kai is still trapped in his father’s house as the two murderers are waiting for someone to show up. He manages to call emergency services and ask for the help of the police.

Hijack Episode 6 Ending: Who Kills the Pilot? Will the Passengers Take Control of the Plane?

When Stuart sets out to kill someone again, the passengers of the plane retaliate. A group of men and women start to fight the hijackers. They attack Jaden and try to kill Terry. While chaos erupts on board the plane, a middle-aged woman wearing a white dress goes to the bathroom and freshens up. She leaves the bathroom with a gun and marches toward the cockpit. On her way, she kills the pilot Captain Robin Allen startlingly. The woman can be one of the members of Edgar and John’s gang, the Cheapside Firm. She can be a backup option the two high-profile criminals have kept on board the plane if Stuart and his group fail to complete their mission successfully.

While Edgar and John are on the run, the former sends a message that reads, “NOW,” to an unknown person. Since the same is not the message Stuart receives, which is read aloud by one of the passengers, Edgar must have sent the text to the unnamed woman who kills the pilot. It can be an order to take control of the flight to further scare the British government. Edgar sends the message after getting convinced that the authorities aren’t planning to leave them alone.

Edgar must have realized that the dead bodies of a few passengers may not be enough to scare one of the most potent governments in the world and make them turn a blind eye toward the escape of two of the most dangerous criminals in the country. Since the woman kills the pilot specifically, she can be a pilot who is taking control of the plane. She may fly the plane on a different track to convince the authorities that the lives of all the passengers and crew members are at risk, hoping that the same would stop them from following Edgar and John.

If that’s the case, the passengers and crew members on board may try to regain the plane’s control to ensure their safety. Sam and others may even consider the possibility of the woman being a part of a suicide mission. Edgar and John may want her to crash the plane to exact vengeance on the government that hunted them down and the passengers may team up to prevent such a tragedy from happening.

Will Edgar and John Escape?

After encountering a block on their way, Edgar and John drive through the woods to a nearby airbase. DCI Zahra Gahfoor and her team ensure that there are enough units at the airbase to arrest the two criminals before they escape from the country. However, the men who arrive at the airbase are not Edgar and John. They get into a new car in the woods and drive to an unknown location. Edgar and John may wait for the unnamed woman on board Flight KA29 to act and scare the British government enough to escape from the country. They may know that the authorities must have already deployed units in every airbase and airport in the area.

Since Edgar and John cannot fight these many soldiers, they may want the government to stand by and let them escape from England. That may happen if the unnamed woman succeeds in fulfilling her orders. If Sam and the other passengers succeed in preventing the woman from endangering their lives, the authorities may not allow the criminal duo to flee. Once Sam and others regain control of the flight with the help of the co-pilot Anna Kovac, the British home secretary may want Edgar and John in custody in no time.

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