When Will His Dark Materials Return?

Based on the eponymous bestseller fantasy trilogy by Philip Pullman and adapted for television by Jack Thorne, ‘His Dark Materials’ is one of the shows that match the potential of its critically acclaimed star cast. The story revolves around a young girl, Lyra’s journey through the moors of a magical multiverse. After the abduction of her best friend Roger, Lyra goes to a levitating city and meets a boy named Will. Together, they embark upon a riveting journey through worlds.

After its premiere in 2019, the show has spawned two seasons, garnering high and lofty praise from critics and audience. After the mind-bending ending of the second season, fans are eagerly waiting for a follow-up. So, if you seek to know the release date, speculated plotline, and other details regarding the forthcoming season, we have you insured.

His Dark Materials Season 3 Release Date

‘His Dark Materials’ season 2 premiered on November 8, 2020, on BBC One in the UK and on November 16, 2020, on HBO in the US. The season finale aired on December 20, 2020, on BBC One, and on December 28, 2020, on HBO. The second season packs seven episodes with an average runtime of an hour per episode.

Let us now present everything we know regarding the filming and release of season 3 of the popular TV drama. Although the show had not been greenlit for another season by November 2020, the makers began working on the scripts for season 3. In an early December 2020 interview with the Guardian, series writer Jack Thorne divulged, “I’m currently rewriting it. We’re not green-lit yet, but we’re pushing ahead with the scripts because we need to be ready to film next summer.”

It also became apparent that the third installment would be based on the third and final book of the Philip Pullman trilogy, called ‘The Amber Spyglass.’ In December 2020, the third season comprising seven episodes was officially ordered by BBC One and HBO.

As the third book marks the end of the visceral journey, so does the third season for the TV adaptation. The first two seasons released in two consecutive years, and then the dreaded pandemic took the world by surprise. The production on the third season is already underway. If filming commences as per the schedule without further interruptions, we hope to see ‘His Dark Materials’ season 3 hit the screens sometime in late 2021 or early 2022.

His Dark Materials Season 3 Cast: Who is in it?

The narrative of the show revolves around a star-studded core ensemble cast, most of whom are expected to return on set for the third and final installment of the fantastical drama. This includes the protagonists of the show Dafne Keen (Lyra Belacqua) and Amir Wilson (Will Parry). Moreover, Ruth Wilson of ‘Jane Eyre’ fame reprises her role of Lyra’s influential mother, Marisa Coulter, while acclaimed Scottish actor James McAvoy plays the role of Lord Asriel Belacqua, Lyra’s father.

In other prominent roles, we see Simone Kirby (Dr. Mary Malone), Ruta Gedmintas (Serafina Pekkala), and Jade Anouka (Ruta Skadi). In a crucial development, Will Keen (Father Hugh MacPhail) is to play a prominent role in the anticipated season. However, following the heart-wrenching finale of the previous season, some of the cast members have completed their journey and probably will not return in the final season. This includes Lin-Manuel Miranda (Lee Scoresby) and Andrew Scott (Colonel John Parry), who died at the end of the season. Lord Carlo Boreal dies in the hands of Mrs. Coulter in season 2, so we won’t see any more of Ariyon Bakare (in Will’s world, at least).

Phoebe Waller-Bridge (the voice behind Parry’s daemon Sayan Kötör), Cristela Alonzo (the voice behind Hester, Lee’s daemon) take exit along with their respective humans. Although in a show that deals with the world of the dead, it will not be surprising if they come back on the next season. Initially, the production recruited actors Oliver Monaghan (Baruch) and Ikay Agu (Balthamos) to lend their voices, but they were later dropped off. The positions of the angels are still empty, but keeping in line with the production, we shall see some fresh actors.

His Dark Materials Season 3 Plot: What is it About?

The second season begins with dreamy-eyed Lyra going through the portal to find the city of angels Cittàgazze, where she meets Will Parry. Together, they embark upon a mission to find Will’s father along with the Subtle Knife he owns. Lyra meets philosophical researcher Dr. Malone and befriends her. But the forces are adverse, and Lord Boreal is looking for the Knife as well. However, he is killed by Lyra’s mother, Mrs. Coulter, who has her own interests.

In the finality of events, Lyra gets to hear the prophecy of her being the second Eve in a recurrence of the mythical Fall of Man, Will’s shaman father Joe Parry aka Jopari breathes his last, and a destined war with the Authority looms large on Lord Asriel’s kingdom. In a final revelation, Lyra has been kidnapped by her mother.

The third season will cover the third novel of the trilogy, ‘The Amber Spyglass.’ The book is the most thrilling in the trilogy, and the season will expectantly be true to the spirit of the source material. However, Thorne has hinted that the season will also probe into Lyra’s backstory, taking events from Pullman’s ‘The Book of Dust’ series. The books in the series are ‘La Belle Sauvage’ and ‘The Secret Commonwealth.’ He has also divulged that Magisterium official Father MacPhail will do something huge and unexpected, and we are intrigued to know.

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