Holly and Wayne: Is the 90 Day Fiancé Couple Still Together?

While many girls dream of a fairytale-like wedding and happily ever after, TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ is often a reminder that a whirlwind romance is not always the solution for the same. Introduced to the world as a couple in season 5, Holly Weeks and Wayne Cornish’s on-screen journey has certainly hit many bumps along the way. Having witnessed the recent happenings in their lives, one cannot help but worry if the two are still with each other, especially given the distance between their respective home countries.

Holly and Wayne’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Journey

Originally from Ogden, Utah, Holly West is a talented hairdresser who is extremely proud of her 70-inch hair, which reminds viewers of one of the beloved fairytale characters called Rapunzel. However, her luck in finding her love had not been the best before she came on the show, having already separated from two husbands in the past. She ended up meeting Wayne Cornish through an online dating portal dedicated to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Having clicked with each other, Holly and Wayne started a long-distance relationship, given that the latter hails from South Africa. After a few months, during which they had been video calling each other, the couple decided to meet, leading Holly to travel to South Africa. Rather than feeling something was off after meeting each other, the pair actually found themselves feeling like they needed to never let the other person go.

As such, Wayne ended up proposing to Holly within 72 hours of meeting her for the very first time. Now engaged, Holly moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, along with her mother so as to prepare for the new chapter of her life. With the wedding only a week away, the bride-to-be found herself wondering about how she would have to adjust to a new lifestyle in South Africa, along with concerns over safety.

Apparently, Holly did not think that South Africa was a safe place for her to spend the rest of her life with. She was also quite miffed about the frequent selectivity outages, given the inconvenience that they caused. Wayne’s financial situation was also not the best during this time, given that he had recently been trying to recover from some business losses. While Holly and Wayne did end up getting married, it did not take long for the American woman to state how she wanted to move back to the USA, a declaration that both upset and hurt her husband.

Holly and Wayne Have Yet to Share an Update

Given Holly West and Wayne Cornish’s online activity, many have come to believe that the two may have parted ways for good following their time on the show. Though the latter is not active on social media, it’s the former whom many have observed in order to contribute to the rumors of their separation. Having told Wayne that she was planning to move back to the USA, her recent appearance in the USA has left the fans wondering about just what might be going on.

Holly and Wayne’s recent appearance in the TLC’s show’s Tell All episode only highlighted the cracks that developed in their relationship. It is here that Holly revealed that she has been in the USA for several months and did not plan on going back. She claimed that she had apparently come to the USA to attend a funeral and had been taking care of her mother, who is sick. She also stated that she was planning on working in the USA in order to clear the credit card debt she had accumulated in South Africa.

Both Holly and Wayne seemed to believe that the other was not emotionally supportive of them. Some of the other cast members seemed to be under the belief that Wayne’s own unavialability in the aspect might stem from him being stressed about his relationship and his unhappiness in his relationship. This is seemingly what led to them not even talking over the phone for several weeks prior to the episode’s filming. Given the emotional turn that their conversation took,  it is indeed possible that the two might have separated. That said, Holly and Wayne have yet to share an official update regarding their status as a couple.

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