HollyHood Haley J: The Wrestler is Now Evolving to New Heights

With Greg Whiteley-created Netflix’s ‘Wrestlers’ living up to its title in every way imaginable, we get a documentary series unlike any other owing to the sheer intensity of the subject matter at hand. That’s why it revolves around Ohio Valley Wrestling; there’s archival footage, exclusive interviews, and much more, all the while staying good at behind the scenes and making this more. So for now, if you simply wish to learn more about “The Boujhettoest Baddie” HollyhHood of Jaley J – instead of Hayley Maria James – we’ve got all the necessary details for you.

Who is Haley J?

Although a second-generation OVW star following in the footsteps of her mother, Hayley’s early years were unfortunately never good, easy, or comfortable in any way, shape, or form. According to the show, her biological father, aka sperm donor, never wanted a daughter, which is just part of why he never got to know her on a personal level. The fact her mother then had to provide for the family, which he did by selling drugs just to then get caught twice didn’t help either, especially as the first was when she was 2 and the other at 7.

Haley was thus left extremely angered, especially as the relatives caring for her made her feel like a burden too, evolving her from a sweet kid to a furious teen who got into several fights. The fact she was then raped at 15, per the show, didn’t help matters either because the male not only drugged to take advantage of her but also spread the news in school like wildfire. One after another, all Haley did was take hits from those who were supposed to care, so it caused her issues and she ran away at 16.

Fast forward a few years and Haley is living in a rather rough neighborhood with her son Zayden – she gave birth at 18 – only for her to be robbed at gunpoint. The intruder had pointed the gun not just at her face but also her son’s, so that’s when she decided to turn her life around – the teen got into wrestling, it somehow reconnected her with her mom, and she’s now considered one of the best. She does have issues with her trust, anger management, and spoking week – which she claims is for epilepsy – but if she managed to control these aspects, she could be unstoppable.

Where is Haley J Now?

Despite the fact ‘Wrestlers’ did briefly make it appear as if Haley was leaving OVW behind to pursue other ventures, that’s not at all the case. In fact, she is still on their roster as not just “The Boujhettoest Baddie” but also the OVW Kentucky Woman’s Championship. She beat Shalonce Royal at All Systems Go for this title on May 25, 2023. The Louisville, Kentucky native is still dabbling with Women of Wrestling (WOW) too, but her priority seems to be learning from OVW, improving, working on her inner self, and then moving forward to be the best possible wrestler she can be. After all, she’s not a heel anymore, she’s a babyface; she’s not a villain but a misunderstood hero who deserves every bit of success coming her way.

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