12 Hollywood Roles Perfect For Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is a perfectionist. If you think otherwise, let me give you a disclaimer before you start reading this article. There are few iconic roles in this list, and I’m sure, many may argue that no other actor can perform them. But this article is just to apply crazy creative taught to imagine our favorite Hollywood characters, played by our very own versatile superstar Aamir Khan. And if you’ve read our previous articles on similar lines (11 Hollywood Roles Perfect for Shah Rukh Khan; 12 Hollywood Roles Perfect For Salman Khan), you may have an idea on how this works. Our stars may not perform the characters exactly like their Hollywood counterparts, but with a little more effort than usual, it is safe to say that they can perfectly pull off these roles. Same is the case with this article. Here is the list of 12 Hollywood roles perfect for Aamir Khan.


12. Billy Beane – Moneyball (2011)

I’ve included Billy Beane in the list of Hollywood roles perfect for Salman Khan, and I genuinely feel it would suit Shah Rukh Khan too. Because Brad Pitt plays the General Manager of a scrappy Baseball team in such a manner, that he makes it look too easy. The aura around the character is exceptional, and that’s why I think the charismatic “Khan Trio” can pull it off in their own styles each. The energy of Aamir Khan will complement the character.


11. Ed – Identity (2003)


John Cusack’s portrayal of Ed in the psychological thriller ‘Identity’ is subtly brilliant. The character is mysterious and wry, and I can draw parallels with Aamir’s character in ‘Talaash’. It would be a pleasure to watch Aamir Khan as a slightly troubled ex-cop strangled in a strange situation,  detecting his way out of it and protecting the innocent people around him along with keeping an eye on them to find the killer. I’m not going to talk about the climax, but for those of you who’ve watched the movie, you get the point right?


10. Hulk – Avengers (2008)

Hulk is one of the characters from the Marvel Cinematic World Aamir Khan can perform. In many posts or articles, you might’ve seen him as the Indian cast for The Avengers. He can pull off both the shades of Bruce Banner. The thoughtful and highly intelligent scientist and his angry counterpart. Given Aamir’s range as an actor, this role must be under his vicinity.


9. Captain Chesley Sullenberger – Sully (2016)

Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger is a veteran pilot, whose life turns upside down after he crashes, oops, sorry, he lands a plane into the Hudson river following a bird attack. He’s surrounded by crowd going gaga over him and conversely, people trying to prove him wrong. Aamir has a lot of resemblenses to the legend Tom Hanks. Both the actors are versatile and can absolutely stun the audience with their performances. Aamir as an old veteran pilot is not a surprising visual.


8. Mikael Blomkvi – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Image result for daniel craig the girl with the dragon tattoo

David Fincher’s ‘The Girl  With The Dragon Tattoo’ is a great thriller., The premise, the character graphs and the brilliant Fincher style taking make it one of a kind. While Rooney Mara’s portrayal of the highly talented hacker, even though illegal, is widely appreciated. Daniel Craig’s performance as the knocked down investigative journalist, who takes over the role of a private detective, to save himself from an economic breakdown is equally brilliant. A normal man, finds himself in the midst of a strange and remote island, surrounded by equally strange people is a role Aamir can perform with ease.


7. Leonard – Memento (2000)

Yes, he stared in the remake. Yes, both the movies are extremely different and so are the characters. But if there’s anyone who can perform the exact same role in India, it’s Aamir Khan. No one else could dare taking up such a subject. No one else can perform the character with convention. There’s a bluntness about Leonard, yet he is the emotional crux of the movie. Aamir can be subtle yet powerful at the same time. And yes, he can easily carry an entire movie on his shoulders throughout the run-time.