Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

With the season finale fast approaching, a lot of clues are finally coming together in Hilde’s investigation into Strata Tech. While tragedy and roadblocks continue to hinder her, the young reporter and her father make a major breakthrough in the case. Sheriff Trip and Izzy, too, have their victories, and a major cliffhanger concludes the frantic episode. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Home Before Dark’ season 2 episode 9, titled ‘The Biggest Life.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

The episode opens with Hilde publishing an article blaming Strata Tech for poisoning its workers. Her evidence against the company is largely based on the incriminating video sent out by Ethan, which shows two former employees admitting to Strata Tech’s wrongdoing. However, the sudden death of her grandfather leaves Hilde heartbroken, and things get steadily worse when she receives a legal injunction from Strata Tech, stopping her from publishing her paper— The Magic Hour Chronicle. Izzy then comes to her younger sister’s rescue and stages a school walkout to draw attention to Strata Tech’s heavy-handed measures to silence their critics. She also has the idea to begin publishing a newsletter, which is outside the purview of the legal order.

Bridget, meanwhile, argues with the insidious corporation’s legal team, who offer her a private settlement. Frank Junior also takes on Strata Tech by spying on their mysterious fixer, who had earlier followed Hilde in an attempt to intimidate her. He makes a startling discovery when he sees the man talking to the Sheriff’s belligerent supervisor, a revelation that finally results in Sherriff Trip getting rid of the man that had held her back all these months. Matt, who has focused all his attention on Strata Tech since his father’s death, then manages to track down the person in the incriminating video and takes Hilde to Vancouver to meet him.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 9 Ending: Is Richie Fife Alive?

Matt asks Hilde to wait in the car as he goes to the house that belongs to Arthur Conway, the man in the video that Ethan forwarded. The young boy who opens the door claims that the man Matt is looking for was his grandfather, who died a year ago. However, he invites Matt in so he can talk to the young boy’s father. Soon enough, a man of Matt’s age walks into the living room, and both men are stunned when they recognize each other. As it turns out, Matt is standing in Richie Fife’s house. The episode closes with Hilde walking into the room and staring at the two men, who remain transfixed.

So it looks like at long last, Richie Fife has been found and is very much alive. The mystery from season 1 also seems to be falling in place, though some questions remain. Most significantly, how Richie ended up in Canada and why he was pretending to be Arthur Conway’s son. Though these questions are yet to be treated on the show and will likely be posed by Matt and Hilde, there is one important clue that we already have. When the two childhood friends come face to face, Richie wonders aloud how Matt found him. This is a clear indication that Richie has been hiding of his own accord all these years, and therefore, at some point, escaped his kidnappers. How he got adopted by Arthur Conway remains to be seen.

Who is Arthur Conway?

Arthur Conway is the man seen in the old video that incriminates Strata Tech for using poisonous chemicals. He and Hank Gillis admit as much on the recording. More significantly, since Arthur Conway was the air traffic controller when Hank’s plane crashed, he was the last person to speak to him and possibly knew the cause of the crash. Therefore, it is Arthur’s voice (apart from Hank’s) that is heard in the black box recording from the downed plane.

Arthur, unfortunately, is dead and has likely taken a lot of Strata Tech’s incriminating secrets with him. He was also the only eyewitness that Matt and Hilde had in their case against the company, making his death all the more unfortunate for their investigation. However, the fact the Richie is found in Arthur’s house will have huge repercussions, as the long-lost kidnapping victim will likely hold a lot of details about his assailants as well as those about Strata Tech (that his adoptive father might have told him). Finding Richie in Arthur’s house also connects Richie’s kidnappers with Strata Tech, further incriminating the corporation.

What Happened to Hilde’s Grandfather?

Hilde’s grandfather tragically passes away in this episode. He is found dead in his sleep by Matt, who is then stirred into action to avenge his father’s death. The major cause of Hilde’s grandfather’s illness was the poisonous chemicals he was exposed to while working with Strata Tech. He was paid a hefty sum for his silence and let go from the company but continued to suffer the health effects of being poisoned. His failing memory was largely attributed to this, and now, so is his death. Though Hilde is heartbroken about the fact that it’s now too late to save her grandfather, his death seems to have injected the entire Lisko family with a newfound enthusiasm to bring Strata Tech down.

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