Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 12 Recap: The Hori House

In ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ episode 12 titled ‘The Hori House,’ Miyamura learned Kyouko’s parent’s love story from Kyousuke as he visited the Hori household. Later, Kyouko got really mad at her boyfriend, father, and her young brother because of their irresponsible behavior. Eventually, the trio managed to cheer her up and she even played a game with Sota. But all was not well as she ended up having a fight with her younger brother again.

Kyouko’s Father Recalls His Love Story

When Kyousuke was attending his first day at school, he was told by a girl that he should not park his bike behind the school building since students were not allowed to ride bikes. This was the first time Kyousuke had seen Yuriko and at that age, she looked exactly like her daughter Hori. Kyousuke was slowly getting attracted to her and it appears that Yuriko was interested in him as well.

But things were not so perfect as a jealous girl from Kyousuke’s class wanted Yuriko to stop hanging around him. So, one day out of nowhere, she confronted her and tried to bully her. The jealous girl almost hit Yuriko, who was very tolerant towards her. Interestingly, Kyousuke arrived at the right time to see the entire exchange taking place right in front of his own eyes and immediately took a stand for Yuriko. But in a strange turn of events, Yuriko told Kyousuke not to be rude to her since it was not appropriate for him as a man but decided to slap the girl herself to make a point that she wouldn’t let bullying be tolerated.

Kyousuke has a big smile on his face as he tells this story to Miyamura, who is visiting their family. This is how he met his wife and eventually had children (Sota and Hori) with her. Meanwhile, Hori got really mad at Sota for being careless and not cleaning. She got even more furious when Miyamura and Kyousuke tried to interevene. Eventually, things got better as Sota took care of his stuff and Miyamura apologized. When Hori was later studying with Miyamura, Sota convinced them to play with him. 

How Does Miyamura Resolve Hori And Sota’s Fight?

After playing for a while, Sota decides to finish his homework. Miyamura is quite impressed by the fact that he is learning kanji in the first grade itself. But Hori claims that there is nothing special about it. When Kyousuke tries to interject, Sota and Hori point out that he smells of cigarettes. Later that day, when Sota goes to take a glass of water in the kitchen, he notices the dishes and recalls her mother calling him a good help when he washed them last time. Therefore, without asking anyone, he decides to do the dishes again, hoping that this will be his contribution to the family’s chores.

Unfortunately for him, Hori is not really thrilled when she sees him doing the dishes. She immediately instructs him to get away from the sink and tells him to never do it again. Hori expresses her concern that he might have injured himself by being careless with the knife. Sota initially tries to explain but his sister simply talks over him, making it impossible to have a dialogue. He is quite devastated as he genuinely wants to help. Miyamura notices this and tells Hori that she should have been more considerate towards her younger brother who was just trying to do his best for the family.

Miyamura also tells Sota to understand her sister’s perspective who was just trying to make sure he was safe. Unfortunately for him, the brother-sister duo starts crying together and he tries his best to reassure both of them. When Kyosuke arrives there, Miyamura asks for his help. Later that day, Miyamura talks to Hori alone and explains to her that he is just trying to make sure that Sota does not feel hurt. It turns out that Hori did not mind that but was instead just hurt by the fact that Miyamura was not on her side, something that she appears to really care about. 

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