Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 7 Recap: Friends

In ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ episode 7 titled ‘Friends,’ Sakura and Yanagi come closer after learning that they both like the Weekly Shinobi and have other shared interests. Miyamura notices that some students from Sawada’s class are bullying her and gives her all the support she needs. When she feels low, Sawada even has a discussion with Remi and Yuki, who also provide her with a much better perspective on dealing with her present crisis. 

Miyamura Defends Sawada From Bullying

As a high school student, Sakura feels that she does not have much in her life to celebrate. The only thing she is looking forward to is the Weekly Shinobi releases as she is really emotionally invested in the story at this point. So, when the school is finally over on the day of the release, she heads to the store straight away but is disappointed to learn that all copies are sold out. Interestingly, Yanagi is also there and has just bought a copy of Weekly Shinobi. 

So, when he sees Sakura disappointed, he decides to let her borrow the book for now, even though he has not read it yet. The two appear to connect over this mutual interest, which surprises others in school who feel that they are nothing like each other. But Yanagi does not care much about what other students have been saying behind his back. Despite everything, Yanagi still takes Sakura to buy frames. One day while walking on the campus, Miyamura sees Sawada picking her scarf from the ground. 

When he looks up, he sees two students from her class looking at her and grinning. Miyamura is quick to find this suspicious and eventually learns that Sawada is being bullied. He offers her his much-needed advice and lets her know that he is there for her. Furthermore, Sawada gets a lot of support from other third-year students like Remi and Yuki, who seem to like her despite her imperfections. 

Does Sawada Make Friends In Her Class?

One day, Sawada overhears the students in her class talking about the club recruitment drive which has been not going as well as the current members would like. Two of the art club members call their friend Shimoda to find out if he is aware of bulletin boards that are currently not in use. He asks why they are not trying to use the board near the main entrance as it appears to have enough space for the art club poster. But his friends are quick to point out that it is only used by third-year students.

Later that day, Sawada tries to fix the poster of the art club that is put up on a bulletin board at a secluded spot in the school. Yanagi and Remi notice that she appears to really care about the poster but also point out that no one will really notice it if it stays in the same spot. So, Yanagi helps Sawada take out the poster and then takes her to the bulletin board near the main entrance. He tells her that if the art club wants to get new recruits, this is the best spot to hang the poster. But Sawada mentions that this bulletin board is for the use of third-year students only. 

It turns out that it was rumor only and there is no such policy regarding the board. The following day, two students of Sawada’s class approached her. Interestingly, Shimonda has seen her work with third-year students to shift the poster to a more appropriate place. The two students thank her and inform her that a first-year student actually visited the art club because of her efforts. While it’s too soon to say anything, it appears that Sawada has started becoming more likable to students in her class, so she will eventually find friends as well. 

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