Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ episode 6 titled ‘Sleepover,’ Sengoku organizes a night out at his apartment and invites some of his friends including Miyamura. He eventually tries his best to learn why Miyamura hides his skin so much but does not manage to figure out the truth. Remi has a bet with Kouko about the maths exams but eventually fails to score the marks she was supposed to. To make matters worse, it appears that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 6 Recap

Miyamura, Shuu, and Ishikawa have a night out at Sengoku’s home, which surprises his father who thinks that he does not have friends leaving near their house. When it’s finally time to sleep, it turns out that there is not enough space for the four of them. Miyamura eventually falls asleep but Sengoku struggles to find a place for himself. At some point, Sengoku suddenly realizes that he has never seen Miyamura without his shirt.

Furthermore, he even goes really far to ensure that he never shows his skin to anyone. Based on his suspicion, Sengoku decides to pull Miyamura’s shirt so that he can finally see what his friend has been hiding. But just when he goes close to him, Shuu arrives there and notices him in an awkward position, which leads to a series of awkward jokes and teasing. Eventually, Sengoku finds a place to sleep when Ishikawa mentions that he can simply move the table to one side of the room.

Some days later, Remi and Sengoku walk home together. Since it’s a really cold day and Remi’s hands are freezing, she touches her boyfriend’s cheeks to feel a bit warmer. The two end up holding hands till they reach Remi’s house where they eventually hug each other. Remi even wants to kiss her boyfriend, but Sengoku feels that it will be inappropriate in a public place.

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 6 Ending: Is Sengoku Cheating on Remi?

The following day at the library, Remi and Kouno are studying together until it’s time for the library to close down. When Kouno realizes this, she informs her friend that she will be leaving now. But it appears that Remi needs a bit of time to get going. Kouno leaves and meets Sengoku, whom she ends up asking to walk home together. The two leave together. Shortly afterward, Remi leaves the library and starts looking for her boyfriend but realizes that he is nowhere to be found. When she sees Hori coming towards her in the hallway, she enquires about Sengoku’s whereabouts.

Hori has just seen Sengoku and Kouko leave together and for some reason feels that it is not appropriate to let Remi know the truth. In order to distract her, she shouts and claims to have seen a huge bug on one of the windows nearby. Meanwhile, Sengoku and Kouko arrive at a cafe where the two sit together. Interestingly, Kouko appears to have a gift box in her hand which looks really suspicious considering the fact that Remi is not with them. Ishikawa notices them together and informs Shuu, who appears furious at first. But then he feels that he now really has a shot with Remi.

Ishikawa and Shuu are talking so loudly that Sengoku can literally hear them. He approaches them and learns what they have been thinking. He tells them directly that they must not tell Remi that they saw them. Shuu does not take him seriously at first and jokes about the consequences of him opening his mouth. Sengoku looks furiously into his eyes and repeats his previous statement in a manner that sends chills down Shuu’s spine. Shortly afterward, Kouko leaves with a bag in her hand. It turns out that she had made a bet with Remi that she will buy cookies from her favorite store if she manages to score more than 60 marks in the maths exam.

Interestingly, Remi has never got more than 40 before, so this was a huge challenge for her. When the results eventually come out, it is revealed that she managed to get 58 marks this time. Remi was kind of disappointed since she got so close but never managed to fulfill the challenge. That’s why Sengoku bought the cookies for her instead and gave her through Kouko. So, Sengoku was not really cheating Remi but in fact, was actually looking after her.

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