Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ episode 8 titled ‘Yanagi-kun,’ Miyamura and his friends try to get closer to Yanagi, who appears to be everyone’s favorite. Unlike others, Yanagi is concerned about his bad habit of staying in bed late, especially after the class teacher announces that they should take electives more seriously and start skipping morning classes. In order to ensure that he gets up on time, his friends at school call him. But things go wrong when Yanagi decides to wake up on time on his own. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 8 Recap

Yanagi accidentally drops his contact lens in the hallway, so Ishikawa volunteers and looks for it on the ground. That’s when Sengoku sees them and ends up wrongly concluding that Yanagi has done something to Ishikawa. Meanwhile, Hori and Miyamura discuss how he has been absent from the morning class and the former argues that he probably has trouble waking up in the morning. When Miyamura uses Yanagi’s first name to call him, Hori is shocked and wonders if she should also ask for his permission to be able to do the same.

A few minutes later, Miyamura overhears students saying that the bus that Yanagi takes home will be late. As he stands at the bus stop on a chilling afternoon, Miyamura and his friends arrive there with hot chocolate and cookies, to ensure that he does not feel lonely. The following day, the teacher informs students not to skip elective classes and to take things seriously. This worries Yanagi who has trouble waking up early despite having an alarm. In order to help him reach school on time, his friends call him in the morning. Although this works, Yanagi decides to wake up on his own the following day but since his alarm malfunctions, he couldn’t make it in time. 

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 8 Ending: Do Yanagi And Sengoku End Up Becoming More Friendly?

One afternoon, Sengoku is busy taking out something from the vending machine when Yanagi arrives there. When he calls him by his name, Sengoku is startled and ends up accidentally pressing the button after which he gets a can of juice- something he did not plan to buy. Yanagi realizes his mistake and offers to drink it instead of him but Sengoku declines. However, Yanagi then buys him another can of drink that he wanted and Sengoku finally takes it. Yanagi points out that the juice he accidentally ordered has a unique taste so a lot of students in the class do not really like it that much. 

Sengoku listens to him and realizes that he is acting strangely more casual with him. Since he does not want Yanagi to feel forced to act in a way he does not really feel naturally, Sengoku tells him to not coerce himself in any way and to talk to him whichever way he wants. Later that day, Ishikawa sees Sengoku and tells Shuu that he is grossing him out. Shu tries to tease him and ends up getting slapped. Ishikawa concludes that Sengoku has probably made up with Yanagi since he is so straightforward with his feelings. Soon Yanagi joins the four of them. Shuu claims that he can easily catch a katana unleashed towards him. In order to simulate the situation, Yanagi tries to strike Shuu on his head with his hand while the latter tries to catch it in time. 

While Sengoku observes them from a distance, he wonders if Yanagi would do the same if he was there in Shuu’s place. He tells Ishikawa that Yanagi generally attracts outgoing and cheerful people. Ishikawa realizes that Sengoku really wants to be more friendlier with Yanagi. Therefore, Ishikawa tells him that he can simply be more friendly by acting like Shuu. He then demonstrates the same by tickling Yanagi. Naturally, Sengoku is not comfortable about it at all so he and Ishikawa have a rehearsal of the same. Miyamura sees them tickling each other and is quite curious about what they are up to. 

Ishikawa tells him the hilarious reason for their strange behavior and explains that he just wants to be more friendly with someone. Shuu and Yanagi walk towards them and the former feels that someone is being bullied. Miyamura says that Sengoku is kicking him out, which leads Shuu to conclude that he is the bully. Although Sengoku is too shocked to defend himself, Yanagi interjects and claims that he will never do such a thing. This is a sure sign that things are now changing between Sengoku and Yanagi as they are becoming more amicable and respectful towards each other. 

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