10 Hottest Dads in Movies

Before, I start off, let me remind you, admiring the beauty and presence of a person from the same sex is not a despicable idea. When I term an actor from the same sex as “hot”, it’s only because he is an essential part of an artform, and every detail of his physicality or mentality is a piece of art that only a broad minded person can analyse and appreciate as per their perspective.

Now, the criteria I’ve made for the list not only focuses on the outward appearance but also the actors’ status in real life, and how well they carry themselves on the screen. I wouldn’t be exclusively focusing on how positive their bonds are as dads, and how honorably they take care of their responsibilities. Most of the dads in films are either grumpy walrus-resembling oxygen chewing men or the melodramatic SJWs who think they’re probably a “groovier” version of Atticus Finch. But there are some iconic figures that have etched their visual impact in our brains, and make us think “If I grow up to be a dad, I’d at least want to have a small part of his hotness”. With that said, here is the list of top sexiest movie dads.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo (Ronaldo)


Starting off the list with the biggest “star”, the footballing world has ever witnessed. Cristiano is undoubtedly a living legend, but he has achieved one thing no other footballer has come close to, and that’s an unmatched brand name. So, it wasn’t really a surprise when the striker had a star-studded documentary made after his achievements laden life. ‘Ronaldo’, the documentary may not be a very productive viewing but is a great watch for his fans, and also includes the star’s son. CR7 is considered to be one of the fittest athletes in the world (those abs don’t lie) and has a female fan following that surpasses millions.

9. Jake Gyllenhaal (Southpaw)

Since the beginning of this decade, Jake Gyllenhaal has been on a remarkable streak that has brilliantly displayed his multifaceted acting prowess. In ‘Southpaw’, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a boxer and for the role he underwent an incredible transformation after training for five months as a boxer. In a phenomenal shape, Gyllenhaal’s character is reminiscent of Rocky when his trainer Mickey passes away. Combine his newfound physically evident determination with his existing raw emotional energy, Gyllenhaal is the only salvaging part of a rather uninspiring tale.

8. Tom Stall (A History of Violence)

Though ‘A History Of Violence’ isn’t anywhere close to the X-rated phenomenon present in most Cronenberg films, but they are portrayed in such a way that you don’t wince at it. Both the violence and the sex are very passionate and are surprisingly results of “normal” emotional outbursts (nothing like ‘Crash’!). Viggo Mortensen’s character is an everyday man who gets embroiled in a bloodbath, after his past comes searching for him. Succeeding the royal lineage of Gondor, the man’s got a ruggedly charming demeanour and his decision to unleash the blood seeking monster that he hides so close to his heart, in order to protect his family is breathtaking to watch.

7. Sean Penn (Mystic River)

Sean Penn might be on the wrong side of many critics, but when it comes to ageing, he has matured like a very, very fine wine. In ‘Mystic River’, Penn exposes himself to great effect, dancing with Al Pacino at times, and also ticking like a time bomb. A father who’s not depressed, but developing an uncontrollable level of fury as days pass by without any hint of his daughter’s murderer. I believe what separates “men” from humans is the emotional deficiency that they’re expected to grow, and people have to understand that Penn’s character was both mother and father to his child, and his heartbreak portrayed through deafening screams is an incomprehensible reaction.

6. Logan (Logan)

Comic books have always had some never-aging, muscular dads and it was really surprising to observe how most of the superhero films have only taken meaningless fight sequences, but never complex relationships that the characters share. Mr Incredible, David Dunn, Spiderman are some heroes whose personal lives have been brilliantly explored, and the newest entry to that list is Logan. Technically Logan was a father to X23, and I would seriously judge any individual’s taste, who doesn’t consider Hugh Jackman to be a darn good looking fella. And imagine having a guardian who’d rip apart a whole army to protect you! Surely, one of the hottest dads in movies or otherwise.

5. Mads Mikkelsen (The Hunt)

‘The Hunt’ is one of the greatest Danish films I’ve seen and features Mads Mikkelsen in another drama that’s simply too tense to loosen its clutches around your mind, days after watching it. There’s something about Mikkelsen that captivates you, maybe it’s the cobra-like visage with the carved cheekbones and piercing eyes, or maybe it’s his meditative aura that always keeps you guessing as to what his next move would be, but then I also believe he’d never make a next move, he’s a guy who’d walk up to you from behind the door and force you into making one, by calmly placing his hand on your shoulder.

4. Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain)

‘Brokeback Mountain’ was always a strenuous task to take on, especially for the actors. Heath Ledger in arguably his most nuanced performance played a cowboy who falls in love with another man, and continues to share a deep sense of emotional attachment despite getting married and having two kids. Like the #1 choice on the list, Ledger’s character is desirable not because of his wide pecs, but the struggle he ensues with himself and the concept of sexuality, making you realize he’s simply not a caricature penned on paper but a reflection of a person with conflicting heart and mind.

3. John Matrix (Commando)

For this entry, I’ll be taking the word “hot” in a more literal sense. The man never lets off some steam during his missions, and despite always being there when all f*cking hell breaks loose, he never ends up tired or dead, unlike his friends. John Matrix is the dad who’s gonna leave behind a trail of a tonne of bullets and bodies, in order to save his daughter from terrorists (he’s literally carrying a missile launcher on his shoulder!). Though Schwarzenegger wouldn’t appeal to a lot of women because of how abnormally fit he was, he was the man who decorated most of the guys’ bedrooms in the 80’s.

2. Luke (The Place Beyond The Pines)

I’m sure I don’t need to stress on how popular Ryan Gosling is with the youth, but for his looks rather than his acting skills. I believe he’s a terrific actor, who’s perfectly utilized his physical beauty to revive a character that has been long forgotten : the counter-culture hero. In ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’, he plays a Brando meets Dean character, but with a twist, he’s also a father trying to raise his son as far from the “counter” as possible. The character’s development can be symbolized as a see-saw in the center of a swamp, with him on one side while his family on the other. Luke bends genres as he sinks deeper into the world of crime, while elevating his loved ones so that they stay way from it.

1. Lui (Hiroshima Mon Amour)

I believe “hot” would be a cheap word to describe how elegant Eiji Okada is in Alan Resnais’s masterpiece ‘Hiroshima, Mon Amour’. Beginning from the opening shot where he wrestles with time to hold on to his departing lover, to the intimacy he shares with the shadows in the cafe, depicting the dawn of an unforgettable experience. This was Okada’s first major role, and a very personal one, having experienced both the WW2 and the destruction of Hiroshima, as a soldier. A lot of Okada’s charm is also due to Resnais’s mesmerizing direction and Vierny’s cinematography that reminds me of Tarkovsky and Mallick, and unlike most entries on the list is a culmination of all the aspects of cinema.

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