How Did Bobby Find the Money in 2 Guns (2013)?

2 Guns’ (2013) follows the story of Bobby and Stig who get involved in a very complicated turn of events. Both of them were working undercover when they crossed paths as criminals, not knowing that the other one is an officer as well. They stole forty-three million dollars which put them in a very tight position with their bosses as well as the people from whom they stole the money. In the end, to save their own lives, Bobby and Stig know that they have to find out what happened to the money and get it back to the one they stole it from. After spending a lot of time chasing leads and uncovering secrets, Bobby eventually finds out about the stash. If you are wondering how he got to that point, then here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Bobby’s Clever Discovery: Unraveling the Hidden Fortune

Image Credit: Patti Perret/Universal Pictures

After Bobby and Stig stole the money from the bank, Stig betrayed him and drove away with all of it. He took it to his superior, Harold Quince, who revealed the money would be going to the Naval base. This is what leads Stig and Bobby and sneak into the base, especially after Debbie is kidnapped by Papi and he threatens to kill her if the money is not brought to him by the end of the day.

At the base, Stig realizes that the Navy has no idea about the heist. But instead of investigating it, they decide to bury the whole thing because they don’t want the actions of one officer to tarnish their image. Meanwhile, Bobby figures out that Debbie was the one who came up with the plan of stealing the CIA’s money and she pulled it off in collaboration with Harold Quince, whom she referred to as Harvey.

Quince reveals that the money never came to the base and he gave it to Debbie for safekeeping. This puts Bobby in a catch-22 situation. He needs the money to rescue Debbie and he needs Debbie to find the money. He decides to go to Papi and then talk Debbie into giving away the money. However, the day has already ended and Papi discovers that Bobby has no idea where the money is. Debbie also confesses that Bobby will never get there in time and even if he does, Papi is going to kill them anyway. So, he should just get it over with now.

True to his word, Papi calls Bobby to tell him he is too late and kills Debbie. By this time, Debbie has already accepted her fate. So, she decides to do one thing that can help Bobby figure out where the money is, considering that she will be taking that secret to her grave. Just before Papi shoots her, she removes the ring from her finger and wears it on her thumb. Later, when Bobby sees her dead body, he notices the placement of the ring, which tells him exactly where the money is.

This trick of chaining the ring’s position was a signal between Debbie and Bobby. They were both DEA agents, which meant that they had to keep their relationship a secret. They came up with a secret signal where when Debbie put on the ring on her thumb, it would be a calling card to Bobby to come and meet her at the hotel. They always met at the same hotel, which is how Bobby knew where to go when he saw the ring.

Once in the room, he started looking for all the places where one could hide forty-three million dollars in cash. Eventually, it struck him that this kind of money could only fit inside the bed. It’s a great place to hide the money because there was no risk of someone just chancing upon the money. Even if the cleaners came in, they would just change the bedsheet. There was a good chance that the bed wouldn’t go anywhere anytime soon, giving Debbie enough time to get the money out of there and figure out what to do with it. Unfortunately, she never got to any of that. Instead, she let Bobby find it and he used it to save himself and Stig.

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