How Did Mahlon Reyes Die?

Mahlon Reyes, best known for appearing on ‘Deadliest Catch,’ has passed away at the age of 38 due to a massive heart attack. The deckhand, who worked on the Seabrooke and Cape Caution, in the Discovery Channel show, died in Whitefish, Montana – his hometown. Mahlon suffered a heart attack on July 25, 2020. Although he survived it, Reyes did not regain consciousness. As a result, his family decided to take him off life support, and he departed, surrounded by his loved ones. His wife and four kids survive Mahlon.

A detailed Facebook post explains how Mahlon passed away. It states, “On Saturday 7/26 Mahlon suffered a heart attack when paramedics reached him he was not breathing and had no pulse. The doctors, nurses, and team at North Valley Hospital worked so hard to get him back, and after 45 minutes, they were able to get his pulse back. He was transferred to the ICU at KRMC. Mahlon never woke up there was too much time without oxygen, causing irreversible brain damage. On Sunday night, our family together made the hardest choice we’ve ever made, and that was to remove him from life support.”

The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office has stated than an official cause of death has to be determined after the pending autopsy and toxicology tests are conducted. Meanwhile, Mahlon’s family is understandably in shock since he did not have any serious medical conditions. Heather Sullivan, his wife, took to social media to mourn Mahlon’s demise. She used the opportunity to highlight their incredible journey together. She also assured herself that Mahlon is watching over her and protecting her even now.  See the post here.

Reyes’ demise has not just affected his family, but his colleagues as well. He’s appeared in 14 episodes of ‘Deadliest Catch’ since 2012 and managed to earn the love and respect of others during that time. However, reports suggest that Mahlon suffered a torn Achilles tendon while crabbing on a boat. He was recovering from the injury and working hard to get back for another season in Alaska. Considering how he lived for his work, the ‘Deadliest Catch’ crew plans to scatter the remains of Mahlon – who was cremated – in the Bering Sea.

Members like Nick McGlashan took to Twitter to mourn Mahlon’s demise. You can see the post below, where Reyes is likened to a brother, and one understands that he will be sorely missed.

Mahlon’s demise has been a tough choice for his family, who had to take him off life support. However, in a short time on earth, Reyes managed to touch the lives of many people that he lived and worked with. During this trying period, we should offer our deepest condolences to Mahlon Reyes’ family. At the same time, we should respect their need and desire for privacy and not intrude while they grieve. [Cover Image Courtesy: Mahlon Reyes/Facebook] 

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