How Did Pia Die in Loch Henry, Explained

The sixth season of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ brings five stories of different genres that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The second episode, ‘Loch Henry,’ follows the story of Davis and Pia, who decide to film a documentary about a true crime that happened in Davis’ hometown. The story takes many twists and turns as disturbing details about the crime come to light, putting the filmmakers in danger too. The case completely unravels Davis and Pia’s life. While he lives to survive a series of horrific revelations, Pia is not so lucky. What happened to her? How did she die? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

How Did Pia Die?

When Pia came to Loch Henry with Davis, it was to make a documentary about “a rare egg guy” who is “the last remaining holdout against the commodification of nature.” However, when she hears the story of Iain Adair, she realizes that it has much more potential than the story of a guy who collects eggs. Davis and Stuart tell her the gist of the story.

It started with the disappearance of a couple who rented a cottage to spend their honeymoon. They were supposed to leave one week later but mysteriously disappeared with all their stuff at the cottage. It turned into a national story and received a lot of coverage, but there was no sign of the couple. Weeks passed by, there was no progress on the case. And when Princess Diana died, everyone moved on from that story and forgot about the missing couple.

Years later, in the bar that Stuart’s father, Richard, owned, Iain Adair got drunk and made a ruckus, talking about things no one understood. Richard called Davis’ father, Kenneth, who was a police officer. Kenneth went to Iain’s house and was shot at by him. He called for backup, but by the time they arrived, Iain had killed his parents, then himself. When the house was searched, they found a dungeon, and later, the victims’ bodies were found buried in the backyard.

Davis was hesitant to pick on the old wounds of the town, but Pia convinced him otherwise. With Stuart, they started working on the documentary. They used the old tapes of ‘Bergerac,’ the TV show Davis’ parents used to watch, to film it. They hesitated to tell anyone about it and received backlash from Richard, who told them to leave it alone. However, when Davis’ mother, Janet, found out, she used it to talk about how her husband died because of Iain Adair.

Image Credit: Nick Wall/Netflix

One night, while returning from Adair’s house, Davis, Stuart, and Pia get into an accident when their car collides with Richard’s. Davis and Richard are hospitalized to recover from their relatively minor injuries, while Stuart and Pia, who remain mostly unharmed, go home. Pia, who was staying at Davis’ house with Janet, goes straight to editing the footage they’d filmed that day. They had recorded it over the episodes of ‘Bergerac,’ so when the footage runs out, the show’s last scene plays, and then there is another footage that was recorded over the show.

This footage shows Iain, Kenneth, and Janet in the dungeon, where they torture and kill the missing couple. Janet is horrified but tries to remain calm because Janet is in the house. She tries to call Davis, but there’s no signal on her phone. She tells Janet she is going on a walk and rushes out of the house. Janet is confused by her behavior, but when she sees the tape, she realizes Pia knows everything.

Janet follows Pia in the car and tries to get her to come back to the house. However, Pia runs away. Because it’s nighttime and too dark to see, Janet fails to locate Pia, who hides in fear, knowing that if she is caught, Janet will kill her. While Janet calls out to her, Pia tries to cross a stream. With no sign of Pia, Janet is forced to go back home and confront what’s to come. Meanwhile, Pia slips while crossing the stream, and her head hits a rock.

It’s not clear whether she dies immediately, but she falls into the water. It could have been the impact, the bleeding out, or the drowning, but Pia dies. It is insinuated that she was found later as she is declared dead, not missing, when Davis and his team receive the award for the documentary.

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