How Did the Colonel Lose His Left Arm in Murder Mystery?

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Netflix’s ‘Murder Mystery 2’ is a mystery that features Nick and Audrey, a married couple investigating the kidnapping of their friend. The suspects are the people closest to the victim, all of whom have the motive to harm him. The varied set of characters presents an exciting palette of suspects, making things complicated for Nick and Audrey. Each of them has a quirk, quality, or physical attribute that sets them apart, also playing a part in their background story. One of these characters is Colonel Charles Ulenga, who appears with one arm missing at the beginning of the film. If you are wondering what happened to his arm and whether he loses another one by the end, here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

How did Colonel Ulenga Lose His Left Arm?

Image Credit: Philippe Bosse/Netflix

Colonel Ulenga first meets Nick and Audrey Spitz on Malcolm Quince’s boat, where the couple is invited by Malcolm’s nephew, Charles Cavendish. The Colonel served in the Namibian Defense Force and was Quince’s best friend. He had lost his left eye and his left hand while trying to save Quince’s life in a bombing meant to kill him. This is why he wears an eye patch and has a prosthetic for a hand.

At the beginning of ‘Murder Mystery 2’, Nick and Audrey discover that the Colonel has lost more of his left arm. Previously, only the hand was missing, but now a good part of his arm is gone. It turns out that the Colonel had been working as Vikram’s bodyguard. In Mumbai, the Maharaja was attacked. Someone shot him, and the Colonel took the bullet in his left arm. The wound was so severe that the arm had to be amputated.

Despite the loss of his arm, the Colonel is sharp as ever when it comes to protecting Vikram. While going through the list of suspects, Nick and Audrey briefly consider him to be the culprit. They think the Colonel might have had Vikram kidnapped so that he could use the ransom to get a bionic arm for himself. They also knew the Colonel didn’t like being replaced by Mr. Louis, even though the latter was later killed. However, the Colonel reveals that a bionic arm didn’t cost that much, so the whole motive fell apart.

Does Colonel Ulenga Lose His Right Arm?

Whatever doubts Nick and Audrey have about the Colonel are completely erased when he, once again, risks his life to save Vikram. After chasing after leads and figuring out who wanted Vikram dead so much that they were ready to go to any lengths, Nick and Audrey ask everyone to gather at the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower. Vikram shows up, strapped with a bomb. The kidnapper has the detonator device.

In a few minutes, they discover that the kidnapper is Connor Miller. A showdown with him results in Miller dying for good this time and losing all of the money to the wind. With him gone, everyone relaxes until Audrey notices something off about Saira’s hand, which looks like it’s bleeding. When Audrey expresses her concern, Saira says that it’s the henna that got smeared during the commotion. This catches Audrey’s attention, and she connects the dots, which leads her to deduce that Saira is the real culprit.

When Audrey exposes Saira, the latter decides to finish what she started and shoots at Vikram. It turns out that Saira also orchestrated the attack that happened in Mumbai. Once again, she fails when the Colonel jumps in front of Vikram, saving his life but taking another bullet, this time on his right hand. This is tragic for the Colonel, who had only recently lost one arm. This time, the wound is on the other arm, which means he might have to lose this one too.

It isn’t specified what the conditions were the last time the Colonel took a bullet for Vikram, but this time, it looks like he will get the necessary medical attention in time. The medics are already there, patching up the others. Hopefully, the damage isn’t too severe, and the Colonel can walk away with his arm relatively unharmed. Even if he loses it, Vikram promises to get him bionic arms.

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