Who is the Pilot in Murder Mystery 2? Theories

Image Credit: Scott Yamano/Netflix

Netflix’s mystery comedy ‘Murder Mystery 2’ throws Nick and Audrey Spitz in trouble when their friend, Vikram, is kidnapped. The couple was invited to the Maharaja’s private island to attend his wedding, but the festivities turn sour when his bodyguard is killed, and he is kidnapped. The kidnappers demand a hefty ransom. Nick and Audrey consider it their chance to uncover the truth and prove they are good detectives. The story goes through many twists and turns before the culprit’s identity is revealed. While every loose end is accounted for, one person shocks the Spitz the most: the helicopter pilot who brought them to the island. If you want to know more about him, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Who is the Pilot?

Image Credits: Scott Yamano/Netflix

Every character in ‘Murder Mystery 2’ serves a purpose. Whether a victim, a suspect, or red herring, each character becomes instrumental in putting together the mystery and uncovering the real killer’s identity. However, amid all the chaos, we are also familiarised with a couple of completely random characters who catch us off guard. The sudden arrival of Susan in the Eiffel Tower scene is so unforeseen that it makes us reconsider the villain’s identity. However, it is the unexpectedness that makes things interesting. The same happens in the case of the pilot.

The pilot appears only thrice in the entire film. The first time we see him is when Audrey and Nick are on their way to the private island where Vikram and Claudette are to get married over the weekend. He makes small talk with the couple and, to their ire, repeatedly uses the word “Schitz.” Instead of their surname, Spitz, he calls them Mr. and Mrs. Schitz. He also talks about playing the songs of Taylor Schitz. Audrey and Nick believe that this is his quirk and don’t pay any mind to his words.

He gives a vague answer when they ask the pilot where he’s from. He says he’s European. He doesn’t mention a city or a country. It’s a little weird, but not enough for the Spitzs to pay attention. Once they are dropped off on the island, the pilot doesn’t appear again until the end. By then, Vik had been saved, and the culprit had been caught. Almost everyone has made it out alive, and now, Audrey and Nick finally have the peace they came looking for at the beginning of the film.

While the couple thinks about what to do next, the pilot shows up. He gives them a phone connecting them to Vik. He also has a bag, which is full of cash. There is a total of ten million dollars, and the bag is worth three million. It’s a lot of money, but Vik is grateful to his friends for saving his life and wants to give them something in return. With the money, Audrey and Nick can do whatever they want and go wherever they want. Vik also gives them the pilot’s services, who’s been told to take them wherever they want.

On the plane, Nick and Audrey talk about how lucky they are, happy that they are finally getting the honeymoon they deserve. However, their good luck takes a turn for the worse when the pilot pulls a gun on them. He takes the bag full of cash and jumps out of the plane, leaving Audrey and Nick to fend for themselves. This makes one wonder why he would do such a thing. The answer is simple: he was tempted by the ten million. With so much cash within his reach, it is no surprise that the pilot attacked the couple. What’s more surprising is how his accent drops once he has a gun.

It turns out that the pilot wasn’t European. He’s actually from New Jersey, which he mentions when Nick asks him what happened to his accent. It’s not clear why the pilot was faking his accent all this time, but it can be assumed that he might have been on the run from the law and taken over the identity of a “European” to keep himself hidden. He didn’t specify the country because it allowed his fake accent to seem generic, as opposed to someone challenging where his accent was from and discovering that he was faking it. Because he didn’t appear during the chaos that followed Vik’s kidnapping, it can be assumed that he was not involved in it. However, when he saw the chance to make a lot of money without much effort, he took it, leaving Nick and Audrey to fend for themselves while he jumped off the helicopter with ten million dollars.

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