How Many Days Were Hunter and Becky Stuck on the Tower in Fall?

Fall’ is a survival film that has two best friends stuck on the top of a 2000ft TV tower. Through their story, the film creates a terrifying tale that pokes at the viewer’s fear of heights, making them more anxious with every passing second. The girls meet many challenges in the limited space that keeps them stranded from the rest of the world. Food and water soon become scarce, and getting back in touch with the world becomes a mammoth task that they just can’t seem to crack. Still, the girls manage to keep their sanity intact, enough to come up with different ways to try. With so much that happens to them in a very short span of time, one wonders, how many days did they survive stranded atop the tower. Let’s find out.

How Long Did Hunter and Becky Stay on the Top of the Tower?

From the day Hunter and Becky start their hike to the top of the tower, it takes three whole days for them to come back down again. On the first day, they start their climb. The abandoned tower is rusty and not in good shape, something that the girl completely miss while planning the entire thing. The nuts and bolts of the structure rattle as the girls climb every step. Whatever was held together is torn apart when Hunter shakes the ladder from above just to scare her friend.

Once up there, the girls celebrate having made it this far, take a few pictures, make a couple of videos, scatter Dan’s ashes, and then prepare to go back down. Becky barely goes down a few steps before the ladder comes apart and the girls are stuck. They try to use Hunter’s phone to send a post to alert her Instagram followers. They even throw it from the top inside her shoe, but the trick doesn’t work. That night, they use the only flare they have, but the people who notice it do nothing to help them.

The next day, things fall apart between Hunter and Becky as the latter discovers that her best friend had an affair with her husband, right before they got married. Moved by her guilt, Hunter takes the risk of going a few feet down to get the bag with the supplies, which had fallen off when Becky earlier fell. Despite her bravery, especially all the times that she jumps without a harness, Hunter’s luck runs out and she dies when she falls off the rope while getting back to the top of the tower.

That night, Becky spends the night alone on the tower, having hallucinated Hunter before that. By this time, she has no energy left. So, she attacks a vulture, and when it starts feeding on her wounded leg, she overpowers it and kills it. After eating it, she is energized enough to make her way down to the dish, where Hunter lay dead. She stuffs the phone inside her dead friend’s body and waits for help to arrive. Fortunately, her message goes through and the rescuers arrive just in time to save her. She is reunited with her father later that evening.

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