How Much Weight Has Billy Gardell Lost? How Did He Lose Weight?

Image Credit: Michael Yarish/CBS

Actor Billy Gardell’s weight loss has been quite noticeable as of late. Billy essays Robert “Bob” Wheeler in the TV show ‘Bob Hearts Abishola,’ and fans were quick to notice the drastic change in the actor’s physique over the seasons. The series follows Bob’s journey towards a healthier life with the help of a Nigerian nurse, Abishola. However, it is the actor Billy’s weight loss journey that has caused quite a stir among fans who want to know the secret behind it. Well, we come bearing answers!

How Did Billy Gardell Lose Weight?

Billy Gardell has been known to struggle with weight for quite a long time. Ever since his appearance on the sitcom ‘Mike & Molly,’ Billy’s physical appearance has often been a point of conversation, and the actor has even been exposed to harsh criticism. Although there were reports that ridiculed him for his weight, Billy tried not to pay heed to such talk and instead focused on furthering his career as an actor. However, body-shaming does drastically affect the mind, and Billy addressed the issue in a 2011 interview. He said, “I grew up fat. You think I’ve never heard fat jokes before? I learned a long time ago about life that, hey, sometimes some people just ain’t going to like your face. That’s their thing.”

Even while struggling with weight loss since childhood, Billy never gave up and tried several solutions, including visiting a nutritionist for a diet and working with a trainer on a fitness routine. Still, Billy ended up weighing around 350 pounds. Unfortunately, Billy’s weakness was pizza which was one of the reasons that kept him from losing weight. Although he gave in to his temptation at times, he never refrained from giving his all when it came to losing weight.

Once Billy set his mind on living healthier, he gradually began losing weight, and by mid-2015, he had lost 70 pounds. Still, he did not give up and believed that he had done only half the work. Moreover, in 2018, Billy found out that he had type 2 diabetes, making him double his efforts. Thus, with Billy getting used to his dietary changes and living responsibly, his health automatically improved.

While the ‘Mike & Molly’ plotline did not seem to have room for Billy’s transformation, ‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ revolves around Bob, who experiences a heart attack at the beginning of the series and then takes steps towards leading a healthier life. Thus, with the exact reason behind Billy’s weight loss unknown, it is unclear whether the actor did it out of his own free will or if the show’s storyline required him to. However, reports mentioned that Billy began taking medicines, attending the gym, and exercising. All of that, coupled with a strict diet, was responsible for the actor’s physical transformation.

According to sources, Billy currently weighs around 202 pounds or 92 kilograms. As compared to his original weight of approximately 350 pounds, it looks like Billy Gardell’s efforts have helped him lose almost 150 pounds. However, with the actor committed to his health, we can expect him to lose more weight. Besides, fans would also be delighted to know that Billy’s efforts got his diabetes under check. In a 2019 interview, he revealed that he participated in Novo Nordisk’s health program, My Type 2 Transformation, and began taking the non-insulin medication, Ozempic.

Billy’s transformation has been truly inspiring and eye-opening, especially for people struggling with similar health issues. With the actor taking it upon himself to lead a healthier life and achieving what once seemed like a big challenge to him, we hope he continues to walk on the same path and inspire many others.

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