How Old Are Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn in You?

Netflix’s ‘You’ follows the adventures of romantic serial killer Joe Goldberg, who leaves a trail of dead bodies as he searches for the perfect partner. Our hero is a young man who moves from city to city, falling obsessively in love with various women before invariably ending up killing someone they know. Season 3 of the show finds Joe finally settling down and moving into an idyllic California neighborhood with his wife, Love, and newborn son. However, things are not all peachy, and Joe cannot wait to leave his wife. The reason, ironically, is that he considers Love to be a deranged killer (and, might we add, he is not entirely wrong). There are a lot of audacious situations that both Joe and Love find themselves in, so have you ever wondered how old our killer couple might be? Let’s find out.

How Old Is Joe Goldberg?

Though Joe Goldberg’s exact age is not explicitly revealed, there are multiple clues that can give us a reasonable estimate of how old he is. Early on, in season 1, it is revealed that Joe’s birthday is on April 8. From his demeanor and other details, we can decipher that Joe is slightly older than his season 1 girlfriend, Guinevere Beck. Since Beck is on the verge of graduating from university, she is likely between the ages of 22 and 24. This puts Joe somewhere in his late 20s during season 1.

Hence, by season 3, Joe is most likely around 30. Penn Badgley, who essays the character of Joe in ‘You,’ was born in 1986, with his 35th birthday merely a few weeks away from the ‘You’ season 3 premiere. We also see Joe at a few different stages of life in the show, including a childhood version who is about 8 years old (around which time he seemingly committed his first murder by shooting his mother’s abusive partner). Joe as a teenager is glimpsed briefly in flashbacks depicting his time with Mr. Mooney, the bookstore owner and Joe’s surrogate father. In season 3, we also see Joe from when he was around 12 years old and lived in a foster home.

How Old is Love Quinn?

Image Credit: John P. Fleenor / Netflix

Since Love’s backstory is not as detailed, her age is slightly more complicated to decipher. However, it seems like she is somewhat younger than Joe but also seems older than Guinivere. This would put Love in her mid-20s when she meets Joe. Hence, by the end of season 3, considering she and Joe have a child together, and there is a six-month time jump in the middle of the season, Love is now most likely around 27 years old. Victoria Pedretti, who essays Love, was born in 1995 and was therefore 26 when season 3 premiered.

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